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January 2002

1/31 AMD and UMC To Collaborate on 300-MM Wafer Fabrication Facility in Singapore. AMD and UMC today announced a comprehensive alliance under which the two companies will establish a joint venture to own and operate a state-of-the-art, 300-mm wafer fabrication facility in Singapore for high-volume production of PC processors and other logic products...

1/31 AMD Confirms First Hammer Processor Silicon Out

1/31 Flaw in Win2000, NT4.0 Makes Domains 'Too Trusting.'  A FLAW IN the way Microsoft's Windows 2000 and NT 4.0 server operating systems authenticate users across domains could allow somebody with administrator privileges to extend that power to other domains...

1/31 IBM: Linux Can Take-on The World

1/31 EU O.K.s HP-Compaq Merger

1/31 An Internet And Network Connection At The Power Outlet. Adapters and other products set to debut later this month will make it possible to use existing electrical wiring to access the Internet, and to network computers and computing devices such as printers. NETWORKING: Power to the Home. The arrival of HomePlug is set to breathe new life into the powerline home networking market...

1/31 Dell Dude

1/31 Chipmaking Deal in Works for AMD. AMD and UMC have scheduled a joint a conference call at 2:15 PST this afternoon. During the call, the companies are likely to say that UMC will manufacture PC processors for AMD, sources said. AMD Media Advisory and links for conference callAMD Taps UMC as Foundry Partner to Build Processors. UMC would likely pick up Duron production, as AMD is transitioning its Duron Fab 25 in Austin into making flash memories.

1/30 In a Surprise, Report Says U.S. Economy Grew in Fourth Quarter. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

1/30 Hynix Says It Has Put all DRAMs On Allocation. It is putting all DRAMs -- both single data rate and DDR products -- on allocation for the remainder of the first quarter. The firm claimed that increased demand and a supply shortfall prompted the action.  DRAM Makers Said to be Coordinating Production. "We are not talking pricing because that is illegal, but we are talking about how to cooperate — how to ensure that the supply side does not get crazy..." DDR Module Prices Up on OEM market, Down on Clone Market.

1/30 Buyer's Market: CD-RW Drives. Tough market for vendors benefits users--and other bonuses are ahead. Sony plans to release a second CD-RW drive with a Memory Stick slot, to simplify the task of copying photos taken with a Sony digital camera to disc.

1/30 Smoking-Fast Wireless LANs. Wireless Ethernet just got a boost: the first batch of 54M bit/sec 802.11a products is shipping...

1/30 Wireless Homes - Ready for the Big Time? Sales of wireless home networks are expected to surge almost five-fold over the next four years.

1/30 Scientists Claim an Advance in Therapeutic Cloning. Mass. firm uses embryonic cow cells to create kidney-like organs; transplant success reported.

1/30 The Incredible Shrinking Hard Disk Drive. The tech industry's story of the incredible shrinking hard-disk drive could be entering a new chapter with Toshiba's introduction of 1.8-inch embedded drives sporting storage capacities of 10 GB and 20 GB -- roughly quadrupling the storage capacity currently available on mini drives.

1/30 Passport Flaw Diverts Hotmail Users. Instead of being taken to their own account, users of the The Zone, the game portion of Microsoft's MSN online service, were sent to a test account for "customer!@hotmail.com."

1/29 Watchdog: MS Passport Lets Crooks In.  The service has drawn the ire of the Electronic Privacy Information Center and other privacy groups, who say it allows Microsoft to track and profile Internet users and it inadequately protects credit-card numbers.

1/29 XP Successor Longhorn Goes SQL, P2P - Microsoft Leaks. Set to include a new relational file store (database) at the core of its next version of Windows...  A new "sub-workgroup" network level - a subset of the current "workgroup" - offers a finer granularity of network access for ad hoc collaboration.

1/29 AMD to Buy MIPS Processor Startup Alchemy. The acquisition will return AMD to the embedded processor market.

1/28 New E-Mail Worm 'My Party' Surfaces, Begins to Grow. A new computer bug that tries to trick computer users into clicking on a virus-infected Web link masquerading as party photos emerged in Asia on Monday and began spreading to Europe and North America...

1/28 Intel, AMD Trim Prices. AMD also introduced a new mobile Athlon 4 1500+ (1.3 GHz) chip.

1/28 Xerox Reports Surprising Operating Profit

1/28 Computer Attacks on Companies Up Sharply. There were 52,658 security breaches and attacks last year, up 50% from the previous year.

1/28 A Look at SYSmark 2001. "In the end, I would have to say that SYSmark 2001 is probably not the best benchmark available for comparing either systems or components, but not for the reasons that seem to be popular."

1/25 Wireless Workplaces Vulnerable to Hackers. "We came across a company with one of these networks. All their source code, everything was available... It basically had its Rolls-Royce parked in the driveway, engine running, with a sign saying 'steal me.'"

1/25 Top 10 Graphics Boards for Gamers

1/25 Microsoft Looks Beyond the Desktop. Microsoft is due to launch a key toolkit for .Net in February which it hopes will start to extend the company's reach far beyond its traditional stronghold of desktop computers.

1/25 New Dedicated Linux Servers Introduced by IBM. IBM plans to deliver two new dedicated Linux servers -- including a first-of-its-kind Linux-only mainframe that requires no traditional mainframe operating system experience.

1/25 Intel Regained Ground From AMD, Analyst Says. Intel grabbed an 80.6% share of the PC market compared with AMD's 18.5% share...

1/25 Intel's Plan B Chip Stirs Internal Debate. A small team of Intel engineers has been quietly working on a chip technology that the giant semiconductor maker hopes will never see the light of day. Intel's Yamhill Technology is a secret weapon against upcoming chips from rival Advanced Micro Devices...

1/24 Software Tool From CNet Opens Security Hole. CNet Catchup, a popular Windows software update utility, contains a security vulnerability that could enable a remote attacker to run malicious code on the user's computer.

1/24 Antitrust group to Sue Microsoft, DOJ. The lawsuit set to be filed by the American Antitrust Institute (AAI) alleges that Microsoft and the DOJ failed to reveal all the information required under the Tunney Act...

1/24 Popeye Pigs. Japanese researchers have inserted a spinach gene into pigs to create 'healthy pork.'

1/23 Netscape Sues Microsoft. AOL-owned browser maker seeking monetary damages in antitrust filing.

1/23 HP Says Atom-sized Computer Chips Alot Closer. HP said it was ahead on designing a complex nanochip as well as the parts and could be making nano-computers smaller than a bacterium...

1/23 Amtrak Offers Passengers Free Surfing. Passengers on three U.S. train routes will have free access to the Internet using built-in computers in coach and cafe cars...

1/22 DVD Players No Longer Go It Alone. To prevent DVD players from becoming victims of their own popularity, manufacturers are starting to combine basic movie playback with more advanced features.

1/22 AOL Denies Bidding for Red Hat

1/21 AOL In Negotiations To Acquire Red Hat. AOL is in talks to buy Red Hat, a prominent distributor of Linux, an acquisition that would position it to challenge archrival Microsoft, according to sources familiar with the matter.

1/21 Vendors tout Easier VPNs. A new breed of products is emerging to rival traditional Internet-based Virtual Private Network offerings that give remote users and business partners secure access to corporate networks.

1/21 AMD Announces the 1.3 GHz Duron Desktop Processor

1/19 Semiconductor Alert! (Jan. 14-18) Commentary & analysis of week's chip news. Intel riles Wall Street, but quarter looks okay to me... AMD's new strategy to keep up with Intel's production colossus...

1/18 Dell Computer Raises Revenue, Earnings Outlook

1/18 Worldwide PC Sales Fall 6.7 Percent in Q4

1/18 Slumping Hardware Sales Cause IBM Revenue Drop

1/18 Stocks Tumble on Outlooks From Microsoft, IBM

1/17 Slow Ramp Expected for 333-MHz DDR DRAMs. Though third-party chip set makers and motherboard companies will support DDR333 memories, the devices aren't expected to get their legs this year because Intel and PC makers will be focusing on platforms with 200-MHz or 266-MHz memories.

1/17 MSI's Upcoming nForce 415-D Motherboard & Next nFORCE Chipset

1/17 Hewlett-Packard May Sell PC Plant to Sanmina-SCI

1/17 Goat Milk Carries Spider Silk in Canada Experiment. Genetically engineered goats may soon be producing milk loaded with spider silk tough enough to make a new generation of body armor or the finest surgical thread

1/17 Intel Announces Intel Developer Forum, Spring 2002
Themed 'Advancing the Digital Universe'

1/17 Compaq Reports Profit on Strong Sales. Net income for the fourth quarter of US$92 million from quarterly revenue of $8.5 billion, up 14 percent from the third quarter and down 26 percent from last year.

1/17 Memory Prices: What to Do? Part II

11/17 VIA and SiS to Mass-produce New Athlon-based Chipsets in February. Following the fierce battle in the Pentium 4 chipset market, VIA Technologies and Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) will again confront each other in the Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Athlon-platform segment with their latest chipsets, the KT333 from VIA and SiS745 from SiS.

1/17 AMD Beats Estimates, Still Posts 4Q Loss

1/17 Two Hefty Asteroids Pass Close to Earth

1/17 Gates: Security a Top Priority

1/15 Pretzelgate

1/15 DRAM Prices Triple Within Two Months. One of the factors driving up prices, said Ong, is an anticipated merger or joint venture between Micron Hynix... The analyst also cited market acceptance of earlier price rises by manufacturers.

1/15 Botched Update Puts Windows XP Fixes On Hold. Engineers are working to fix a glitch in a Microsoft Web server that has prevented Windows XP users from downloading software updates, including a patch for a new security hole, a spokeswoman said Monday.

1/15 Security Flaw Shuts Down Microsoft Store. Online developers store remains closed after reports of vulnerability that could expose customer data.

1/15 Micron Expected to Announce Low-power Memory. Will unveil a radical new sub-1-volt non-volatile metalized memory chip that will cut power consumption by 50-to-60%.  The chip, programmable metalization cell (PMC), will use a special silver-based chalcogenide metal compound for the non-volatile memory cell, built on top of conventional CMOS chip sensors and circuitry.

1/15 Flying Robotic Insect Slated to Explore Mars. Toy-sized flying robots, modeled on the entomology of insects, that can hover like helicopters. Patented as "entomopters"... "We are looking mainly at the dragonfly, the hummingbird and the fruit fly..."

1/15 Initiative Looks to Drive 40-Gbit/s Optical Networks. The delayed but seemingly inevitable deployment of optical communications networks operating at 40 Gbit/second received a major shot in the arm with the launch of the 40G collaborative, a business and technology alliance dedicated to speeding the introduction of 40-Gbit/s solutions in the core public services network.

1/15 Tech Lobby Pushes to Make Broadband a National Priority

1/14 Can Philips Turn Digital TV Mainstream?  For as little as $18 new digital television chip when purchased in mass quantities, manufacturers could produce low-price digital TV receivers that by the end of the year make digital available to the masses for free, analysts said.

1/14 Holiday Lift Seen for Intel, AMD Results. Fourth-quarter results this week will likely top their recently increased guidance as holiday sales of personal computers were not as grim as most had expected.

1/14 Hey, Where are the Post-Holiday PC Deals? The holiday rebates are spent, and PC vendors aren't dropping prices.

1/14 LCDs Boom While Price Hikes Loom. Will there be enough flat-panel monitors to go around in 2002?

1/14 Instant messaging a threat? If leading instant messaging service providers such as AOL and Microsoft offer multimedia instant messaging services to their millions of users, Internet communications could ground to a halt.

1/14 Microsoft Ushers Office XP Into Web Services World. Microsoft will execute one of its first attempts to harness the desktop as a strategic element of its Web services platform with the delivery of its Office XP Web Services Toolkit.

1/14 How Smart Cards Will Revolutionize E-commerce

1/14 Content Protection Plan Targets Wireless Home Networks. Now that many consumer electronics companies are beginning to see wireless home networking as the wave of the future, developing a possible solution for copy protection and digital rights management over the wirelessly connected home has gained a sense of urgency.

1/14 PC Wholesale Named First Distributor of MicronPC Desktops, Notebooks

1/14 Details On Severe IE Hole Posted Online. Security experts said the Internet Explorer file execution vulnerability, which was announced by Microsoft on Dec. 13, is one of the most severe ever found, because it enables an attacker to run a program on another user's computer simply by causing the victim to view a Web page or open an HTML e-mail.

1/12 Semiconductor Alert! (Jan. 7-11) Commentary & analysis of week's chip news.

1/12 Ring of Truth to Old Wives' Tale? 'Feed a cold, starve a fever'

1/12 The Simputer: A Handheld for the Masses?. The finished product, which will run the Linux operating system, will be slightly larger than a Palm handheld but will operate as a simple portable computer. It will use 32MB of flash memory and 32MB of RAM... Reminds me somewhat of the Sinclair in the old days.  I have one up in the attic somewhere.

1/12 Gigger Worm Attacks Hard Drive. This JavaScript worm poses as a Microsoft Outlook upgrade.

1/11 Ruling Near on Microsoft Class Action Settlement. A federal judge could rule as early as Friday on a proposed.

1/11 Top 10 Monitors

1/11 New Theory Enables Super-Enhanced Digital Media. Two mathematics professors have developed a new theory that could, if implemented, pave the way for dramatically more precise renditions of digital imaging and audio...

1/10 Late Shopping Aids Dec. Retail Sales. Shoppers seeking last-minute gifts and bargains crowded U.S. stores in the days before and after Christmas, helping to cushion a holiday season ravaged by recession...

1/10 Galaxy's `Downtown' a Star in Itself. Astronomers show a hub of activity in clearest picture yet of Milky Way. Milky Way's Image Comes into Sharper Focus.

1/10 Napster Opens Beta Test of New Service. Offering a beta version of its new service Thursday to some 20,000 people picked from the two million.  Some 110,000 tracks will be available free, but none of it will come from major labels.

1/10 Taiwan Manufacturers Entering Home Powerline Networking. Ninety manufacturers, including Cisco Systems, Intel, Motorola and Hewlett-Packard (HP), have organized the HomePlug Powerline Alliance and formulated the HomePlug1.0 standard, boasting a maximum transmission speed of 14 mbps (megabits per second).

1/10 21st Century Tech Strategy War: Apple vs. Microsoft

1/10 Micron Said to Offer Up to $2 Billion for Hynix fabs

1/9 Shannon's Law Challenged - High-Speed Data Discovery. The Florida-based startup, ZeoSync, said its discovery overcomes previous limits in data compression theory and challenges theoretical assumptions that have been taken for granted in the industry for more than 50 years. Press release.  If this isn't another Cold Fusion, it is extremely significant.  I am skeptical.

1/9 Google's HQ Provides Blast From Silicon Valley Past. I'm in Google's headquarters, otherwise known as the Googleplex, and it's sooo old-time Silicon Valley...

1/9 Athlons Keep Pace. AMD processor comparable to Pentium 4 despite 33 percent difference in clock cycles.

1/8 NVIDIA Extends nForce Product Family With nForce 415-D Motherboard Chipset

1/8 Northern Light Takes Dim View of Public Search. As of Jan. 16, the Cambridge, Mass., company will no longer offer free Web searches to the masses, focusing instead on large companies and government organizations...

1/8 IBM to Outsource Production of its NetVista Desktop PC Line.

1/8 Gates Talks-up the Future of the PC.  Two new technologies: Mira, a computer with a detachable flat-panel monitor that can communicate with its base station over a wireless network.  Freestyle - software that will allow users to use a PC from anywhere in the house via a remote control and control all the multimedia elements in the home through one interface...  Microsoft Press Release

1/8 Ralph Nader: MS Is a Huge Tax Dodge

1/8 Anthrax Mail Cleaning Zaps Digital Data. Digital dream gadgets are being irreparably zapped... Testing shows these systems, which operate in the range of 55 kGy (gamma radiation), damage semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, contact lenses, biological samples, photographic film...

1/8 Worst Retail Holiday in a Decade Ends. Online Holiday Shopping Spending Up 15%.

1/8 P4 Motherboard Shipments to Fall 20% Short of Targets Due to Chip Shortage. Motherboard makers said that they still do not have enough processors. They expect problem to continue until the end of the first quarter at the earliest.

1/8 Intel Uses 0.13-micron Process to Speed Pentium III to 1.4 GHz for New Servers

1/7 New DVD Machines Expected to Fuel Sales Boom. Cheaper players packed with a host of new features will help ensure that DVDs remain one of the hottest-selling consumer electronics items in 2002. Whether OEMs and chip suppliers can make a profit on the machines is another question.

1/7 Apple Shines Light on Desk Lamp-inspired iMac. Having promised a new consumer product that is "innovative, revolutionary and different," Apple Computer took the wraps off a redesigned iMac on Monday, which looks more like a desk lamp than a desktop computer. Apple's iMac Info

1/7 Intel Ships Pentium 4 Processor Operating At 2.2 Billion Cycles Per Second

1/7 Intel Debuts Fastest-Ever Pentium 4 Chips. Press Release.

1/7 AMD Launches Athlon XP 2000+ Processor

1/7 Microsoft Breaks Netscape Rule In New Security Flaw. The security bug, which affects all current versions of Internet Explorer for Windows, including IE 5.5 and IE 6, provides attackers with a grab-bag of techniques for stealing other users' browser cookies, reading some files on their hard disks, and "spoofing" the content of legitimate sites..  This, IE security problems and the time required to fix them, is becoming absolutely ridiculous!

1/7 Getting to Know Apple's OS X and Liking It More. "If I were an Apple honcho, I'd be planning a version of Mac OS X Server that runs on Intel-compatible computers... The most audacious step would be a consumer version of Mac OS X running on Intel chips."

1/7 Gateway Sees 4th Quarter Profit

1/7 Compaq Says Will Post 4Q Profit, Not Loss

1/4 Rumors Swirl Ahead of Macworld 2002: A Move to Intel?. Perhaps the most compelling buzz surrounding the upcoming show, however, is the possibility that Apple might move its platform from the Motorola PowerPC chip to Intel chips.  Doubtful, but it might be smart... A PC alternative to Windows?... Macworld Expo SF 2002 Events. Macworld Conference & Expo 2001 web site.

1/4 AMD Ratchets Up With Athlon XP 2000+ Processor. Monday, AMD will unveil the Athlon XP 2000+, which will run at 1.67GHz. Also, Intel will launch the 2.2 GHz Pentium 4 with 512K L2 cache versus the 384K cache' in the Athlon XP.

1/4 Hot-Selling DVD Players Dim VCR's Once Bright Star. Penetration of all DVD players, including those on personal computers, is expected to have reached about 36% of U.S. households in 2001. Estimate 54.5% in 2002. ...half of revenues from sales of movies to consumers in 2001 came from DVDs..."

1/4 Intel Finally Takes Wraps Off DDR Chipset. Monday is D-Day for Intel, or more specifically DDR-Day, as the firm introduces its long-awaited 845D double-data-rate chipset and the 0.13-micron design rule Northwood Pentium 4 processor.

1/4 Intel Readies Road Map for Billion-transistor Processors. Intel expects its microprocessors to hit one-billion transistors by 2007, up from 42 million in the current Pentium 4. Plastic bumped organic land grid array package will be replaced by a bumpless package with built-up layers.  By embedding a die inside the package and getting rid of the bumps, the package thins down to the thinness of a dime...

1/4 Face Recognition Technology a Proven Farce. The contraption has thus far failed to identify one single crook or pervert listed in the department's photographic database, while falsely identifying 'a large number' of innocent citizens.  The Tampa police started using the system in June of this year, and abandoned it in August.

1/4 MS Sounds Passport IE Patch Alarm. Microsoft is pressing .Net Passport users to install a patch for some versions of its browser nearly two months after it fixed a security flaw that threatens customers' personal data online.

1/3 DRAM Price Spike Could Bring Profits Soon. ``There hasn't really been a rebound in the PC sector,'' said Marcus Weston, an analyst at HSBC Securities in Singapore. ``I don't think (the sector) can be sustained just based on increasing prices. It has to be some sort of consolidation in the industry.''  And history is repeating itself again...

1/3 Internet Shrinks as Domain Numbers Fall. Number of domains not renewed exceeds the number of new registrations, resulting in 130,000 fewer Web sites...

1/3 PC Vendors Ready 2.2GHz Pentium 4 Systems. Intel's new 2.2 GHz Pentium 4 processor is expected to launch on Monday.  0.13-micron process 0.18-micron for current P4's will reduce die size and production costs.  L2 cache' is upgraded from 256 to 512 KBytes.  1.5 vs. 1.75 volts should reduce heat.

1/3 Intel Releases 1.34 Gz Celeron Processor

1/3 Liar, Liar, Eyes on Fire?

1/3 Trojan Horse Target File-swappers. Antivirus company Symantec last week reported the presence of "spyware" bundled with Grokster and Limewire, two popular file-swapping downloads. The code evidently does not damage computers, but it surreptitiously sends personal information such as user ID names and the Internet address of computers to another Web address.

1/3 Body Can Repair Heart Damage

1/3 AOL Plugs Security Hole... in its instant messenger application that experts say could have provided wiggle room for a widespread and destructive worm.

1/2 Factory Outlook Brightens in December. U.S. manufacturers increased production in December as a wave of new orders flowed in, an industry report showed on Wednesday, suggesting the factory sector is well on its way to clawing out of a 17-month slump.

1/2 Hynix Raises DRAM Prices 30%

1/2 XP's Gotchas. A guide to Windows XP glitches and their fixes.

1/2 ZaCker Worm Attacks Safeguards. A destructive new worm destroys antivirus software... Subject: "ZaCker."

1/2 Scientists Use Optics to Speed Data Transfer on Chips. The new technique, called "silicon on sapphire," uses thin slices of silicon placed on top of a layer of synthetic sapphire... Data transmitted to the chip by a wire is turned into light and beamed through the sapphire using a microscopic laser built onto the chip.

1/2 Chip Sales Inch Up Again in November. Worldwide sales of semiconductors in November rose to $10.6 billion, a month-to-month increase of 1.6% from $10.44 billion in October making this the second month in a row with sequential growth...

1/2 All-in-Wonders. Can one peripheral do everything--and do it well? With the latest printer/copier/fax/scanners, the answer is finally yes.

1/2 Looking Forward to 2002. Although AMD will also migrate its K7 core to 0.13 um later in 2002 with both bulk and SOI versions, it is unlikely... to regain the performance advantage over Intel until its new 64-bit Hammer core ships.

1/2 Flaw May Leave AOL Instant Messenger Open to Attack. This vulnerability will allow remote penetration of the victim's system without any indication as to who performed the attack... AOL said that it is working on a fix.

1/2 Many Windows XP Users Slow to Patch Security Hole. Windows XP emits a constant signal alerting other devices in a home network to the availability of universal plug-and-play. However, eEye Digital Security, an Aliso Viejo, Calif., network protection company, discovered that when a Windows XP computer is connected to the Internet, hackers can easily spot the signal and tap into it.

1/2 Too Many Standards Spoil Wireless LAN Soup. Customers eager to move to a 5GHz wireless LAN environment are facing a market splintered by multiple standards for the fast networks.

1/2 Nvidia Crowned Top Stock of 2001. Nvidia, which makes graphics chips for Microsoft's new Xbox game console, saw its shares more than quadruple, making it the year's best performer in the Standard & Poor's 500 index.


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