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Aug 2002

Friday, 30 August 2002

Enthusiasts Cleared for Space Rocket Launch. A team of US rocketeers has been given the first license to launch an amateur rocket into space

Spyware Trojan Sends Hotmail to Your Boss

AGP 8x More Likely to Enter Mainstream in 1H 2003

Thursday, 29 August 2002

Netscape 7.0 Released Today--What's New? The flashing banners and pop-ups degrade the site. IE Casts a Shadow Over New Netscape. The fanfare behind Netscape 7.0 has been muted by a report released this week asserting that IE has left Netscape with a mere 3.4 percent of the browser market...

First Windows XP Service Pack on the Launch Pad. Microsoft is expected to release the first service pack for Windows XP sometime next week.

$299, Easy-to-Use Linux PC at Walmart. Lindows.com comes up with a low-cost, Linux-based system that anyone can run immediately, but there are catches.

Compatibility Drives Down PC Costs. XML... says word processors, etc. will use standardized, non-proprietary file formats.

A Glance at the Future: AMD Hammer Processors and x86-64 Technology

Toshiba, NEC Propose New DVD Format

Engineer Reinvents the Electric Guitar

Windows Security Certificates Vulnerable to Attack

Sweet Step to Hydrogen Revolution

Want to Avoid Holiday Malls? Shop at Work

Tuesday, 27 August 2002

Web Ad Explosion.  Financed by corporate ad dollars, some online marketers are getting sneakier--and more annoying.  You can say that again.  They keep trying to sneak them past me.  More than 25 percent of top Web destinations now use some kind of in-your-face marketing tactics, according to the Internet research firm Cyveillance. 

Jaguar Release Catapults Apple Sales. It's a company record. Consumers snap up more than 100,000 copies of the OS X 10.2 operating system the first weekend it went on sale, Apple says.  OK, Apple, just think what would happen to sales if you made an X86 version that would run on PC's and sold it with a more reasonable license than the new one offered by Microsoft.

AMD Angered by Changes in PC Performance Benchmarking. An AMD spokesman today confirmed that the Sunnyvale, Calif., chipmaker examined the SysMark 2002 benchmark and concluded that tests had been dropped that favored AMD's Athlon XP processors. "We definitely believe SysMark 2002 is heavily biased toward Intel," the spokesman charged.  I don't use SysMark.  Not because someone may not like it, but because I have always used other benchmarks that work and because the importance and relevance of benchmarks as an indicator of perceived performance has been exaggerated in reviews (not mine) beyond all reasonable proportion.

Unnatural Optics Create Precise Photonic Lens. Optical experiments using arrays of nanowires are demonstrating that the concept of a negative refractive index... nanomaterials can focus light down to less than its own wavelength and might even be able to detect a single molecule.

DDR400 Gaining Ground in Fight for Respectability. The greatest obstacle facing DDR400 is Intel Corp.'s aversion to validating the higher-frequency chips and modules. Instead, Intel's memory roadmap goes directly from DDR333 to the next-generation DDR-II.

Red Hat: Next Redmond? Red Hat won nearly three-quarters of the $80 million in U.S. Linux sales last year.

Moose-car Collisions Stir Push for Hi-tech. The New Brunswick government is being pressed to consider cutting-edge antimissile technology to curb moose-vehicle collisions. They occasionally visit my Asparagus patch and somehow avoid walking on the plants.  Larry

SCO Name Returns as Caldera Rebrands Itself

Intel Lights-up Enterprise Optical Transceiver.

Sony Chip Set improves Picture Quality of Flat-panel TVs

Monday, 26 August 2002

Intel Launches Faster Pentium 4 Chips. The new additions to Intel's flagship processor lineup include the 2.8GHz Pentium 4, alongside 2.66GHz, 2.6GHz, and 2.5GHz models. 533MHz front-side bus... Press Release. "Pentium 4 processor-based 2.8 GHz PCs provide almost six times faster performance than the current installed base of older PCs." 2.8 GHz Brings Us Oh-So-Close. AMD and Intel duke it out in our tests of five new systems with four featuring Intel's 2.8-GHz P4 processor and one running AMD's Athlon XP 2600+.  Faster Still: The 2.8 GHz Pentium 4.  Review with benchmarks.

Cells Fuel Innovation. While processors get faster, networks get wider and applications get smarter, battery technology continues to lag... Power supply innovation is arriving in the form of micro fuel cells—electrochemical devices that create electricity from hydrogen gas or alcohol.

DVD Format Fight Looms Over Toshiba-NEC Proposal. Rivalry among industry titans over next-generation DVDs heated up on Monday when Japan's Toshiba and NEC said they would propose a cheaper type of high-capacity disc incompatible with a format advanced by Sony and others.

Failures Plague 130-nanometer IC Processes. Yield and reliability issues threaten the dual-damascene copper interconnect structures of leading 130-nanometer processes...

Amazon Expands Free Shipping Again. Based on results from its test of a $49 threshold, the giant online retailer experiments with a $25 minimum order size to qualify for free shipping.

Let's Make a Deal. Ever wonder what might have caused the telecom bubble to get so bloated before it popped? ... Who says blogs (slang for Web logs) are just for technology hounds? A group of Brazilian soap opera stars playing vampires have started their own blogs...

Buyers' Guide to PDAs. For simplicity look to a Palm OS-based device, and for a Windows look and feel go with a Pocket PC model.

MS to Intro Product Key Check in WinXP SP1 WPA

The Top Myths of Computing

Another Retailer to Sell Lindows-Powered PCs


Friday, 23 August 2002

Web Sites, ISPs Lopping Pop-up Ads. Faced with a groundswell of consumer complaints, some Web sites and Internet service providers are curtailing those annoying pop-up ads that pitch everything from wireless spy cameras to on-line casinos.  We don't like them, we don't run them, and we try to avoid links to sites that do run them.

Chipset Designers Prepared for AMD’s FSB Standard Change. AMD has reportedly decided to change the FSB (front-side bus) standard of its upcoming Athlon XP 2700+ processor from the current 266 MHz to 333 MHz...

New Super Patch for Internet Explorer Fixes Six New Flaws. This is getting to be ridiculous.  I installed the last security patch yesterday.

Starbucks Offering 'Hot Spots' for Internet Users. A total of 1,200 Starbucks coffee shops nationwide on Wednesday threw the switch on wireless, local area networks... $2.99 for 15 minutes... monthly packages available.

You'll Get AOL and Like It!

Top 10 Digital Cameras Over $500

Surprising DNA Discovery Could Have Evolutionary Implications

Thursday, 22 August 2002

Seagate Swings "HAMR" to Increase Disc Drive Densities by a Factor of 100. The Company today demonstrated its revolutionary Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) technology, which records data magnetically on high-stability media using laser thermal assistance. Could store up to 50 terabits of data per square inch.

AMD and Intel Fight a New Round of Processor War. AMD’s most recent release of its Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+ processors on top of Intel’s scheduled launch of its new 2.8GHz Pentium 4 processor and its impending price cuts on September 1.

3GHz P4 Impels Motherboard Makers to Release Two Product Versions. New Pentium 4 processors, which will be running at clock speeds over 3 GHz, are incompatible with present motherboards

Microsoft Plugs Critical Office Holes. Three vulnerabilities in the software that allow users to view and edit Office documents in a Web browser... The most serious flaw, rated "critical," could give an attacker full control over a user's PC.

WorldCom Deal With AOL Under Scrutiny. Ads Bought in Return For Purchasing Service...

AMD Opteron Presentation From Platform Conference 2002

IP VPN Services to Snowball

Microsoft To Offer MSN Version for Mac OS X

Wednesday, 21 August 2002

Why the VIA KT400 Athlon Motherboard Chipset Does Not Support DDR400 Memory

Office XP vs. Bugs, Round Two. Microsoft plans to release Office XP service pack 2 today.

A New Tactic in the Download War. Online 'spoofing' turns the tables on music pirates. DOJ to swappers: Law's Not on Your Side. The Internet has become "the world's largest copy machine" and that criminal prosecutions of copyright offenders are now necessary...

AMD Claims World's Fastest Desktop Processor. Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+...  Press release.

Athlon XP 2600+ Reviewed. The 2.53 Pentium 4 outperforms the Athlon XP 2600+ by a significant margin in typical workstation creative work. On the flipside, the Athlon XP 2600+ is clearly the fastest processor in the scientific workloads.

Intel to Debut Faster Pentium 4 Next Week. 2.8 GHz.

Flat-Panel Display Prices Set to Plummet

More IT Pros Turning To Web For Tech Help

Tuesday, 20 August 2002

Dell Finally Turns to Resellers. Dell will offer an unbranded PC to a number of dealers in the U.S. shortly, concentrating on dealers who effectively act as computer departments for small companies...

RealNetworks Launches New All-Format Player. RealNetworks began offering a new digital media player on Tuesday that plays back music and video in all formats, including those of its main competitor, Microsoft.

ATI Leaps Ahead

Microsoft to Roll Out Office XP SP-2

At 25, NASA's Voyager Heads to Solar System's Edge

Monday, 19 August 2002

Wyse To Unveil New Windows-Based Thin Clients. New products come into one of the only growing IT markets.

Report: AOL's Got Unhappy Customers. Consumer satisfaction with America Online is extremely low compared with other Web portals and with every almost sector of American industry, according to a new report.

AMD Athlon, nVIDIA nFORCE2 Chipset Power New HP-Compaq D315 Business PC. HP Puts Athlon in Low-cost PC for Businesses.

Methane-Powered Laptops: They're a Gas!

Apache Upgrade Released to Fix Security Hole

Top 10 LCD Monitors

750MB Iomega ZIP-Drive

Fusion Redux

Friday, 16 August 2002

DVD Recording Could Boost PC Sales. Recent market research surveys suggest that DVD recording technology is ready to take off among consumers. Businesses are also eyeing the technology as a possible solution to growing storage problems.  Stand-alone DVD recorders cost about $1,000 now, while PC-attached drives sell for between $300 and $500...

New RAID Controllers: Serial ATA From 3ware, Ultra320 From Adaptec. In traditional SCSI or parallel ATA cards, multiple drives are connected to the same cable, meaning they share a common bus, thereby limiting performance, said Murphy. Since the Escalade 8500 uses a switched architecture, performance when multiple drives are connected is equal to the sum of all the drives and actually scales with the number of drives...  Serial ATA

Global Internet Growth Slowing Worldwide Internet use grew slowly in the second quarter, with 553 million people now connected to the Web from their homes, according to a Global Internet Trends report from Nielsen//NetRatings. That figure represents a 4 percent growth rate, down from 7 percent growth in the first quarter of this year.

GPS Makers Lock on to Personal Security Technology. Using postage-stamp-sized GPS boards, makers of security hardware will begin in September to roll out wristwatches and pager-sized units that can be used to track lost individuals to within a few feet.

Wandering Penguin Finds a Flock. Efforts to stop Linux from splitting into incompatible versions--the fate that hobbled Unix--move forward as key companies get behind a standardization plan.  International House of Penguins.

Microsoft Patches Windows 2000 Flaw, SQL Holes. The company called the Network Connection Manager vulnerability "critical" and said it could allow an attacker to take complete control of Windows 2000 systems.

Dell Posts Profit, Enters Printer Market

Nvidia Confirms 333 FSB for AMD

Top 10 Scanners

Hypersonic Scramjet Test a Success

VIA Launches KT400 Athlon Motherboard Chipset

Wednesday, 14 August 2002

Sun Pushes Linux on the Desktop.  "We are very focused on the desktop," McNealy said... "Don't go to Dell and buy a Windows PC. Go to Wal-Mart, you will get just as much technical support." Walmart sells PC models without Windows; Dell is starting to do it also... Dell Unhooks Windows From DesktopsAre we seeing a revolt because of Microsoft's new licensing?  I think Yes.

PluggedIn: Camera-Phones Double as Photo Albums. If you sit down to lunch at a Tokyo restaurant and a business associate offers to show you pictures of her toddler, chances are she'll reach not for an envelope of photo prints, but for a mobile phone with a built-in camera.

Big Blue Shrinks by 15,600 Jobs

Buyers' Guide to Rewritable DVD Drives

Robot Teaches Itself Flying Skills in Three Hours

Tuesday, 13 August 2002

Red Hat Expanding to Corporate Desktop. Open-source technology provider will release a formal desktop Linux product geared toward the corporate market early next year. LINUXWORLD SF: Red Hat rolls out support for AMD's Hammer. Hat plans to demonstrate a 32-bit version of Red Hat Linux Advanced Server running on a 64-bit Athlon-based system at the LinuxWorld 2002 exhibition in San Francisco.  What happens if both Red Hat and Apple come-out with GUI Desktop Operating Systems for UNIX and AMD's 64-bit processor?

Intel Stretching Silicon for Power. Intel will increase the performance of its microprocessors next year, in part by spreading out its silicon atoms.

The Future of Microprocessors Revealed. A bumper crop of microprocessors -- bigger, faster and cooler than last year's models -- is set to be unleashed at the 15th annual Microprocessor Forum in October.  ...IBM is putting multiple processors on a single chip designed for desktop use....

Web Spec on Deck. The first draft of XHTML 2.0 makes its debut--and it's already raising concerns over compatibility.

File-swapping Foes Exert P2P Pressure. The new plan appears to extend the target beyond companies with an apparent declaration of legal warfare against individuals who the industry believes are swapping illicit songs or movies through peer-to-peer networks.

Fuel Cells March Toward the Mainstream. Suppliers of micro fuel cells may finally be preparing to make a bid for the $10 billion-a-year rechargeable-battery market.

Brand Name Brain Buzz

Upbeat Signs in the Electronics Market

Severe IE Flaw Undermines SSL Security, Expert Says

A Grandchild's Guide to Using Grandpa's Computer

Monday, 12 August 2002

Opening Up to Open Source.  LinuxWorld Conference & Expo will showcase innovations, such as Linux clustering, that aim to further open source's role in the increasingly cost-conscious corporate world.

Opening the Door for New Storage Options. A long-running legal battle that has significantly delayed the ability of many companies to produce next-generation optical disc players and recorders has come to an end as Japan's Nichia and Toyoda Gosai announced they decided to reach a settlement.

Now Showing, In Your Mailbox. Netflix, a start-up that had its initial public offering of stock in May, is being hailed as a new way of delivering movies that packs more punch than it might initially seem.  Pop-ups!

Intel, AMD to Cut Prices. Financial pressures on Intel Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. are mounting amid weak sales and falling stock prices, spurring the PC chip makers to initiate a new round of price cuts in the next month in a bid to boost demand

Just Out of the Gate: IBM’s New Server Hard Drive Outperforms Seagate. IBM First to Ship Seagates 15K Ultra320 SCSI Cheetahs in Its RAID Servers. ???

Ace's Guide to Memory Technology: Part 3. DDR333, DDR400, DDR-II, and 32-bit PC1066 RDRAM.

Online Shareware: Is Anyone Paying?

Friday, 9 August 2002

IBM Breeds PC Chip From Server DNA. Big Blue plans to design the new desktop PowerPC chip using technology from its Power4 processor for servers.

Taking Aim at Auction Sniping. Sniping technology essentially automates the process of placing bids on Internet auctions. It can put your bid in during the last few seconds of an auction.

July Shipments at Taiwan First-tier Motherboard Makers Grew 16%. July shipments at Taiwan’s first-tier motherboard makers surged by 16% from June, hinting that the worst might be over as the sector entered the seasonally strong third quarter.

Top 15 Notebook PCs

WorldCom Reveals $3.8B More in Errors

Solar Power to Challenge Dominance of Fossil Fuels

The Future of Technology

Thursday, 8 August 2002

WorldCom Discovers $2 Billion More In Discrepancies. CNBC report said that WorldCom used an "accounting trick in which most of the $2 billion was reversed from reserves for bad debts into operating income."

Don't Get Googled by Hackers! The popular search engine houses a flaw in its toolbar that hackers can use to execute multiple tasks; Google responds with fix.

New DVD Spec Gains Speed. One of the two DVD industry groups jockeying over competing standards is trying to give added speed to its spin with a new specification that will cut recording times on 4X DVD+R discs.

Data crunch Looks to Optics for Relief. The need for corporations to manage and transfer data in large quantities is turning into a major driver for dense wavelength-division multiplexing optical networking...

Lawsuit Targets Toshiba NotebooksToshiba has been hit with a class action lawsuit that alleges some of the company's notebooks overheat and then don't work right after being fixed.

Flat-panel Prices Sink on Low Demand. Sluggish sales and an end to component shortage problems are making flat-panel monitor prices attractive for buyers. Expect a steady decrease in retail prices this year, analysts say.

Consumers Unhappy With PC Support. Apple Computer, which grabbed the top spot in the survey with a score of 74 out of 100 and was the only company to earn higher marks this year than it did last year.

FTC, Microsoft Reach Settlement on Passport Probe. The software giant agreed that it should have done more to protect the security of its online sign-in service, and said it will do better in the future.

FCC Votes To Require Digital Tuners on All TV Sets by 2007. By law (U.S.), the last analog television broadcast signal is targeted to be switched off by Dec. 31, 2006.

Boy, Have You Got Mail: Spam Attacks on Rise. Between 12 and 15 percent of total e-mail traffic is spam, up from about 7 percent a year ago.

Abit Reports 1H Losses, Lowers 2002 Forecast. Affected by massive inventory clear-outs, foreign currency exchange losses and the poor performance of its subsidiaries, motherboard maker Abit Computer on August 7 posted a first-half loss of NT$300 million.  Abit has chosen to outsource production of its low-price line to ECS.

Flu-Like Illness Kills 283 in Madagascar. 7% of reported cases.

Dr. Gary Explains Why Computers Sometimes Crash

Motorola Recalls TV Set Top Cable Boxes Over Safety Concerns

Drug May Restore Color to Gray Hair

Wednesday, 7 August 2002

Microsoft's New Software Policy Leaves Many Customers Fuming. ''I have been covering Microsoft for 14 or 15 years, and I've never seen this level of anger, of outrage, of dissatisfaction.''

Quantum Computer Called Possible With Today's Tech. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin in Madison claim to have created the world's first successful simulation of a quantum-computer architecture that uses existing silicon fabrication techniques.

Frayed cable Vendors Search for Technology Lifeline. The second quarter was not kind to cable vendors, with major companies like Belden, CommScope, Corning, and General Cable all reporting net losses or lower earnings than a year ago.

WorldCom Moving Wireless Users to Other Carriers. Wireless customers of WorldCom are being prompted to transfer their business to other U.S. wireless carriers to avoid an interruption in service.

Microsoft to Tout Unix, Web Development Tools at LinuxWorld

NRC Demonstrates New Spin Transistor

Fusion Reactor Breaks Duration Record

AMD Intros 64-Mbit 1.8-V Only flash Memory

Switch fabric Market to Boom Through 2006

He Made a Gold Mine of the Trevi Fountain

Tuesday, 6 August 2002

Windows XP: What's the Business Verdict? And though the business upgrade rate is not as brisk as Microsoft might wish, analysts believe it is just a matter of time before XP Pro becomes the standard.

Verizon To Bundle Phone, Web Services ...will sell packaged local, long-distance and cellular telephone service and digital-subscriber-line Internet service for less than the cost of buying the services separately...

Canon Won't Supply Printers to Dell. "Their prices are cheap," he said. "We will not do low-end products in printers."

Flaw Discovered in Symantec Firewall. A vulnerability has been discovered in Symantec firewall products that would let a knowledgeable attacker hijack any connection to Symantec's software-based or appliance-based firewalls...

Monday, 5 August 2002

First-tier Motherboard Makers Saw Sales Recovery in July. First-tier motherboard makers reported a sales rebound in July, thanks to gradually rising demand at the start of the traditional third-quarter high season.

IE Alternatives: Three New Contenders. Mozilla 1, Netscape 7, and RapidBrowser XP try to turn up the heat on Internet Explorer.

300-mm Fabs: A Turning Point for the Industry?

Microsoft to Reveal Windows Code

Friday, 2 August 2002

Chip Sales Up 5.8% in Q2, SIA Reports. While computer and computer-related sector demand is lagging, wireless and consumer sectors continue to strengthen.

Taking the Air Out of Pop-ups. Some online publishers are taking pins to pop-up advertisements, but Web surfers won't likely notice a decline in the annoying marketing ploy anytime soon.  The Dux Computer Digest has not and will not run pop-ups. IVillage Punctures Pop-Ups.

Feds Get Tough with Security Vendors, Researchers. Some security companies have been accused of releasing exploit code for known vulnerabilities, particularly in Microsoft Corp. software, before the vendor could produce a workable patch and get it out to customers in a timely manner.

Trojan Horse Found in Open-Source App. Several versions of OpenSSH, a free network connectivity tool, could allow attackers to take over PCs.

September Could Breathe Some Life Into the Stagnant PC Case Sector... as demand surges from Intel’s latest chip price cut, computer case makers predicted.

Thursday, 1 August 2002

IBM Announces Opening  of East Fishkill 300 mm Semiconductor Facility in Upstate New York.  Believed to be the most advanced of its kind, the 140,000 square feet facility features a highly automated manufacturing line powered by more than 1,700 processors, each operating at more than 1 GHz and accessing more than 110 terabytes of storage.  One 300 millimeter (12 inch) wafer can hold about 50 billion transistors. Making Semiconductors.

Former WorldCom CFO, Controller Arrested. Two former senior officials of bankrupt telecommunications firm WorldCom Inc.  were arrested and charged with securities fraud.

Corel Happy To Step Into Microsoft's Shoes. Microsoft's decision to charge an annual fee for software upgrades is meeting with widespread disdain by the business community. One of the software giant's competitors sees this as a unique opportunity.

AT&T Broadband Opts for Tiered Pricing. AT&T Broadband is offering a faster and pricier level of cable Internet access, dubbed UltraLink.


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