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June 2002

Friday, 28 June 2002

Cable Firms Faulted For Restrictions On Internet Service. ...The High Tech Broadband Coalition, also wants the FCC to ensure that cable companies don't unilaterally prohibit any type of Internet use.

AMD Swings Hammer at Server Makers. AMD increased its share of the PC processor market in part by lowering the costs for computer makers, and in 2003 it will try the same thing with servers.

MandrakeSoft Eyes-up AMD's Opteron. MandrakeSoft will adapt its distribution of Linux to AMDs' next-generation chip platform...

Xerox Reduces 1997-2001 Income by $1.4 Billion. It becomes the latest company whose accounting practices and past earnings reports have been called into question.

Publishers File Suit Against Gator Over Pop-Up Ads. Gator has drawn the ire of publishers before because of its software that delivers ads that hover -- and critics contend cover -- existing ads on popular Web sites. Sometimes those ads are for rivals of the sites on which they appear.

TechXNY Roundup. DVD Prices drop and choices grow, but DVD formats still lack a standard.

A TechXNY with More Substance, Less Sizzle

Motorola Says It Will Cut 7,000 More Jobs

GamesSpy and KaZaA Infected by Viruses

Bugs Clean Teeth

Thursday, 27 June 2002

Linux Still on the Rise. Citing a desire to move away from proprietary software systems, such as those sold by Microsoft, many companies are considering making the jump from using Windows on their servers to running Linux.

New Products Impart Momentum to Linux

Tiny Cameras Debut at TechXNY. Here's a closeup look at the wafer-thin digicams Casio has introduced to rival Logitech's.

Wednesday, 26 June 2002

Cornell Demos Single-atom Transistor. Using a single cobalt atom as a switch, a research team at Cornell University has demonstrated a working transistor only 1.3 nanometers in length. Silicon transistors today are generally more than 100 nm long.

WorldCom Plunges Step Closer To Bankruptcy After Latest Accounting Scandal. Reported it had disguised $3.8 billion in expenses. WorldCom Accounting Scandal Sends Markets Reeling.

AMD Announces 64-Bit Web Server Support From Zeus Technology. The Zeus Web Server was demonstrated on a four-way AMD Opteron processor-based system using a 64-bit Linux operating system. The demonstration simulated Web pages being served to an AMD Opteron processor-based system with simulated network traffic of up to 500 concurrent users.

New Version of Office Due in May 2003. Code-named Office 11. Four areas where Office will be upgraded were pointed out.

Tuesday, 25 June 2002

TECHXNY Starts Today. Technology Exchange New York.

Western Digital Launches 200 GByte Hard Disk Drive With 60 GByte Platters. Something doesn't add-up here?

Seagate Launches 60-GB-Per-Platter Disc Drive. First hard drive to achieve 120 GBytes using only two discs.  Will support native Serial ATA interface in the Fall.

Intel Ships 2 GHz Mobile P4 Processor

June Shipments Reflect Growth for DRAM Modules But Decline for Motherboards

Monday, 24 June 2002

Red Hat Hears Desktop Linux Calling. Cost and security issues with Microsoft's software, combined with the arrival of the Mozilla Web browser, have triggered Red Hat's interest in a desktop Linux.

Users Question JPEG Virus, McAfee Stands Firm. Users and antivirus vendors are questioning the seriousness of a virus announced last week by McAfee Security, as well as the manner in which McAfee doled out details about the virus.

Microsoft Plans Security Chip for Next Windows. The company wants to add security hardware to PCs before its next-generation Windows operating system is released around 2004.  That's nice for security, but what are the other implications?  MS to Micro-Manage Your ComputerGood read, but I do not like his poor choice of at least one word.

Study: Broadband Adoption on the Rise. One in five Internet users in the United States accesses the network with a cable modem, DSL connection or other broadband device, up nearly 25 percent from the beginning of this year...

Is Your PC Under Attack? At first, the signs are subtle: Your computer is slower than usual, something is different about your browser, occasionally you're redirected to an unfamiliar Web site for no apparent reason.

Dreamweaver M--A Dream for Web Developers

Friday, 21 June 2002

It's the Final Reel for the VCR. DVD movies pushing tapes off retailers' shelves.  It took a long time, but the laser video disk has finally arrived.  From my perspective, you can thank RCA for the long delay.  And Pioneer and Phillips  for the dogged perseverance that made it happen.

Philips Shrinks CD to 1.2 Inches. Blue laser technology supports tiny drive capable of holding a Gigabyte for use in phones, PDAs.

Apache Web Server Exploit Circulating, Users Urged to Patch. If users have put off patching their Apache Web servers against the vulnerability discovered Monday, they should wait no longer, as an exploit to attack the security hole is now circulating on the Internet.

Will Flat Panels Ever Replace CRTs? Flat panels still have a way to go before they become the new desktop standard.

HP Furloughs 4,000 Contractors, Mulls Permanent Cuts. The contract worker cuts by the computer and printer maker will be on top of previously announced cuts of 15,000 permanent jobs, or 10 percent of its work force.

Memory Chip Probe Widens
Samsung Says Not a Target of U.S. Chip Probe
US Antitrust Probe Could be Good for DRAM Prices, Say DRAM  Suppliers
Infineon Files Suit Against Hynix and Samsung Over DRAM Subsidies

Largest Asteroid in Years Misses Earth. An asteroid the size of a soccer field whizzed by Earth at a distance much nearer than the Moon.  "It's a good thing it missed the Earth, because we never saw it coming."

Thursday, 20 June 2002

Molding a Smaller, Faster Chip. A technique that molds patterns into silicon could promise smaller, faster and cheaper computer chips that also are environmentally friendly to make. Thanks to BBATES in our Forums for sending the link to this story.

Hands-on With Windows XP Service Pack 1 Beta. Judging from the beta, when SP1 becomes available in the third quarter few surprises will greet those who have already downloaded bug fixes and security patches using Windows Update.

Trial: Microsoft Won't Back Down. Microsoft flatly refused Judge Kollar-Kotelly's request to work toward a compromise in the antitrust case--after the states complied and made concessions.

U.S. Global Memory Chip Probe Widens in Asia. Analysts said U.S. regulators might be looking into whether memory makers had teamed up to keep prices low in order to drive out weaker rivals...

Wednesday, 19 June 2002

Buy.com Nixes Most Shipping Charges. Buy.com has seen Amazon.com's latest free-shipping offer and is raising the stakes.

Micron, Infineon Subpoenaed in Antitrust Investigation. The antitrust division of the U.S. Department of Justice has undertaken an industry-wide investigation into alleged anticompetitive practices among DRAM manufacturers.

Music Labels Urged to Move Fast on Home Networks. With record labels suffering a downturn due largely to piracy by unauthorized file-swapping on the Internet, a new report on Wednesday urged the industry to move quickly on the next big digital thing -- transferring songs from PCs to stereos...

Interest Seen in Phone Calls Via Internet. It began about six years ago as a geeky cyber-trick. But since then, using computers to make telephone calls over the Internet has become such a huge threat to some state-controlled telecommunications companies around the world that more than a dozen countries have banned the practice.

AMD Introduces Athlon MP processor 2100+

Apache 1.3.x and 2.0.x Web Server Vulnerability Fixed

Dux osCommerce php/MySQL-driven Online Store becomes operational

Tuesday, 18 June 2002

Experts Warn of Major Hole in Apache Web Server.

Microsoft to reinstate Java in Windows. Microsoft said it would include its own Java software in the Service Pack 1 update to Windows XP due late this summer.

Drag 'N' Drop To CD-RW Easily. New technology promises simple file transfers, near-zero formatting time.

Photonic Structures Promise More Efficient Light Bulbs. Applying photonic bandgap theory to a common light emitter — tungsten — Sandia National Laboratories has developed a way to dramatically boost the efficiency of light bulbs. The Next Lightbulb. It's a flashlight, and looks like millions of other ordinary flashlights. Press a switch and it lights up. Big deal... What's producing the light is not a conventional flashlight bulb but a tiny chip inside a white light-emitting diode (LED) that's just as bright but consumes half as much power and lasts years longer.

XML Exposed. Ask ten IT people what XML is and you'll get ten different answers...

One to Beam Up, Scotty... In a breakthrough out of the realms of Star Trek, scientists in Australia have successfully teleported a laser beam of light from one spot to another...

Monday, 17 June 2002

U.S. Electronics Production Rose Strongly in May. 0.6% more computers and peripherals in the United States and 2.3% more semiconductors and components.  Overall output had the weakest gain this year.

AMD Tech Tour 2002 Coverage

The Straight Story on Search Engines. MSN, on the other hand, has decided that it's okay to mix paid and unpaid results in its top category, Featured Sites, and not tell you which is which...

Mobos Continue Capacity Expansion, Preparing for Likely PC Sales Rebound in 2003. Although most motherboard companies are relatively conservative about their business outlook for the third quarter, several first and second-tier manufacturers have decided to continue expanding production to prepare for a possible PC market recovery next year.

What Is DSP (Digital Signal Processing)?

Friday, 14 June 2002

10 Gigabit Ethernet standard approved. IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standards group sanctioned the final draft of a standard for a faster Ethernet that paves the way for new products that can easily interoperate.

Bush Promises 'Aggressive' Expansion of Broadband

New Virus is First to Infect Image Files. A new virus can infect image files, meaning that it could be spread through Web sites containing infected image files, and force antivirus companies to re-engineer their products.

New Planetary System Resembles Home

Thursday, 13 June 2002

Unbranded PCs Threaten Major Vendors. A research company has credited so-called "white box" computer manufacturers with nabbing more than half of the worldwide PC market, beating out such major companies as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Compaq. White box PCs are machines built by little-known companies, and they are generally far cheaper than major brands.  "White box" is a new term to me for describing "IBM-compatible," "Clone," or "Custom" computers, which my business has been building since 1987. It is usually used to describe unbranded products packaged for use/resale by OEMs.

PC Market Ahead of Analyst Expectations. After suffering through last year's slump--its worst decline in more than a decade--the PC industry is faring much better than originally expected, according to IDC analysts.

Microsoft Fixes Four Security Flaws. One hole in Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP was rated "critical."  What Do You Want to Patch Today?

The World Fights Microsoft with Open Source

Top 10 Laptop Killers

A Pair of Portable Speakers Puts a New Spin on Hot Air. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

Wednesday, 12 June 2002

TSMC Unveils Breakthrough Transistor. 1/10 the size of existing transistors.

United Technologies in $4.5B IT Overhaul. Includes changing out 45,000 PCs.

Technologist Sketches IBM's Silicon Road Map. Plans to introduce strained silicon technology...

Microsoft Warns Again on MSN Chat Flaw. The software giant says its May patch worked for MSN Messenger, MSN Chat and Exchange Messenger, but it does not protect earlier versions of the software.

IBM's Nanotech Punch-cards Hit Terabit Density. A new nanotechnology take on the old punch-card storage system has enabled IBM Corp. researchers to demonstrate a data storage density of one trillion bits (1T bit) per square inch -- 20 times higher than the densest magnetic storage currently available... IBM Nanotechnology Creates 1-Terabit Memory.

Intel Advances Celeron Processor to 1.80 GHz

What do Formula One Racing Tires Have in Common with Fly's Feet?

Intel's New Itanium 2 Fit and Trimmer. Slated to go on sale in a few weeks, the upcoming chip for high-end servers and workstations will be about 10 percent smaller than originally planned.

Mozilla 1.0—Released and Ready to Go. Not intended for your typical end user, Mozilla is an open-source browser that supports emerging Web standards.

AOL Launches Broadband in Britain

AOL Quietly Plans to Take IM Into Businesses

Monday, 10 June 2002

Motorola Develops First 1-Mbit MRAM. Believed to be the world's first 1-megabit MRAM (magnetoresistive random access memory).

AMD Introduces Athlon XP Processor 2200+ Based on 0.13 Micron Technology

Friday, 7 June 2002

Top 10 CD-RW Drives. Five new CD-RW drives debut on our chart this month: four that write to CD-R media at speeds up to 40X, and one, from Benq, at speeds up to 32X.

Early June DRAM Contract Prices Plunge 25%. Global early June DRAM contract prices have plunged a devastating 25% across the board, according to data posted by DRAMeXchange on June 6.

Piezoelectric Tennis Rackets Add Professional Oomph. Not professional at all.  I think they should be banned from the game.

Hackers Unlocking Norway's History. A Norwegian educational center for cultural preservation lost the password to a historical database cataloging 11,000 original books and manuscripts, but was able to recover it with help from the Web.

Intel Shares Tumble on Lowered 2nd-Quarter Guidance

World's Longest Suspension Bridge Gets Go-ahead. Italy's government has given the go-ahead this week to build the world's longest suspension bridge, linking Sicily to the mainland.

Unconventional Science Book is a Surprise Hit. 15 years in the making, physicist’s 1,200-page tome sells out its first printing.

Meet the Real Spider-Man. Oxford University's Prof Fritz Vollrath doesn't wear a blue-and-red suit, but he is certainly of an arachnid persuasion...

Thursday, 6 June 2002

Cirrus Unveils New DVD Recording Technology. The company said its new design reference will enable the manufacture of sub-US$200 devices that will allow users to "preserve, edit and store aging analog home movies and videotape collections onto DVD media."

First Beta of Windows XP Service Pack 1 Released. Microsoft released the first beta of Windows XP Service Pack 1 yesterday, while it readies that update and Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 for final release this summer.

Cornering The Retail Market. Internet commerce may seem like a puny weakling today, claiming barely 1 percent of retail sales, but top practitioners are flexing muscles that suggest it will grow up to be an industry heavyweight.

Microsoft Details Web Services Security Plan. Microsoft is developing new security software code-named TrustBridge that it hopes will make Web services and its entire product lineup more appealing to big companies.

Verizon Cuts DSL Fees. Latest deal cuts monthly costs for do-it-yourselfers, and plugs retail partners.

Repaired Space Camera Shows Four-Galaxy Collision. A Hubble Space Telescope camera that was broken for more than three years has roared back to life after repairs...

COMPUTEX - AMD to Let Thoroughbred Processor Loose on June 10

Top 10 19-Inch Monitors. New CRT displays from CTX, Compaq, and NEC-Mitsubishi make their debut.

Wednesday, 5 June 2002

Rumored Early K8 May Not Help Sales Much. New 8th-generation (K8) processors from AMD may hit the market at the end of August, instead of the scheduled October, industry sources said. Following the schedule, K8 motherboards would be available after mid-August.

AMD Demos New Graphics Technology for Hammer Chips. AMD's graphics technology, dubbed AGP-8x, enables PCs to support low memory latency, increased throughput, and larger cache sizes...

Steve Jobs: MPEG-4 is the Next Big Thing

Tuesday, 4 June 2002

Hitachi Buys IBM's Hard Disk Drive Business for $2 Billion. Hitachi will initially hold 70 percent of the new venture and assume full ownership after three years.

Retail PC Sales Wilt in April. April was the cruelest month for retail sales of desktop PCs, sliding 22.5 percent from a year ago...

Is There Life on Earth?  Click on the "Interactive Feature: Is There Life on Earth?" on the right side of the page for a thought-provoking picture. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

COMPUTEX Coverage - Day 2

Public Division Belies Private Cooperation of PCI Rivals

Vacuum Tube Motherboard

Monday, 3 June 2002

COMPUTEX 2002 in Taipei, Taiwan Has Started. Coverage With Pictures.

AMD Working to Improve Opteron Processor Performance. AMD used the opening day of the Computex Taipei 2002 show, Asia's biggest electronics exhibition, to take the wraps off the prototype four-way server running a 64-bit version of SuSE Inc.'s Linux operating system... AMD Concedes Poor Performance of Early Hammer Processors

nVIDIA to Produce nFORCE Motherboard Chipset for the AMD Opteron Processor

VIA Introduces 1GHz C3 Processor at Computex 2002

VIA to Display Totally Fanless Thin PC at Computex 2002

ALI Introduces Chipset for Opteron and Eighth-generation AMD Athlon Processors

Swan Song: Bankruptcy For Napster

Climate Changing, U.S. Says in Report. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.


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