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October 2001

10/31 Intel to Throttle Pentium 4 to 3GHz Next Year

10/31 Cutting all Cables: Phoneline vs. Wireless Networking

10/31 Netscape Upgrade Jumps on XP Bandwagon

10/30 Researchers Up Reliability of Nanoscale Circuit Measurements. Researchers at Arizona State University report that they have created a method of "soldering" metal electrodes to each end of a single molecule...

10/30 Motherboards with Intel's DDR Chip Set to Ship in December

10/30 Intel and AMD Continue Processor Price War

10/30 Ukraine's Last Nuclear Missile Silo Destroyed

10/29 Microsoft Boss Junks Windows 2000. It "wasn't ready" to do so, and although "reliable, is not very compatible."

10/29 MSI K7N420 nFORCE Chipsert Motherboard Review

10/29 Intel to Ship 845 B-Step DDR Pentium 4 Motherboard Chipset in November. Intel formally informed Taiwan's motherboard makers that it will start volume deliveries of its DDR SDRAM-supporting chipsets...

10/29 Intel Chips Away At Pentium 4 Pricing

10/28 Semiconductor Alert! Commentary & analysis of week's chip news, Oct. 22-26

10/26 XP Accessory: 20MB of Updates. People rushing out to buy Windows XP on Thursday may be surprised by the hefty package of downloads already available for updating the brand-new operating system.

10/26 MSN Lockout Fuels Antitrust Cry. As some third-party browsers remain unable to access Microsoft's popular MSN.com Web site for a second day, the lockout has stirred up further anti-competitive concerns about the giant software maker.

10/26 Abit to Ship 30,000 Barebone System Desktops to Compaq Every Month. The Compaq orders are for desktop PCs, including Pentium 4, Pentium III and Celeron lines, and will be sold in the Southeast Asia region.

10/26 Lockheed Wins Joint Strike Fighter Contract

10/26 Intel, AMD to Cut Prices Again

10/26 Dell Sidesteps Made-To-Order Strategy with $599 PC

10/26 U.S. Patent Office to Hire 500 EEs This Year

10/25 XP Draws Fire From Mac, Linux, Even DOS Faithful

10/25 Microsoft Kicks Off Windows XP in New York. XP launch: Gates ushers out "the MS-DOS era"

10/25 Linux Versions Get a Face-lift.While Microsoft peppers the media with promotions surrounding the release of Windows XP, new versions of three major commercial Linux distributions also hit store shelves this week.

10/25 Computer Demand Slumps Again

10/24 Motherboard Makers Facing Difficulty in Choosing Chipsets. Intel to begin small-scale deliveries of DDR 845D chipsets in November. SiS645 is s3econd choice and favored because VIA P4X266 license problems.  AMD AMD761 chipset will gradually be phased-out...

10/24 MP3.com Founder Preps Linux OS to Run Windows Apps. The new company, called Lindows.com Inc., will offer in the fourth quarter of 2001 a Preview Release of a Linux-based OS, dubbed LindowsOS, that can run both Linux and Windows applications. Lindows Web Site and Press Release.

10/24 NASA Scientists Jubilant After Mars Odyssey Arrival. Odyssey's mission to study the makeup of Mars and to search for frozen reservoirs of water...

10/24 Windows XP Extends Microsoft's Reach

10/24 Microsoft Beefs Up Security with Windows XP

10/23 Cut Cable Interrupts Phone and Internet Use in MaineAnd now you know why there was no news posted yesterday and why I am behind on the Forums.

10/23 The Memory Bottleneck. "Until we have significantly lower latency DRAM solutions, the effective increase of CPU speed revisions will be held at bay by the memory that feeds them."

10/23 Groups Blast FTC For Inaction On Windows XP. Several consumer groups today castigated Federal Trade Commission Chairman Timothy Muris for what they say is his agency's lukewarm response to allegedly illegal privacy gaps in XP operating system.

10/23 IBM in Court Over Disk Drive Woes. Those who purchased a 75GXP from 15 March 2000 to now are included in the hearing and may be liable for compensation if IBM loses the case.

10/23 Researchers Find Gene That Boosts Longevity. Researchers have found a gene that protects cells from a destructive form of oxygen and could possibly give mammals a longer life span. The finding could lead to drugs to help cells resist aging.

10/23 Odyssey Spacecraft Readies for Crucial Mars Maneuver

10/23 Yahoo Piggybacks on IE, Windows. As AOL Time Warner and Microsoft duke it out over control of the Internet, Yahoo has snuck into the ring.

10/23 Red Hat launches Version 7.2 of Linux

10/23 Intel Introduces First Flash Memory Product On 0.13-Micron Process Technology

10/23 Western Digital Announces Availability of 120 MByte, 7,200 EIDE Hard Disk Drive

10/23 DFI Launches Athlon DDR Motherboard With the VIA KT266A Chipset and RAID

10/23 PHP Rocket Add-in for FrontPage

10/19 Windows XP Inside & Out. Should you upgrade?

10/19 Internet Tax Moratorium Set to Lapse Sunday. Expect Senate will pass some version of an extension on the ban within the next couple of weeks.

10/19 Matsushita Develops 100-Gbyte Optical Video Disk. 50 Gbytes per side, which allows the recording of more than two hours of high-definition programs.

10/19 Novell Releases NetWare 6. NetWare 6 allows Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux and Web-based client workstations to connect and store files and data on NetWare servers without any Novell client software on the workstation.

10/19 Intel Shuts Down Consumer Electronics Unit

10/18 AMD Sees 0.13-micron Process as 'Secret Weapon,' Says CEO. Two 0.13-micron processor lines... "Appaloosa" processors are designed for low-end PCs and mobile products, while "Thoroughbred" is geared for desktops and servers, according to AMD. The chips are expected to ship in volume in the first half of 2002. Latest AMD Processor Roadmap.

10/18 Motorola's PowerPC 8500/G5 Processor Performance 'Stunning'

10/18 Intel Opens New Manufacturing Facility. Fab 22 using 0.13 micron process is located on 705-acre Ocotillo campus in Chandler, Arizona and contains approximately 133,000 square feet of cleanroom space out of a total of 360,000 square feet that make up the facility.  It cost $2B and took just 18 months to construct.

10/18 DRAM Market Predicted to Shrink Another 19% in 2002. Global market memory chips was likely to shrink an additional 19% in 2002 after a massive 67% contraction this year.

10/18 Shipments of PCs Said to Fall 11.6% in Third Quarter

10/18 Microsoft Bug Reports May Send Personal Data. Companies using Microsoft Office XP and Internet Explorer 5 have been warned that documents containing personal information could be sent to Microsoft along with debugging information in the event of a program crash.

10/18 IBM's Dream: computer, heal thyself

10/18 Tiny Engines

10/17 IBM Unveils Fastest Embedded PowerPC Processor. The IBM PowerPC 750FX is the first to combine the company's most advanced process technologies onto one chip, reducing power consumption by up to 50 percent or increasing performance by up to 30 percent. It is the first to include copper interconnects, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) transistors and low-k dielectric insulation technologies... 1 GHz... consumes only 3.6W (typical) at 800 MHz... 512K of internal on-chip L2 cache.

10/17 Profitable IBM Beats Earnings Estimates

10/17 Broadband In 41% Of Wired U.S. Homes By 2006

10/17 Intel Announces 'Nocona' Processor for Future 32-bit Servers

10/17 Windows XP may spark ultimate battle to own the Net... Mission: Domination of the Internet. Windows XP: Battle over the Internet.

10/17 Positioning is Top Priority for VIA's Own-brand Motherboards.

10/17 Lego Robot Solves Rubik's Cube

10/17 Research Peers Into Nature's Way Of Fixing Nitrogen

10/17 Intel Profits Drop 77% in Third Quarter. Net income before acquisition-related costs fell to $655 million, or 10 cents a share, from $2.89 billion, or 41 cents, a year ago...

10/16 Taiwan's Feisty VIA to Develop 'Pentium 4 Processor Clone' for High-end PCs. At the Microprocessor Forum in San Jose, VIA stunned the market by announcing a 2-GHz processor that is reportedly a "clone" of Intel's Pentium 4!  10/19 Apparently, VIA is now denying that this report is true.

10/16 For AMD's New Chips, Connection is Key

10/16 Intel Looks to Bridge Gap in Multithreading CPU Landscape. Intel is proposing "pseudo-parallelism" as the next step in microprocessor design.

10/16 Quantum Stew: How Physicists Are Redefining Reality's Rules. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

10/15 Will Enterprises Buy into XP? When Windows XP Professional ships next week, virtually no one is expecting a mad rush of buying from IT executives.

10/15 Surge in Chip Stocks May Offer False Hope. What appeared to be be a sudden boom on Wall Street for the makers of semiconductors may be just a case of bottom feeding in an ongoing bust, according to market analysts.

10/15 AMD to Unveil 64-bit Hammer and New 32-bit Athlons at Microprocessor Forum

10/15 Via Enters Motherboard Business to Boost Chipset Prospects. In the face of reluctance by motherboard manufacturers to use its Pentium 4 chipsets, Via is set to enter the market with motherboards of its own design.

10/15 Using Humans as a Computer Model

10/13 Semiconductor Alert! Commentary & analysis of week's chip news, Oct. 8-12. Does Intel have leg up on 2006 IC packaging? ...new packaging technology--called "bumpless build-Up layer" or BBUL--that could make a 20-gigahertz microprocessor possible in five years. Is AMD's effort to change way PCs are rated a marketing ploy? Fairchild keeps expanding, through good times and bad...

10/13 Reliability and Service: Service Takes a Dive. Survey of 27,000 readers shows customer support at an all-time low.

10/13 A Cosmic Crisis? Dark Doings in the Universe

10/13 Fiber weighed for Chip Interconnect. Semiconductor researchers and at least one startup are going out on a limb, eschewing copper interconnect to bring optical fiber directly to the microprocessor. ...promise of ultrafast data rates over a clean, low-power and low-noise pipe.

10/13 Silicon Valley Unemployment Climbs Sharply

10/13 Judge in Microsoft Antitrust Case Names Mediator

10/12 AMD's Turn at the Top? Intel won't release another version of the Pentium 4 until early 2002, sources say, in a move that will likely put the performance crown back on AMD's head--at least for a short time. AMD plans to come out with a 1.6GHz Athlon XP 1900+ with 512 KB cache' in the fourth quarter.

10/12 Microsoft U-turn on Engineer Accreditation. Microsoft has done its second U-turn in less than a week by announcing that it will continue to recognize the MCSE certification for NT 4.

10/12 New Update for Windows Messenger Provides PC-to-Telephone Functionality

10/12 Compaq wins $1B contract from US Postal Service

10/12 Hitachi and Asahi Click on 100-Gbyte Optical-disk System. A disk with two recording layers on each side could attain a 100-Gbyte capacity consisting of four 25-Gbyte layers. Such a product could store more than eight hours of high-definition video content.

10/9 AMD Bows Its Own XP with Athlon. 0.18-micron process, Socket A, 384K on die cache',  half million more transistors (37.5 million total), 266 MHz FSB, a thermal diode for improved heat control; and draws roughly 20 percent less power.  XP 1500+ (1.33GHz), 1600+ (1.4GHz), 1700+ (1.47GHz), and 1800+ (1.53GHz). AMD's Athlon XP Delivers on Everyday Performance. AMD's new processor outperforms a 2GHz P4 when running mainstream and high-end productivity applications, but is second-best when it comes to 3D modelling. AMD press release.

10/9 Microsoft Extends Licensing 6.0 Deadline To July 2002.... extending the deadline for transitioning to its new Software Assurance volume licensing program by another five months.

10/9 Code Morphing Tool Promises to Broaden Processor Choices. Transitive Technologies Ltd., a San Diego startup, has introduced software that lets code written for one microprocessor architecture run on another.

10/9 Supreme Court Rebuffs Microsoft Appeal

10/9 Intel Researchers Disclose Packaging Technology Breakthrough To Enable Billion-Transistor Processors. The technology, called "Bumpless Build-Up Layer" or BBUL packaging, takes a completely different approach to packaging from the current practice of manufacturing the processor die separately and later bonding it to the package. Instead, BBUL "grows" the package around the silicon, resulting in thinner, higher-performance processors that consume less power. It can also support multiple chips in the same package.

10/9 Staples Pulls PCs Off the Shelf. 200 of its stores stopped stocking up on built-up personal computers on September 15. The next 200 stores are expected to have completed inventory liquidation by the end of the company's fourth quarter in January 2002.

10/9 Physicists Who 'Made Atoms Sing' Win 2001 Nobel

10/9 Music Publishers, Recording Industry in Web Pact

10/5 IWill XP333 Motherboard Contest.  'Contest to warm-up the XP333 - the Xtreme Mobo that matches perfectly with Win XP and the hottest AMD Athlon XP processors...'

10/5 AMD Sees Bigger Loss. Sales tumbled 22 percent and losses soared in the third quarter...

10/5 IBM's Carbon Nanotube FET Hints at Post-Silicon Circuits

10/5 Microsoft Eases Costly License Change. Relaxed the restrictions on "reimaging."  Not the same thing in the story below.

10/5 Survey: Anger at Microsoft's New Licensing. The survey found stiff resistance to switching to the new licensing plan, with 32% of respondents planning to pass on it and 41% saying they would do nothing. Only 7% of respondents said they planned to move to the new licensing scheme.

10/4 Compaq Recalls Power Adapters. Fire risks prompt Compaq to issue a recall for 1.4 million AC adapters and power cords used with Compaq Armada and Prosignia laptops. Safety experts warn owners to stop using the devices immediately.

10/4 Linux Popularity Breeds More Worms.

10/4 Many Companies Still Vulnerable to DNS Outage. 25% of Fortune 1000 company Web sites still have the same vulnerable DNS (Domain Name System) network setup that led to the Microsoft daylong blackout eight months ago.

10/4 Dell Says Orders Rebounded Faster Than Expected

10/4 Pace Of High-Tech Job-Cutting Slows. 47,250 jobs in the telecommunications, computer and electronics industries were eliminated in September, 31 percent fewer than the sector's August count of 68,574

10/4 IBM Launches World's Most Powerful Server -- Regatta

10/3 At Age 30, E-Mail Matures to Adulthood

10/3 FTC Says 'Free' Internet Services End Up Costing Consumers A Bundle

10/3 XP Users to Get Online-Support Chat Feature

10/3 IT Worker Shortage Continues. Average number of open IT service and support positions in American companies has more than tripled since 1999.

10/3 Microsoft Starts to Ramp-down Windows NT

10/3 Intel Releases 1.2 GHz Celeron Tualatin core, 0.13-micron process, 256KB L2 cache' and 100 MHz FSB.

10/3 Efficient Fusion Power Becoming a Reality

10/2 Canon Sets Out Strategy to Link Cameras, Printers. Unveils a compact digital camera and a home printer that can hook up to each other directly to print photos.

10/2 Sun Releases Beta of StarOffice 6.0. ...streamlined version of free office software aimed to gain ground against Microsoft's Office.  Or, Microsoft gives away Browser, Sun gives away office.

10/2 Intel Introduces PC Accessories. Pocket Digital PC Camera, Personal Audio Player 3000, and the Play Digital Movie Creator.

10/2 NVIDIA Announces GeForce Titanium Series of GPUs

10/1 Toshiba Offers Flash Drives as Hard-disk Replacements. Compatible with the pervasive IDE disk technology, the flash drives range in density from 16 Mbytes to 2 Gbytes. NAND-Based ICs Building Momentum in Flash-memory Market.

10/1 Intel Announces World's Fastest And Lowest-Power Processors For Mobile PCs. Both are based on Intel's advanced 0.13-micron manufacturing process technology, which enable these new levels of performance and low power consumption. The new products are among 12 new processors announced today that span all mobile computing market segments... IBM, Intel Pose as Low-power Computing Brokers. Big Blue and the leading chipmaker devise ways of cooling off the processor process in computers to conserve energy and keep the products from burning up... Intel Rolls-out 12 New Processors in Move to Corner Mobile Market

10/1 AMD Introduces 1.1GHz AMD Duron Processor$103 in OEM quantities. New Duron Kicks-off AMD Chip Parade. In another week, AMD will come out with its line of Athlon XP processors for performance PCs. Formerly code-named Palomino... The 1.5 GHz chip will actually be known at the Athlon XP 1800...

10/1 A First Look at HancomOffice 2.0. HancomOffice 2.0, like StarOffice, will be a multiplatform product running on Linux, Mac OS/X, and Windows... "It will make Linux a more attractive choice for business and government, allowing Linux a chance to breathe outside the server room. Finally, those purchasing Hancom Office 2.0 for Windows today will have one less reason not to switch to Linux tomorrow."

10/1 Inertia Keeps Microsoft IIS Sites Running. The number of Web sites using Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Information Services (IIS) software continued to climb in September, despite the effects of Code Red, the closure of a major Web hosting company using IIS, and an analyst's warning that IIS users should look for more secure alternatives...

10/1 Chipmakers to Give Chip Cores to Synopsys Library

10/1 Five Tech Trends With Legs

10/1 Copper a Perfect Fit for Speedy Chips

10/1 Top 10 Ink Jet Printers

10/1 SPECIAL REPORT: Online Ad Sales -- What Ads Are Really Being Sold Right Now?


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