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November 2001

11/30 Mobo Industry Likely to Lead the Rebound in 2002.

11/30 Nintendo's GameCube Outsells Xbox by 50%. Lower pricing a factor...

11/30 Excite@Home Can Shut Down. A must read for the 4.1 million worldwide customers of this service.

11/30 Brain Cells Imaged As They Form Connections: A First. Interesting...

11/30 Intel Plans More P4 Price Cuts Despite Tight Supplies.  Up to 20% in January.

11/29 Cable Braces for Excite@Home Shutdown. Excite@Home may block service on Friday so cable companies are scrambling to come up with alternative plans for their high-speed Internet access customers.

11/29 DDR Memory Spot Price Rises Dramatically. In just one month the average spot price for 128Mbit DDR SDRAM has gone up 80%.

11/29 DDR Production On the Rise. Major DRAM manufacturers will increase production volume of DDR SDRAM by 50-200% before year-end.  It will take about a month before this additional supply makes it onto the market, and until then DDR prices are expected to continue rising.

11/29 WinXP Steals Your Bandwidth. The culprit is the QoS (quality of service) packet scheduler...

11/29 Serial Attached SCSI Ups Drive Speeds. SCSI equivalent of  fourth-coming Serial ATA drives.

11/29 President Bush Signs Internet Tax Ban Extension. Extends it two years.

11/29 Microsoft Calls UPnP Victor in Home Connectivity Battle. Said the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) technology it helped define is sweeping away competing alternatives proposed by Sony and Sun Microsystems. The first certified UPnP products will appear Wednesday... UPnP Forum.

11/29 IBM Cuts 1,000 Semiconductor Jobs. Which comprises 4.6% of the jobs in its microchip division amid the worst ever decline in semiconductor industry revenues.

11/29 Top 10 CD-RW Drives

11/29 2001 Technology Roadmap Packs Some 'Unexpected' Surprises

11/29 Linux Servers at Risk From 'Serious' Flaw. A bug in a popular FTP program used with Linux servers puts Web sites in jeopardy of attacks from hackers. Though fixes are in the works, a Red Hat warning just makes matters worse.

11/29 Top 10 Virus List for 2001

11/28 P4 Chipset Market Shaken-up Again With Intel’s DDR-based 845 B0. Despite high expectations for the new chipsets, board makers also said that 845 B0 products will not contribute much to their revenues this year, since related motherboards will not hit the market until after mid-December.

11/28 Microsoft Furthers Push Toward CRM. ONE YEAR AFTER acquiring Great Plains, Microsoft is tying the CRM (customer relationship management) applications together with its bCentral small-business hosted applications, releasing a .Net-enabled version of bCentral...

11/28 Pentium 4 Shortage Expected to Last Until January

11/28 Zilog To File For Bankruptcy Protection. Zilog today said it is planning to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after reaching an agreement with its key bondholders to support its plan to restructure its debt.

11/27 Linux App Brings Xbox Online. A group of software developers has created a Linux-based application that they claim lets Xbox users play system-link games over the Internet.

11/27 Windows XP Fails to Spark Demand for PCs. PC sales rose only 1% in the week after XP's launch Oct. 25 and climbed 2% the second week, says NPD, which surveys retailers. Sales have lagged since.  Research firm Gartner predicts 16% of PCs used by businesses next year will run Windows XP, with most sticking with Windows 2000.

11/27 DSL Growth On The Rise Again

11/26 Intel Rethinks Transistor Design for End of Decade. "We can make transistors that are very small and very fast, but that's not good enough any more," said Gerald Marcyk, director of Intel's components research lab. "The problem is that the power consumption is rising exponentially." Press release.

11/26 Google, Others Dig Deep--Maybe Too Deep. Search-engine spiders crawling the Web are increasingly stumbling upon passwords, credit card numbers, classified documents and even computer vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.  If Google can find something, anyone can find it.

11/26 Thirty Nations Sign Global Cybercrime Treaty

11/21 Badtrans Worm Leaves Backdoors, Logs Data

11/21 Scientists Build Tiny Computer From DNA. Israeli scientists have built a DNA computer so tiny that a trillion of them could fit in a test tube and perform a billion operations per second...  first programmable autonomous computing machine in which the input, output, software and hardware are all made of biomolecules... DNA can hold more information in a cubic centimeter than a trillion CDs.

11/21 VIA to Start Volume Deliveries of New P4 Chipset This Week. According to some testing reports, the P4X266A performs better than the P4X266 on many indexes and is expected to compete well with the SiS645 from Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS).

11/21 Red Hat Counters Microsoft's Education Offer. In the wake of Microsoft's announced settlement proposal with more than 100 private antitrust plaintiffs, the Linux software provider Tuesday announced plans to offer its open-source software to every school district in the U.S. free of charge.

11/20 GameCube Sparks $100 Million in Sales Consumers Splurge on Xbox, GameCube

11/20 VIA Releases VIA Apollo P4X266A Pentium 4 DDR Chipset

11/20 Flaw in Windows Media Player Lets Any Code Run

11/20 XP Can Be A Minus With AOL Plus. In many cases, the culprit appears to be a lack of XP-compatible drivers for the DSL modems America Online provides to AOL Plus users...

11/19 Intel Exec: DDR Will Replace Rambus on Desktop. Intel Corp. will place its focus in the future on DDR (Double Data Rate) memory, and sees Rambus as only a niche product, said Intel executive Anand Chandrasekher in an interview.

11/19 ATI A3 Athlon XP Chipset Revealed. FIC gave ATI's A3 chipset its first public outing at Comdex last week... expected to ship next month...

11/19 Truce Produces New Office for Mac. Office v. X for the Mac slipped into stores Monday, culminating a nearly five-year development effort by Microsoft.

11/18 Semiconductor Alert! Commentary & analysis of week's chip news, Nov. 12-16. AMD rushes ahead on silicon-on-insulator SOI front...

11/18 Meteor Magic. Astronomers predict this year's Leonids meteor display, expected to appear before dawn Sunday, will be a dazzler worth missing a little sleep.

11/16 DRAM Prices Reverse Course and Begin Falling. Savvy DRAM buyers didn't panic this week when the spot market price of mainstream PC memory chips doubled in five days. In a show of restraint, procurement teams resisted the temptation to place crash orders to guard against a possible price escalation, and sure enough, DRAM spot tags started back down by week's end...

11/16 Senate Passes 2-Year Internet Tax Ban

11/16 New Wireless Networking Standard Approved

11/16 Dell Says 2GHz Pentiums Back on Track. After a short 2GHz drought, Dell Computer is back in the chips.

11/15 Microsoft Puts Lid on Cookie Jar. Fixes for additional cookie handling vulnerability and a variant of the zone spoofing issue.

11/15 Gates Sells First Xbox Game Console

11/15 COMDEX - DRAM Prices Surge. The price of faster DDR (double data rate) memory has also risen, although not by as much, with a 256M-byte module trading for $34 on Wednesday, up from $24 a week earlier...
DRAM Contract Prices Still Reflect Weak Market Demand. Although spot prices for 128Mbit SDRAM have gone up above US$1, weak market demand continues to push contract prices further down.

11/15 Microsoft Gathers Partners for Home-Network Initiative.

11/15 Dell Profit Drops As Prices Fall Amid PC Share War

11/15 Microsoft Unveils .Net Server Plans

11/15 Intel's Unveils World's Smallest Transistor with 15-nm Device. CMOS-based, 0.8-Volt device, said to handle 2.63 trillion switches per second.

11/15 AMD Announces 1.2 GHz Duron Processor

11/15 Comdex: Intel's DDR Chipset Debuts. Vendors confirmed plans to begin shipping 845-D-based motherboards in December.

11/14 AMD Passes Athlon Chipset Baton. AMD has essentially exited the Athlon chipset market, focusing its design work on multiprocessor implementations and the upcoming 64-bit Hammer family...

11/14 Intel's Accidental Revolution. The Intel 4004 Microprocessor, which debuted thirty years ago Thursday, sparked a technological revolution because it was the first product to fuse the essential elements of a programmable computer into a single chip.

11/14 When Birds Ate Horses

11/14 HP Says Compaq Merger Will Occur

11/14 Xbox Has Arrived

11/13 Pentium 4 Drought Hits Dell PCs. Dell says it has run out of 2GHz Pentium 4 chips and is suspending orders for its Dimension 8200 desktops. But it won't call the lack of chips a shortage.

11/13 Notebook Batteries Recalled. Three companies are recalling about 13,000 batteries used for notebook computers because they may overheat and catch fire...

11/13 Reader Poll: Windows XP Not for Everyone. Despite some misgivings about Windows XP, many early buyers say they have been pleasantly surprised by what they see in the new operating system.

11/13 Activation Scheme for Windows XP a Marketing Fiasco

11/13 Win XP Has Problem With AMD Mobile Chips Too. XP has a problem with Intel and AMD mobile processors.

11/13 Intel Finds Allies for Futuristic Nonvolatile Memory

11/13 COMDEX - Mobility, Free Slacks Steal the Show

11/9 Windows XP, 2000, Me Performance Comparison.  Unlike previous benchmarks reported by Infoworld, using Pentium processors, which showed XP significantly slower than 2000, these benchmarks, and there are lots of them, with Athlon XP processors, show that XP and 2000 are roughly comparable and that both beat Windows Me hands-down.

11/9 AMD's Future: Notebooks, Servers, Hammer. AMD spent most of 2001 increasing its market share in desktops; next year it will concentrate on notebooks and servers--and gear up for the 2003 push on Hammer, its next-generation chip.  More here.

11/9 Sky Survey Lowers Estimate of It Falling (of Asteroid Impact Risk)

11/9 Microsoft Says Early Windows XP Sales Top 95, ME

11/9 Microsoft Warns Of Browser Cookie-Eating Attack

11/7 IBM Announces New Hard Disk Drives with Pixie Dust. IBM predicts that with the pixie dust technology hard-disk densities will reach 100G bits per square inch by 2003 and capacities could reach 400 GBytes for desktop drives and 200 GBytes for notebooks.

11/7 Packard Son Joins Hewlett Family in Opposing Compaq Merger. HP/Compaq Merger Now A 50-50 Chance.

11/7 Nine States Say No to Microsoft Deal

11/7 Web Heaped with Thanksgiving Lore, Food Options. Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States this year on Thursday, Nov. 22, and more than ever, people are turning to the Internet to spice up their holiday; make their plans; book their flights; and, perhaps most importantly, figure out how to make the same old turkey not taste like the same old turkey.

11/7 Mobo Makers Report Record Revenues for October

11/7 Dump Broadband Movement Growing. Sour economy, broadband price hikes, and a continuing dearth of online content are prompting some adopters to cancel their high-speed connections.

11/7 Perl Overview, Tools, and Techniques. Perl is probably best known as the engine powering millions of CGI scripts on servers around the Web...

11/6 Fed Cuts Rates Half Point, Ready for More. The Fed lowered its key federal funds rate for overnight bank loans for the 10th time this year to 2 percent -- the lowest level since during the Kennedy administration in 1961.

11/6 Hewlett Family to Oppose HP-Compaq Deal. Descendents of Hewlett-Packard co-founder William Hewlett said they plan to oppose the company's blockbuster merger with Compaq Computer.

11/6 Breakaway States Nix Microsoft Pact Microsoft Moves to delay Litigation Proceedings in Antitrust Case

11/6 MicronPC Introduces nFORCE Desktop PC

11/6 Magnetic Semiconductor Step Toward Quantum Computing

11/5 Taiwan Gears up for DVD+RW. Ricoh’s DVD+RW technology has been picked up by Taiwan’s Lite-On IT, Behavior Tech Computer (BTC), Acer and AOpen, and related products will be released as soon as the first quarter of 2002.

11/5 Sprint Takes $1.1 Billion Leap Into Future. Sprint to let Nortel Networks upgrade telephone network to provide asynchronous transfer mode (ATM).

11/5 ABIT Introduces KR7A-RAID Motherboard With VIA KT266A Chipset

11/5 AMD Picking-up Speed in Chip Race

11/5 Microsoft Antitrust Settlement in Question. Before Massachusetts Attorney signs off on the agreement, major changes must be made to eliminate exceptions in the definitions for operating system software and the conduct required of Microsoft.

11/5 Search for Intelligent Life. Keep in mind that astronomers have been able to look for signs of life on only the 1,000 nearest stars -- in a galaxy of 400 billion stars.  The Allen Telescope Array is expected to begin operating in 2004 in northern California and let astronomers more closely study the 1 million nearest stars.

11/4 AMD Introduces 1.6 GHz Athlon™ XP 1900+ Processor

11/3 Microsoft Infects Customers With Virus

11/3 Microsoft Leaves Its Wallet Wide Open. Software flaws in the security of Microsoft's Passport authentication system left consumers' financial data wide open, causing the software giant to remove a key service from the Internet to protect people from having their data stolen...

11/3 UPDATE: Reaction Mixed to Microsoft-DOJ Settlement. Some observers wonder if the enforcement mechanism has any teeth, while others worry that more regulation will trip up the Redmond, Washington, software giant.  Microsoft Will Crush The Competition. Solution providers say settlement has no teeth. It Looks Like Business as Usual for Microsoft. Industry experts say settlement won't affect firm's practices.

11/2 Semiconductor Alert! Commentary & analysis of week's chip news, Oct. 29-Nov. 2. Global IC sales indicate market bottom is near...

11/2 Microsoft, Department of Justice Reach Settlement in Historic Case

11/2 P4 Memory: New Options. Intel's Pentium 4 can finally be matched with SDRAM and DDR SDRAM, not just costly RDRAM modules. What's your best buy?

11/2 SiS to Launch DDR400-based Pentium 4 Chipset in 2002

11/2 DARPA Kick Starts Wearable Computer Initiative

11/2 Amazon.com Launches Virtual Credit Card

11/1 VIA Says it Shipped a Million Pentium 4 Chipsets in October. What surprised many analysts is that Via shipped more double-data-rate (DDR) chipsets featuring P4 than expected even though it hasn't received a P4 license from Intel.  Didn't surprise me.

11/1 VIA Claims First Graphics Chipset For Intel’s P4.  Also, read all about it in VIA P4M266 Mainstream Commercial P4 Platform.

11/1 Microsoft, DOJ Close to Settlement Deal?  Antitrust Case Backers: Tentative Microsoft Deal a 'Sellout.'

11/1 New Web Spec Has Microsoft, IBM Blessing. The new standard creates a uniform way for companies to find web services by connecting to each other's web sites.

11/1 EpoX Turns a Profit in 3Q. EpoX has been running production at 100% of capacity and even needed to outsource a portion of production to other manufacturers.

11/1 Waiting for Windows XP. Windows 2000 significantly outperforms Windows XP.

11/1 Hewlett Launches $1,000 Home Digital Music Player. Through a built-in display or a menu on the television, the center can be programmed to rerecord music from CDs onto the hard drive, converted into the popular MP3 music file format.  The machine also will write CDs, but it lacks a DVD player.

11/1 Sony's Robot Dog Gets Hacked

11/1 Broadband Available to 75% of U.S. by Year's End

11/1 Microscope With Probe Gets Light From Tiny Surfaces

11/1 ABCs of Videoconferencing

11/1 Greenland is Melting

11/1 November should be nVIDIA nFORCE month in the motherboard world. CNET reports that a slew of motherboard makers and some smaller PC makers are expected to announce products based on the new nFORCE DDR Athlon motherboard chipset next week.  Benchmarks on the chipset are starting to show-up on the Internet...  Click here for more...


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