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September 2001

9/29 Excite@Home Pulls The Plug. Company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and agrees to sell broadband unit to AT&T.

9/29 nVIDIA Defies Market Conditions. "The strategic decisions of the company are clear and sound. Their chips work the first time, which is highly unusual. They give the market what it wants at the exact price they are willing to pay."

9/29 Despite Recent Setbacks, AMD Remains a Viable Competitor. "While I don't see how AMD will leapfrog Intel in the next six months in terms of processor performance, it may leapfrog Intel in the next three to five quarters..."  Collectively, lost business from Gateway, IBM, and Micron, as well as any lost board business in Asia, would represent less than 5% of AMD's sales this year...

9/29 Semiconductor Alert! (Sept. 24-28). Commentary & analysis of week's chip news.  Good roundup.

9/29 Zoom Out for a New Perspective on Earth

9/29 PC Sales Outlook Growing Weaker, Major Firms Say

9/29 World LCD Monitor Shipments Reached 2.9 Million Units in 2Q.  Up 23% over first quarter.  The average price dropped 16% and is predicted to decrease 20% in the third quarter.

9/29 About.com Cuts 300 Sites, Increases E-commerce Focus

9/29 Nimda Worm Resurgence Falls Flat. A second round of Nimda attacks fails to materialize, suggesting that enough people patched their computers and headed off the worm.

9/29 The Microbes That 'Rule the World'

9/28 Motherboards: DDR Memory is About to Take-up Mainstream Status. Asus said that shipments of DDR boards increased to 15-20% of the total in the past two weeks.

9/28 Single Wireless LAN Spec in Peril. Prospects for a harmonized global wireless LAN standard appear bleak, as political and legal barriers emerge in Europe and Japan...

9/28 Compromise for CD Copying is in the Works. Anti-piracy features making their way onto CDs promise to dramatically alter the online music landscape...

9/28 Turn Your PC Into a Digital Music Center. Napster may have faded, but the revolution lives on. Here's everything you need to know to turn your PC into a digital music center.

9/28 HP Takes the Plunge with LaserJet Printer for $249

9/28 Judge Orders Talks in Microsoft Case

9/28 Nvidia Tweaks GPUs

9/27 SiS Launches DDR333 Chipsets for AMD’s Athlon Processor.  745 discrete 740 integrated chipset.  Also, VIA will soon launch the P4X333 Pentium 4 chipset, its first DDR333 chipset.

9/27 Samsung Readies Faster, Denser, and Cheaper RDRAM Memory Chip

9/27 Discovering The Achievements Of The American Cockroach

9/27 Experts: Nimda Worm Mass-Mailing To Resume Today. A second wave of infected e-mails generated by the Nimda worm will be launched beginning this evening...  More Nimda info.

9/26 Intel's Shen: 'microprocessor researchers at a crossroads'. The trade-off between instructions per cycle and the increasing emphasis on microprocessor clock frequency needs a thorough re-examination... power dissipation may become an overriding concern.

9/26 Free Wireless Net Access for the Masses. "Broadband bootlegging..." Community groups are extending Internet access through the 802.11b wireless networking standard, sometimes known as Wi-Fi. Other sources of the high-bandwidth giveaway, whether they know it or not, are corporations whose Wi-Fi networks are accessible to passers-by.  Good read.

9/26 Free Mac OS X 10.1 Upgrade Available. Mac OS X 10.1 offers faster performance, speedier application launching, DVD playback and burning, plus more compatibility with printers and digital cameras. Mac OS X Sports Web Services. "Now, we've just enhanced AppleScript to talk to Web services."  OS X should be released this Saturday. I keep having a lingering thought that won't go away...  OS X could be evolved into an alternative x86 PC GUI operating system to Windows.  After all, it is a variation of UNIX.  It does run a variation of Office.  Larry

9/26 Component, IC Suppliers Gear-up to Meet Military Needs

9/26 Businesses Face Insurance Premium Hike. Rates could rise 25% or more...

9/26 Sun, Others to Issue Competitor to MS Passport. "This is an alternative to Passport and Hailstorm. Project Liberty will allow users to decide what information to pass on and customer data won't be controlled by one party..."

9/26 MSN Adds 1 Million Subscribers. Lures 400,00 subscribers away from AOL.

9/26 Microsoft to Offer Windows XP Media and Games Pack

9/26 AMD Announces Closure of  Two Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Facilities.  Fabs 14 and 15 in Austin, Texas.  2,500 people will loose their jobs, which is 15% of AMD's workforce.

9/26 Consumer Groups Blast Microsoft for Windows XP

9/25 Nimda Virus Riles-up Microsoft Users. While Nimda caused significant damage - so far infecting more than 2 million PCs and servers worldwide - it was but another mess IT professionals had to clean up in a procession of problems that seem to spread all too frequently across Microsoft-based servers and clients.  More Nimda Info.

9/25 Gartner: Drop Microsoft IIS Now. "Using Internet-exposed IIS Web servers securely has a high cost of ownership," states the Gartner report. "Nimda has again shown the high risk of using IIS and the effort involved in keeping up with Microsoft's frequent security patches."  MS Vows Rewritten IIS, More PatchesMore Nimda Info.

9/25 Digital Camera Sales Capture 21% of Worldwide Camera Market in 2001. By 2006, digital camera sales are expected to capture 63% of the total worldwide camera market.

9/25 Gateway Dumps AMD

9/25 Intel Introduces 2 Gigahertz Xeon Processor for Workstations

9/25 Houston, We've Got A Transaction. WorldPay, a multi-currency Internet payments company, is developing an authentication system that uses global positioning system (GPS) satellites to locate precisely where a transaction is taking place.

9/25 SiS Launches SiS650 Pentium 4 Chipset with Integrated VGA

9/25 Microsoft To Launch XP in New York

9/24 Stocks Snap Losing StreakDow Jones industrial average racked up its fifth biggest point gain ever, raising 368.05 points.  Stocks were long overdue for a bounce after the Dow last week racked up its worst drop in more than 60 years.

9/24 New 'War Vote' Virus Deletes Computer Files.   Subject line: "Peace between America and Islam!"; body: "Hi. Is it a war against America or Islam!? Let's vote to live in peace!"; Attachment: "WTC.exe." Deletes all files on the hard disk and sends copies to addresses in the address book.  It also defaces any Web pages that are hosted by an infected computer to read: "America ... few days will show you what we can do!!! It's our turn >>> Zaker is so sorry for you."

9/24 RealNetworks Merges Programs into RealOne Platform

9/24 PC Makers Get XP off and Running. Compaq, Gateway and others trot out systems with the new OS.

9/24 Top 10 Graphics Boards for Gamers

9/24 AnandTech: NVIDIA's nForce 420/220: It's Finally Here. Apparently, the Athlon 266 MHz FSB is a bottle neck to realizing the full performance potential of the nFORCE twin bank memory architecture.  Performance of the nFORCE chipset with existing Athlons is approximately on a par with VIA's new KT266A chipset.  I wouldn't call it "here" yet.  It will be "here" when motherboards are available for purchase.  Many benchmarks--which could improve as motherboard manufacturer's optimize BIOS performance, etc.

9/22 Semiconductor Alert!  Commentary & analysis of week's chip news, Sept. 17-21.  Intel speeds introduction of 0.13-micron Prestonia...

9/22 New Analyses Reveal Nimda's Tenacity. Many companies are having difficulties rousting the malicious program from their networks.

9/21 Windows XP Arrives by PC on Monday

9/21 Intel Boosts China Investment Amid Global Slowdown. Intel is spending $302 million to expand its chip assembly and testing plant in China...

9/21 DVD Writer Puts 9.4GB on Disk. Storage firm LaCie is launching two new DVD writers, one of which allows up to 9.4 GB of data on a single disk. Available from early October, the drives are intended for archiving and backup, as well as creating DVD movie disks.

9/21 Nimda Computer Bug Seen Picking Up Pace in Europe. The number of infected computers in Europe jumped fivefold in the past 24 hours to 41,900. Nimda Falls Into Retreat as Firms Fight Back. The Nimda computer virus, which erupted onto the Internet earlier this week, fell into retreat Thursday as U.S. companies completed a costly process of disconnecting networks and upgrading software. More Nimda infoIf your system has not been fixed and is still vulnerable to this worm it is also open to a direct attack by a "hacker."  Larry

9/21 Prosecutors Push for Action on Microsoft Before XP Takes Hold

9/20 U.S. Households Dropping Additional Phone Lines. Among all the residential access lines replaced since January, 55 percent migrated to high-speed broadband access.  Also, the FAX machine is obsolete.

9/20 Microsoft's New Licensing Driving Users Crazy. What's the cost of little or no competition? ...Gartner estimates that medium-sized businesses upgrading software every three years would pay anywhere from 33 percent to 77 percent more under the new plan than they did with the old. Four-year upgraders would pay 68 percent to 107 percent more. Answer: unchecked greed.  Larry

9/20 'Nimda' Worm Slows. After a comprehensive attack, the worm has ceased to substantially affect network traffic.  Nimda PC Virus Still Spreading in AsiaDell, Microsoft Servers Bitten By Nimda. Security analysts warn that once Nimda infects a Web server running Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) software, the worm can spread to visitors who view pages at the site using unpatched versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. More Nimda info.

9/20 Via Accuses Intel of Violating Patent for Storage of Formats in MPUs

9/20 Intel Scraps 2 GHz Xeon Processor for 2.2 GHz Version. The 2.2 GHz chip, code-named "Prestonia," will feature 512 kilobytes of "on-die cache..." The 2 GHz was to have had half that...

9/20 First Complete Trans-Atlantic Robotic Surgery. Surgeons in New York removed a 68-year-old woman’s gall-bladder as she lay across the ocean in Strasbourg, France.

9/20 AMD to Put Palomino on Desktop This Quarter. Will begin shipping a Palomino-based 1.5GHz Athlon this quarter, company spokesman Ward Tisdale confirmed. "This quarter" ends this month?  Larry

9/20 Microsoft to Open Passport for Rivals. Bending under the weight of mounting legal and industry criticism, Microsoft said Wednesday it will alter its Passport authentication system to interoperate with similar services from competing companies.  The company also announced plans to consider handing over management of the system to a "federated" group made up of rivals and corporate partners, as well as Microsoft.

9/20 Intel Expected to Introduce 533 MHz Front Side Bus for Pentium 4Quad-pumped 133 MHz bus.

9/20 Fossil Finds Show Whales Related to Early Pigs. Hippos could be their closest living kin.

9/19 Shipping Delays Seen Hitting Taiwan Tech Sales. Taiwan's semiconductor and computer component firms had just resumed shipments to US airports shut following air attacks by hijackers, when Typhoon Nari shut down traffic to and from the island.

9/19 Toshiba Rolls Out New Wireless-Ready Laptops. Toshiba laptops in the Tecra 9000 and Portege 4000 series will have antennas in their lids for connecting to short-range Bluetooth networks and to longer-range and higher-speed "Wi-Fi," networks, the company said.

9/19 Online Shoppers Are Getting Ripped Off.  The global federation of more than 260 consumer organisations in 120 countries found that eshoppers still can't shop with confidence with too many etailers failing to deliver the goods, as it were.

9/19 Research Firm Believes Chip Recovery in 2002 Still on Track

9/19 Microsoft to Release Office for Mac

9/18 AMD's Athlon: Give me an X...Give me a P

9/18 World PC Expo 2001 Starts in Chiba Japan Tomorrow.  There should be a flurry of product announcements.

9/18 IC Supply-Chain Returns to Normal, But Chip executives Fear Prolonged Slump

9/18 Shipping Delays Seen Hitting Taiwan Tech Sales

9/17 Rambus Signs New Patent License Agreement With Intel. The new agreement clears the way for Intel to launch a DDR chipset to support Pentium 4 processors without any legal problems with Rambus.

9/17 Mac OS X Upgrade Nearly Ripe. Mac OS X's Unix heritage also is appealing to some people looking for an alternative to Windows.

9/17 Russia Adds Module to Space Station

9/17 HP Packing PCs With Windows XPIn a move following Gateway, HP also will take preorders on custom-configured systems starting Sept. 21, with anticipated delivery and appearance in retail stores as early as next Monday.

9/15 Semiconductor Alert! Commentary & analysis of the week's chip news, Sept. 10-14.

9/14 VIA Offers US $1 Million Donation"We are saddened by the disaster so we want to do something..."  9/17 Correction:  This news headline originally stated VIA offered $100 Million, which I thought was a very high number.  The linked source now states that it is $1 Million.  Many companies have made generous contributions. Larry

9/14 Pentium III: Going, going... With Intel beginning to phase out the Pentium III, good deals on desktops with the chip are cropping up.

9/14 Promising Future for Fuel Cell Technology. "We believe there's a huge growth potential for the technology. The fuel cell car will progressively replace the internal combustion engine..."

9/14 Fujitsu Offers Humanoid Robot Kit

9/14 Urgent Call to Carriers: Deploy Enhanced 911. Phase II automatic location identification (ALI) mandates that service providers transmit far more accurate and reliable location information to emergency personnel to enable the source of a wireless 911 call to be located with pinpoint accuracy.

9/14 HP Server Chip Group Transferred to Intel. The engineers responsible for developing server chipsets at Hewlett-Packard have been transferred to Intel under a technological alliance that could further accelerate the adoption of Intel's Itanium processor.

9/13 Air Traffic Shutdown Could Mean Motherboard Shortages

9/13 Microsoft Rejects Argument Against Appeal to Supreme Court.

9/13 Maxtor Announces ATA/133 Hard Disk Drive

9/12 I am suspending tech sector and science news coverage and limiting my use of network communications until these tragic events settle-out some more.  I'll probably resume tomorrow.  I will check the Forums at least daily.  Larry

9/11 Terrorists Hijack Four Airplanes, Destroy World Trade Center, Hit Pentagon.  Coverage of these events is best left to large news organizations that have the resources to properly cover them.  Here are some of them:
The New York times

Washington Post
CBS News
USA Today
TV coverage has been excellent.

9/10 VIA Counter-Sues Intel. "Intel processors and the Intel Pentium 4 processor compatible 845 chipset infringe VIA's patents," commented Richard Brown, Director of Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc.

9/10 Report: Microsoft Drafts Settlement Proposal

9/10 Bug in Microsoft Exchange Allows E-Mail Address Harvesting

9/10 Hackers Clean Up in Net Casino Attacks, Experts Say. ...in some cases scamming large sums of money from the gaming firms.

9/10 Researchers Create Nonmagnetic Magnet

9/10 Intel Gives Wireless Tech a Dose of Speed. Intel in November plans to ship new wireless networking products that are five times faster than current technology that lets people wirelessly link their desktop computers and laptops.

9/10 Demand for PCs Sinks to 4-Year Low

9/10 New Unix Worm Could be Next Code Red

9/10 P4 Chipset Price War Begins as SiS645 Quoted at US$18-20. Although Intel is likely to launch its DDR SDRAM-based, Pentium 4-supporting chipsets early in the fourth quarter, the company will not start actual volume production until the first quarter of 2002. In order to grab a share of the market before Intel introduces its products, the new chipsets launched by VIA, SiS and Acer Laboratories (ALi) can all support DDR333.

9/10 Mobo Makers Warm-up in August

9/10 The Intel i845 P4 SDRAM Chipset... Intel Introduces New Chipset For IntelŪ PentiumŪ 4 Processor-Based PCs. "IntelŪ 845 Chipset Supports PC133 SDRAM Memory Delivering Great Price, Performance for Mainstream Market Segment PCs."
Lower-priced Pentium 4 PCs Hit the Market. "A key factor behind the lower PC prices is Intel's newest chipset, the 845, which marries the Pentium 4 with standard SDRAM memory."
i845: SDRAM and the Pentium 4. "The Serious Sam benchmark results are simply terrible! ...the Pentium 4 scales very poorly on the i845 platform... Intel, what have you done? I can not imagine any engineer at Intel who worked on the Pentium 4 project can be very happy with the i845."
The Pentium 4 Goes Mainstream. "The real strategy here is to supplant the Pentium III, and in that arena, the 845 coupled with the Pentium 4 succeeds admirably. If you are a performance enthusiast, an 845-based solution is not for you. But a large segment of the market, including business users, will be content with 845 systems. They'll be faster than the Pentium III systems they replace..."
ABIT Introduces the BL7-RAID Motherboard: Brings SDRAM to P4
ASUS Releases P4B Motherboard Based on Intel 845 Chipset

ECS Announces the P4IBAS2 Pentium 4 Mainboard
EpoX EP-4B2A Motherboard With the
Intel 845 Chipset
FIC VC11 845 P4 Motherboard
Gigabyte launches Pentium 4 SDRAM motherboards : GA-8IDXH, GA-8IDX
MSI 845 Motherboards
Shuttle AB30 845 P4 Motherboard

9/9 Two States Warn of Possible Rift in Microsoft Case. New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer and California Attorney General Bill Lockyer insisted that the government take a close look at Microsoft's new Windows XP operating system before proposing a new remedy... Microsoft Not Out of the Woods Yet.

9/9 Semiconductor Alert! Commentary & analysis of week's chip news, Sept. 3-7.

9/9 Latest Wonder Drug: Botulism Bacteria?

9/7 Intel Sues VIA. Alleges VIA's P4X266 chipset for the Pentium 4 processor infringes on five Intel patents.

9/7 VIA Questions Intel’s CPU Strategy. VIA CEO, Chen Wen chi said Intel’s strategy to upgrade the clock speed of its CPUs to 3GHz or 5GHz or more is a mistake, adding that the PC industry in general shares the same view. Once the clock speed for CPUs crossed the GHz threshold, the problem involving insufficient processing speed had been automatically solved...“Motor Theory”...

9/7 The PC Market Is Going Straight to Dell. The PC business is going through a rough adolescence, no doubt. Gateway has a nasty case of acne, and H-P and Compaq...well, let's just say they'll be busy for the next few years exploring themselves. Analysts say potential customers might be wary of this awkward, inward-focused giant, and might take their business to the steadier Dell instead.

9/7 U.S. jobless Rate Surges to 4-year High in August

9/7 Code Blue Worm Deemed Bigger Threat Than Code Red. Code Blue is deemed to be more threatening to users than earlier Code Red variants because, unlike Code Red, Code Blue gradually increases its usage of system resources and, if not stopped, can bring computers running Windows NT or Windows 2000 to a halt...  More Code Red/Blue info.

9/7 Dell: No Deals Just for Market Share. Dell said it would not pursue acquisitions just to gain market share but would consider deals that would bolster its sales to large corporations.

9/7 Best Picture of Mars. Definitely worth a look!

9/7 Intel Paves the Way for Cheaper Pentium 4 PCs. New chipsets oust Rambus memory in favour of cheaper SDRAM, aiming to please business buyers. Can the new products rev up lacklustre Pentium 4 sales?

9/7 nVIDIA Confirms September nForce Ship-date.  The Register: "Meanwhile, we still can't help feeling the arrival of nForce and AMD's next generation of desktop Athlon CPUs, based on the Palomino core, can't be a coincidence."

9/7 Much More Bang For The Buck Possible From Fuel Cells. Chemical engineers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a prototype fuel cell that uses ordinary diesel fuel.

9/7 DOJ Wants Microsoft Remedy Modeled On Judge Jackson’s Interim Measures Microsoft May Not Escape Sweeping Restrictions. ...any final antitrust remedy will impact XP, the official indicated.

9/7 Tech Investors Awash in Doom and Gloom. Good!  that's what happens at the bottom of cycle just before it goes up.

9/7 Xbox Launches First Television Advertising Campaign on MuchMusic Tonight. Microsoft Canada Co. today announced it will launch its first television advertising campaign for the highly anticipated Xbox(TM) video game system. Set to air tonight on MuchMusic during the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards, the new Canadian commercials will be the first Xbox television advertising to air anywhere across the globe.

9/7 Small Genetic Change Makes Flu Virus Far More Deadly

9/7 Motorola to Cut Another 2,000 Jobs

9/7 The Verdict: Is IBM Stooping to Dell's Level? By aggressively slashing prices on its low-end servers, did IBM create the opportunity to sell more "Big Iron" computing systems and high-priced services? Or did it create an opportunity for rival Dell to drag down Big Blue's margins?

9/7 Government's Antitrust Strategy Still Unclear. Some See a Cave-In, Others See Chance for Quick Remedy.

9/7 Solution Providers Say Microsoft Deserves Punishment

9/7 Einstein's Probably Right (Again)

9/7 HP, Compaq Shares Drop More, HP Announces Printer Deal. 'The reality is Compaq and HP shareholders are very unhappy...' Gateway's glee...

9/6 Justice Will Not Seek Microsoft Breakup. Microsoft Mum On DOJ's Concessions.

9/6 IE 6 Usage Zooms Past Netscape 6

9/6 Home-Networking Advocates Await XP. Microsoft's Windows XP may give the lagging market for home networking the jump-start it needs.

9/6 Intel: Back to Engineering Basics. After nearly two years of product delays, bugs, shortages and recalls, Intel says it has rooted out its operational problems--just in time to deal with potentially thornier pricing and market issues. Intel's lingering illness derived from two non-recurring issues, according to Otellini: Rambus memory (RDRAM) and the aging of the Pentium III design.

9/6 VIA to Launch 1.3GHz Processor in 4Q

9/6 National Semiconductor's Revenues Fall 47%, but Sees 5-7% Growth in Current Quarter

9/6 Spending Cloud Settles Over Software Sector. "Make no mistake about it, the recently ended IT boom was more about software than hardware..."

9/6 Census Finds Dramatic Increase in PC, Net Use

9/6 Linux Users Warned of New Trojan Danger

9/6 Microsoft Set to Unleash Pocket PC 2002

9/6 DRAM Recovery Could Spark General Chip Turnaround. "We're confident the recovery we're seeing is not just seasonality, because as OEMs and component suppliers work down inventory, we're seeing demand for new products..."

9/6 Robots Take Over in Recovery of Deep Sea Oil. Real-life remote-controlled robotic submersibles can collect data and build underwater structures two miles below the surface faster and more cheaply than ever.

9/6 Better Burning.  A CD-RW drive is only as good as its software. PC World takes five feature-rich mastering packages for a spin.

9/6 Free 802.11b Wireless Internet Zone Launches in U.S.

9/6 Gartner: HP-Compaq Merger Unlikely to CompleteAnalysts Dub HP-Compaq Deal 'Fiorina's Folly.'

9/6 Trading of Pirated Music Online is Wider Than Ever. ``It's like playing whack-a-mole: You kill one of these guys [file-swapping sites], and another one pops up to take its place...''

9/6 Scientists Score Scramjet Success

9/5 Windows XP: Microsoft's New Look for Fall, in Size XXLEasy read.  You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

9/5 Microsoft's New Twist in Error Messages. The Web's once common "page not found" errors are themselves going missing, stripped from recent versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer in favor of a search tool provided by--you guessed it--Microsoft.  Critics say the change could unfairly influence competition among search engines.

9/5 SirCam Worm Still a Serious Threat. The problem is that so many average Joes continue to spread the infectious code because they haven't updated their antivirus software.  I still get many SirCam infected messages...  More on SirCam.

9/5 New Viruses on the Attack. Businesses and users have suffered from several new viruses this week - and the old ones haven't gone away, either.

9/5 'Anti-Worms' Fight off Code Red ThreatMore Code Red Worm Info.

9/5 Nanotechnology Emerges As Next New Frontier. The next big thing in technology may be very, very small. Smaller than a speck of dust, in fact. Too minute to be seen under a standard microscope. Yet so potent it could forever change the way we think about medicine, computing, and communications of all sorts.

9/5 Robot Unveiled for Brain Operations

9/5 Two Decades of Satellite Data Show the Northern Hemisphere is Getting Greener

9/5 nFORCE Sample Board Running

9/5 Investor Revolt May Put H-P, Compaq Merger on Ice. If shareholders refuse to agree with the thinking of Carly Fiorina and Michael Capellas, or if they pressure the stocks too much further, one of the biggest computer hardware mergers ever could join the ranks of other bungled technology deals.

9/5 HP, Compaq Do Some Explaining

9/5 Tales of an HDTV Addict

9/5 Video Recorder With HDD for Up to 320 Hours of Video. Sonicblue has presented a digital video recorder with a hard disk drive and Ethernet interface. The HDD allows recording a max of 320 hours of video.  Recorded videos can be played back on PCs connected to the network.

9/5 Cold Fusion Experiment Produces Mysterious Results. "I am not convinced it's a fusion process, but it's definitely a nuclear process."

9/5 Forcing Atoms In a Pellet to Fuse Aids Nuclear Power

9/5 VIA P4X266 Motherboard chipset Acquires More Supporters

9/5 From Paper to the Internet. Net-enabled paper and pens.

9/5 Micron to Demonstrate DDR333 SDRAM Platforms at VIA Tech Forum

9/5 DRAM Shakeout Expected to Accelerate

9/5 Xbox Debug Kit Snap

9/4 HP to Buy Compaq for $25 Billion

9/4 New E-mail Worm Attacks Outlook. The Apost worm, which arrives with a message asking people to review a file, is unlikely to reach the same scale of SirCam and Magistr.  Subject: "As per your request!" Body: "Please find attached file for your review. I look forward to hear from you again very soon. Thank you." Attachment: "Readme.exe."  Do not open the attachment.

9/4 DDR Memory to Account for 50% of Nanya’s Revenues by Year-end. Demand for DDR chips is gradually heating up as companies like AMD, VIA, SiS and Intel have rolled out related chipsets. In addition to DDR266 chips, Nanya has also started shipping DDR333 products.

9/4 Americas' Chip Sales Plunge 51% in July From Last Year. July chip sales continue nosedive... Semiconductor Industry Association still predicts inventory corrections will end in Q3 with uptick starting in Q4 of 2001

9/4 Windows XP Lures Enterprises. Indeed, backward compatibility of apps, combined with increased stability, are the best reasons for an enterprise using another OS to migrate to XP...

9/4 Micron to Demonstrate DDR333 SDRAM Platforms At VIA Tech Forum

9/4 Motorola to Unveil New High-Speed Chip Technology. "They're onto something big. The thing that gets me excited about this is there's a huge amount of potential for being able to put silicon and gallium arsenide and other materials like that on the same chip..."

9/4 Alcohol Gives New Life to Thirsty Portables. NEC and Sony are developing fuel cells that turn alcohol into electricity...

9/4 ALi Introduces Southbridge Supporting Maxtor's ATA/133 Hard Drive Interface

9/4 End the Microsoft Feud. The new federal judge in the seemingly interminable Microsoft trial urged both sides last week to reach an out-of-court settlement. Or at least to narrow their differences.

9/3 Windows XP: More Than Windows Dressing.  This top-to-bottom overhaul of the Windows operating system has something for everyone from families to business users.  Test-drive of the final version... noticeably faster and more reliable than Windows 98, 98 SE, or Me... XP was 10% faster than Windows Me and neck-and-neck with 2000. Good article.

9/3 Will Windows XP Stem The Declining PC Market? - Probably Not

9/3 Linux: A Chipmaker's Best Friend. Intel and AMD want open-source developers on their side as they put the finishing touches on their new 64-bit chips. If that puts pressure on Microsoft, all the better...

9/3 VIA Announces KT266A DDR Athlon Motherboard Chipset

9/3 VIA to Demo VT8233A South Bridge Supporting Maxtor's Drive Technology (ATA/133)

9/3 VIA to Provide Three Pentium 4 Chipsets by Year-end

9/3 GeForce3 Ultra Due 'Within Six Weeks'.  nVIDIA is due to ramp up its range GeForce3 graphics processors, including a new high-performance model, and budget versions for the cost-conscious.

9/3 Top 10 Scanners. Hot new scanners from HP and Microtek debut on this month's SOHO chart, while veteran performers still rule the corporate scanners.

9/3 Intel's Confused About What Buyers Want

9/3 NetObjects Closes. NetObjects, maker of NetObjects Fusion, has closed down operations and is looking to offload its assets "as quickly as possible."

9/2 Commentary: Making the move to Linux. With major vendors now devoting significant resources to commercialize Linux as a viable operating system for enterprise use, IT organizations should acquire experience with Linux as a potential long-term alternative to Microsoft Windows and Unix offerings.  Microsoft's aggressive pricing is driving the momentum of Linux...

9/1 Semiconductor Alert! Commentary & analysis of week's chip news, Aug. 27-31.

9/1 Cable TV Providers May Drop At Home's Internet Service.

9/1 Chipmakers Angle for Linux Support. In a sign of how strategic Linux has become, AMD and Intel are angling to lure open-source programmers to their future chip designs.

9/1 Serial ATA Revs as Parallel Hangs Tough. Intel is lobbying for a shift to serial ATA, but some companies are placing their bets on a faster version (ATA/133) of today's parallel ATA interface.

9/1 MIT Chemist Reports Use of Light to Free Hydrogen. Advance seen as a step to cleaner-burning fuels.

9/1 World War On Microsoft

9/1 U.S. Fights Microsoft RequestThe government formally opposed Microsoft request to have its antitrust case reviewed by the Supreme Court.


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