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February 2002

Wednesday, 27 February 2002

Intel to Drop Support of Rambus in New CPU Products. When the next generation of workstation DDR chipsets arrive, it will mark the end of a long and torturous episode when Intel tried to mandate Direct Rambus as the next generation memory for the PC and workstation markets.

Intel Discusses 'Prescott' Microprocessor. Intel has added a 0.09-micron process desktop Pentium 4 processor, code-named Prescott, to its roadmap slated for introduction in the second half of 2003.

Microsoft Asks Judge to Reject States' Sanctions Plan. Microsoft told the judge that the nine states still pursuing the case are overstepping their authority...

Tuesday, 26 February 2002

Broadband Legislation Set for House Debate. Hotly contested legislation that would give regional telephone giants a boost in the high-speed Internet market is set to be considered in the U.S. House of Representatives this week.

Broadband Internet Never Cometh. Masses of potential subscribers have been choosing to avoid the steep monthly subscription costs and startup fees of high-speed Internet access.

IP Storage NICs May Disappoint. To achieve the speed of rival Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel yet still carry gobs of data, these adapters fully off-load TCP/IP processing from the host operating system and bundle it on the NIC hardware with the iSCSI storage protocol...

Monday, 25 February 2002

IBM Creates World's Fastest Semiconductor Circuit. Germanium (SiGe) technology... operating at speeds of more than 110 GigaHertz (GHz) and processing an electrical signal in 4.3 trillionths of a second.

Intel Unveils New Xeon Server Processors. The Xeon is the first server chip to use Intel's hyper-threading technology and Netburst micro-architecture. Prestonia to land at Intel chip show Intel will unveil Prestonia--its first server chip based on the Pentium 4 architecture. Add lots of McKinley, Banias and Plumas--and you've got a chip show.

Microsoft Gets Down to Business. It's no secret that Microsoft has had its eye on the market for business software. Speculation has run high that it would make an entry since it acquired Great Plains, a maker of accounting software for small and midsized businesses...

Hubble to Get Makeover From Shuttle Astronauts

Saturday, 23 February 2002

Semiconductor Alert! (Feb. 18-22). Commentary & analysis of week's chip news.

Judge Hands Napster Small Win in Copyright Lawsuit. U.S. District Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel agreed with Napster that more time was needed to decide who owns the rights to musical works involved in the recording industry's lawsuit against Napster.

A Future for High-Speed Rail?

Friday, 22 February 2002

DVD Successor Takes Shape Outside of Standards Forum. With digital video disk systems selling faster than any other consumer-electronics item in history, consumer OEMs are doing what comes natural: They're eating their young.

Microsoft Admits XP Media Player Spies on Users

Microsoft Patches Three 'Critical' Software Flaws. The patches plug holes in Internet Explorer, Windows XP, SQL Server 2000 and Commerce Server 2000.

Thursday, 21 February 2002

AMD Unveils Platform Design For Its Next Generation Microprocessors. AMD discloses details of the AMD-8000™ series of chipsets, which in conjunction with AMD’s next generation processor architecture — codenamed “Hammer”...

Key Economic Gauge Sees Strong Recovery. "We might be out of recession already," Ken Goldstein, the board's chief economist, told Reuters. "The recovery could be more vigorous than earlier anticipated."

Microsoft Expands Shared Source Open Code Program. Trying to protect its software empire from open-source rivals like Linux, on Thursday said it is expanding a program to share the underlying code of its Windows operating system.

Free Cisco Router Security Tool Released

Wedesday, 20 February 2002

Best Big LCD Monitors. The new 17- and 18-inch LCDs are easy on the eyes and thrifty with precious desktop space. And they're getting easier on the wallet.

VIA Launches Apollo KT333 Motherboard Chipset. Bringing DDR333 memory support to the AMD Athlon XP processor...

States Claim Microsoft Used Settlement to Squeeze PC Makers. Were precluded from enforcing their patents against Microsoft because of a "nonassertion of patents" provision in the licensing terms, the states said.

Sharp to Build LCD Plant for TV Screens. The plant, located in Kameyama, Japan, will focus on assembly of LCD TVs with 25-inch or larger screens... will complete transition from CRT to LCD technology by 2005... plans to introduce 40-inch sets this year. Taiwanese Companies Ready for LCD TV Production.

Gateway CEO: Sales Exceed Usual Seasonal Trend

Duck Croc

Scientists and Psychics Hail Rare Time Symmetry. 20:02, 20/02/2002.

Tuesday, 19 February 2002

Electronics Firms Unify Blue-Laser DVD Standards. The new blue-laser format, which could appear in products as early as next year, will feature up to 27 gigabytes of storage on one side of a single 12-cm disc.

Chatty Motorola Users to Get Built-in Instant Messaging. Motorola and AOL are working together to offer chat-happy users wireless phone handsets with a built-in version of the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) service.

Microsoft debuts Smartphones, Wireless Pocket PCs. Microsoft and its manufacturing partners debuted gadgets based on its new Wireless Pocket PC platform at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes...

Judge Tells Microsoft to Give Code to States. The judge hearing nine U.S. states' antitrust complaint against Microsoft has instructed the software giant to open the source code for recent versions of the Windows operating system to the plaintiffs.

Deep-frozen Atoms Stop Beam of Light in Its Tracks

Pig to Human Organ Transplants on Horizon

LCD Prices Surge as Supplies Tighten. Suppliers say popular 15-inch displays hardest hit...

Semiconductor Alert! (Feb. 11-15). The new silicon image sensor, which is claimed to have resolution equal to film, is different from any current sensor in that each pixel captures all three primary colors by determining how deeply the photons penetrate the X3 sensor...  Foveon Press Release, ec.

Supreme Court to Rule on Internet Copyright

Friday, 15 February 2002

Memory, Storage and Glass in Demand. DRAM is up; storage units are selling briskly and glass is promising to come into short supply, particularly with the release of flat-panel iMacs.

February outlook: Where IC Markets Are Headed

Dell Exec: Upgrade Cycle Still On Horizon. "You've got over 150 million computers out there that are greater than three years old. Seventy-five percent of the installed base cannot run Windows XP."

Gbit Ethernet Competition Hits Boiling Point. Because Gigabit Ethernet-over-copper runs over standard Cat-5 cabling, with four pairs of twisted-copper cabling, the opportunity to replace fast (10/100-Mbit/s) Ethernet is enormous.

Hidden Viruses Can Circumvent Server-based Protection. The problem has been proven on Outlook Express 5.5 and 6.0... Other versions of Outlook and Outlook Express are likely affected... Outlook Express 6.0 and Outlook Express for the Macintosh appears not to be affected.

Researchers Crack New Wireless Security Spec. A University of Maryland professor and his graduate student have apparently uncovered serious weaknesses in the next-generation Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) security protocol known as 802.1x.

Nvidia Says it is Under SEC Scrutiny. The Securities and Exchange Commission, together with the U.S. Attorney's Office, has authorized an investigation and interviewed at least one former Nvidia employee. Nvidia said it is conducting an internal review of certain accounting practices.

Ultrawideband: More Than A Gadget. The nation's communications regulators approved limited use of a new technology Thursday that is capable of seeing through walls, finding earthquake victims and even preventing car crashes.

First Step To Noiseless Qubit For Quantum Computers

Copy Cat

Thursday, 14 February 2002

What Is .NET, Anyway? Microsoft's initial vision for its .NET suite of technology products is built around standards-based computing that allows its products to communicate with any other platform...

IE Flaw Exploited for MSN Messenger Worm

Microsoft Security Patch Said Ineffective. A program designed to plug a common security hole is vulnerable to the very attack it was designed to prevent, the Wall Street Journal alleged in a report on Thursday

Design Flaw Found in .Net Framework

Intel: Expect McKinleys Galore at IDF. Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco later this month... Networking chips and server chips--"more McKinleys than ever seen before," as well as Intel's thoughts on the shape of PCs to come.

Wednesday, 13 February 2002

Comcast Admits To Spying on Customers. Comcast has admitted that it stores the unique numeric Internet address of each of its customers, along with the Internet address of every Web page subscribers visit.

States Request Microsoft Windows Code. The states argued they need to see the Windows source code in order to verify Microsoft's claim that it is not technically feasible for the company to offer a stripped-down version of the operating system.

Tuesday, 12 February 2002

Microsoft Battles Old, New Security Holes With IE Patch. The "cumulative" patch made available for download Monday fixes holes in Versions 5.01, 5.5 and 6.0 of Internet Explorer. It addresses six vulnerabilities discovered in the past few months...  Microsoft Security Bulletin. Download.

The Latest in Wireless Routers. ZDNet reviews six wireless broadband routers.

Motherboard Problems Affecting Launch of DDR333. When modules were plugged into all three expansion slots, the memory frequently slipped back to a 266MHz frequency.

Nanotech Brings New Hope, and Hype, to Market

Monday, 11 February 2002

MS Server Bugs Open the Door to Hackers. Holes in Exchange 2000 and Windows 2000 could allow hackers to view the system registry or gain control of servers. Meanwhile, Microsoft continues to struggle with its reputation for lax security.

MSN Messenger Vulnerable Through IE Bug. A malicious Web site operator can hijack a user's MSN Messenger application and perform all tasks, including sending messages and personal files.

AMD and Intel Turn-up the Heat in Handheld Market. AMD's acquisition of a MIPS-based start-up and Intel's introduction of its first XScale-based embedded processors extends rivalry to the handheld computer arena.

Saturday, 9 February 2002

Semiconductor Alert! (Feb. 4-8) Commentary & analysis of week's chip news. Global chip sales may not have bottomed as reported...  Intel... low-power technology and McKinely...

A look Back at the 2001 Desktop Market and Forecast for 2002

2/8 VIA Skips Its Original KT333 Chipset, Goes Direct to Updated Version

2/8 Coming to a TV Near You: Motorola's Interactive Wireless Web Pad. 'People want a more interactive experience with their television that's dynamic and engaging, but still is a lean-back experience - rather than the lean-forward experience of typing on a keyboard and clicking around with a mouse.'

2/8 Satellite Broadband Finding Its Market. Satellite offers download speeds of 400 kbps, while cable and DSL typically can provide up to 1,500 kbps for downloads. Transmission lags, due to the time it takes for satellites to beam and relay data, make it less than ideal for Internet gaming and other interactive services.

2/7 FCC: Broadband Grew Steadily in First Half 2001. 9.6 million customers had signed up for high-speed, or "broadband," Internet access by the end of June 2001, an increase of 36 percent over Jan. 2001 figures...

2/7 Microsoft Settlement Weighed. Justice Dept., software giant will consider changes to settlement terms.

2/7 Sun Gets Serious About Linux. Sun "will ship a new class of low-end, x86-based server aimed at the emerging edge marketplace," where the need for simple, inexpensive servers running Linux is growing beyond mere Linux appliances. 

2/7 Google Offers Cash to Creative Coders. The Google search engine is sponsoring its "First Annual Google Programming Contest," offering $10,000 to the person or team that can come up with the best software program for compressing, organizing, linking or otherwise manipulating a mass of raw search data. More info for Google...

2/7 'Unbreakable' Oracle9i Springs a Leak. Several security flaws were discovered in the company's software, including one that could allow a hacker to gain access to Oracle's database server without a user ID or password.

2/7 EarthLink In Tug-Of-War Over Customer's E-Mail Address. EarthLink  has threatened to cut off Internet service to a subscriber who refused to relinquish an e-mail address she owned for nearly three years.

2/6  Pocket-size Computers Could Make Laptops Passť. Pocket-size computer 'bricks' could be the next big thing...  IBM to Unveil Index Card-Size Computer Prototype Code-named "MetaPad", the module is 5 X 3 X 3/4 inches and has the computing power of a typical notebook computer... Press Release & More Info.

2/6 Productivity Growth Stronger Than Expected. But while productivity held firm, the report showed American workers were still feeling the pinch from the ongoing recession as the number of hours workers spent on the job fell at the fastest rate in more than a decade.

2/6 Govt. Report: Internet Use Is Growing. Americans' use of the Internet is still galloping ahead at a rate of more than two million new users per month... 54% of population...

2/6 ABIT Launches NV7-133R nFORCE 415D Motherboard and GeForce4 Products

2/6 Nvidia Splits PC Market With New Chips. Nvidia hopes to divide and conquer the PC market, grabbing a bigger chunk of the mainstream segment, with the release Wednesday of a new PC graphics chip in two desktop flavors. nVIDIA GeForce Press Releases.

2/6 Intel "hyperthreading" to Debut Soon. Hyperthreading makes a single CPU act in some ways like two chips... Hyperthreading will appear later this quarter on two models of Intel's Xeon chip... Press Release.

2/6 Intel to launch 845G, 845GL and 845E together in May. Intel has informed Taiwanese motherboard makers that it will postpone the launch of its Pentium 4-based 845G integrated chipset from April to the week of May 20.

2/6 AMD to Buy Designer of Chips for Portable Devices

2/6 Space 'Hotels' to Slingshot Between Earth and Mars. "Once you put your vehicle into a cycler orbit, it continues on its own momentum, going back and forth between Earth and Mars..."

2/6 Rewritables on a Roll. Top 5 CD-RW drives.

2/6 OEMs See Double-edged Sword as Microsoft Makes Its Move in Home Gateway Market. The worldwide market for such gateway boxes-when defined as a home-based unit serving as a WAN and LAN bridge and a router with add-ons such as firewall protection or a DVD player-will grow from $267 million in 2000 to $7.1 billion in 2006...

2/6 New PCI-X 2.0 Draft Specification Introduced. The new spec uses double-data-rate and quad-data-rate techniques to dramatically increase the PCI bus bandwidth to 2.1 Gigabytes/second or 4.3 Gbytes/sec.

2/5 Linux Users Ready to Toast Wine. Technology that will allow Microsoft apps on non-Microsoft platforms is almost ready for prime time.

2/5 Microsoft Takes a Break to Clean Its Code. The company has ordered a temporary halt in the development of new code and has instructed its developers to go back and check for security holes...

2/5 First XScale-based PDA Set for CeBIT Launch. Fujitsu Siemens Computers is expected to be the first vendor to launch a PDA based on Intel's next-generation XScale processor.

2/5 Palm Intros New Operating System For Handhelds. PalmSource, Palm's operating system subsidiary, is previewing the OS 5 beta at a company conference this week. Final delivery of the software to licensees is set for this summer. The New Palm OS That Goes Whoosh.

2/5 January Motherboard Revenues and Shipments

2/5 Nvidia to Release New Graphics Chips Today. Nvidia will announce the GeForce4 graphics processing unit (GPU) family at an event in San Francisco.

2/4 Latest Intel processor Could Steal the ISSCC Show. Some interesting info on the forthcoming McKinley processor.  Inside Intel's Monster Chip. McKinley, Intel's upcoming server processor, will be huge, at least in terms of surface area. Intel to Describe Technology to Enable 0.13-micron, 5-GHz Processor. Intel claims these "building blocks" will enable the development of 5-GHz chips at 0.13-micron process technologies--at room temperature.

2/4 AMD's 300mm fab With UMC Pivotal in Race With Intel

2/4 Wireless LAN Worries Mount. Rollouts delayed, systems shut down as organizations scramble for security fixes.

2/4 HP Shows Signs of an Upturn. HP today announced markedly improved first quarter results, much to the surprise of industry analysts and all those in favor and opposition of the company's historic and highly contentious alliance with Compaq.

2/4 WorldCom Set for VoIP Push. WorldCom is juicing up its voice-over-IP service... The enhancement will let users plug Cisco or Pingtel SIP desktop telephones directly into their LANs, eliminating the need for separate voice and data networks.

2/4 Studios Race to Choke DVD Copying. Movie studios are now racing to find a technology that will keep people from making copies of DVDs...

2/2 Semiconductor Alert! (Jan. 28-Feb. 1) Commentary & analysis of week's chip news. You really need a scorecard to follow what's going on this week in the crazy DRAM business... Micron and Hynix will likely compromise on price of fabs... where else can the financially troubled Hynix and its beat-up creditors go? Are DRAM suppliers 'coordinating' output... Maybe this kind of thing isn't price fixing exactly, but it sure sounds close to me...

2/2 Senator Urges Judge to Be Wary of Microsoft Deal

2/1 LinuxWorld: Group Snnounces New Standards for Linux. Linux Standards Base (LSB) 1.1, which standardizes the core functionality of Linux and some components. It includes a set of common API, a development package, and testing capabilities...

2/1 Mac OS X for the Masses. The Aqua UI masks enough of OS X's Unix underbelly to make it an ideal operating system for even the most inexperienced home computer user.

2/1 DDR SDRAM Started Getting Cheaper?

2/1 Astronomers Search for Life's Imprint -- Light Years Away

2/1 Owners Locked Out of AOL Home Pages. Some Web sites hosted on America Online have been hit by outages, leaving their Webmasters unable to update, view or transfer files on their home pages.


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