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May 2001

5/31 Office XP- Open for Business. Software finally hits shelves, but will businesses buy?  Office XP web site.

5/31 Gates Launches Office XP To Upbeat, But Wary, Channel

5/31 Microsoft Supporters Fire Salvo as Office XP Launches

5/31 Gateway Gets Cocky, Promises To Beat Any Competitor Price

5/31 PC Makers Filling 'Selected' Jobs

5/31 What's Next: For Efficiency, Light-Emitting Diodes May Turn to CarbonDisplays that use LED's made from plastics and other organic molecules rather than silicon...  You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

5/31 Toshiba Dazzles with New Organic Display. Toshiba is applying its experience with liquid-crystal displays to create the next generation of screen technology known as organic light-emitting diode displays.

5/31 Broadband Puts Down Rural Roots. Unlike the cumbersome process of laying cable, wiring homes, and linking networks to the larger fiber optic grids, fixed wireless systems can be set up easily with little capital cost or impact on the environment.

5/31 Fast Graphics at a Fair Price. Aimed squarely at the casual gamer, the Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 Kyro II chip competes directly with nVidia's GeForce2 MX budget chip, trouncing it in every way.

5/31 VIA Presents Four Chipsets Ready for Intel's Tualatin Processor

5/31 Hardware Manufacturers Snub New Athlons. IBM and Compaq both have said they have no plans to adopt the new 1.2GHz and 1.3GHz Athlon chips and the accompanying 760MP chipset that allows the processors to be used in dual-processor machines.

5/31 JEDEC Adopts Standard for DDR333New industry standard has been adopted for DDR333, the highest yet approved for double data rate 167-MHz clock rate memory.

5/31 Infineon, Micron To Co-Develop RLDRAM Memory. Reduced Latency DRAM (RLDRAM) will initially operate at data rates as high as 600Mbit/sec/pin for “ultra-fast” random access, closing the gap between DRAM and SRAM.

5/31 Analyst: Intel's Itanium Chip Will Hurt Sun

5/30 Lighting Industry Working on High-tech Slternatives to the Bulb.

5/30 Portsmouth is in New Hampshire.  The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is in MaineMainers have known that for a long time, rub!

5/30 IBM, NEC, Hitachi and Fujitsu Team on Linux.

5/30 AMD Hammer Processor to Hurt ALi, SiS, Via. Many of the functions performed by the chipsets will be integrated onto the processor die itself.

5/30 Tessera Folds Multiple Dice Into 1-mm Package. "We put multiple chips on a flexible substrate side-by-side, [then fold the assembly] with a mechanical tool to create a package the size of your thumb..."

5/30 RealNetworks Snags Intel DealRealPlayer and RealJukebox software will be distributed with two new Intel desktop PC motherboards.

5/29 Consumer Confidence Jumps in May

5/29 Chip Prices in Freefall. As Intel and AMD duke it out for market share, their customers will reap the spoils.

5/29 Intel Confirms Chip Price Changes

5/29 High-Temperature Superconductors Find a Variety of Uses. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

5/29 Taiwan's PC Makers Shift Production to China. As Taiwan's subcontractors migrate to China, the United States is likely to end up in an odd position: its main supplier of PC's and other information-technology, or I.T., gear will be its main strategic adversary.

5/29 MSN Casts Net for AOL DefectorsAdvertising cheaper rates.

5/29 To Improve high-speed 'Flip Chip,' Scientists Follow the Bouncing Droplets

5/29 Tech Help Desks Wage Internal War

5/29 Windows Raises Hacking Insurance PricesHack attacks prompt underwriter to slap a five to 15 percent premium on insurance premiums for firms using Windows - and IIS will be next.

5/29 Top 10 Ink Jet Printers

5/28 Intel Itanium Processor Begins 64bit Move. Itanium is expected to radically change the cost structure of enterprise computing.

5/28 Intel's New Chip is a Labor of Love

5/28 OEMs Waiting for McKinley? Next week, Intel will roll out the much-delayed Itanium architecture, the first of the IA-64 family, code-named Merced; however, many OEMs will wait for the superior McKinley chip, the next Itanium generation.

5/28 They're Talking About the Dick Tracy Watch Again. Following the lead of Texas Instruments, Intel announces its new "wireless-Internet-on-a-chip" for cell phones, hand-helds, and, possibly, Tracy-esque gadgets.

5/28 RDRAM, DDR Memory Market Shares Increasing

5/28 128 MByte Memory Falls Below $20

5/28 Microsoft Says Upgrade Now or Pay Big Later

5/28 HP Exec: Linux will be Desktop Champ.

5/28 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Seen As Clean But Slow

5/28 Living Logic. Genetically engineered bugs that do the same job as the components of a microchip...

5/28 Web Site Lets Consumers Opt Out Of Online Tracking

5/27 Microsoft: How It Became Stronger Than Ever

5/27 Semiconductor Alert! (May 21-25). Commentary & analysis of week's chip news.

5/27 PC OEMs, Suppliers Look for Kick Start at Computex. Likely to get the lion's share of attention is Nvidia's new Athlon 4 chipset. As previously reported, Nvidia has developed a core-logic IC for the Athlon 4 that is similar to the chipset it will supply for Microsoft Corp.'s X-Box game console.

5/26 Vishay to Close Plant in Sanford, Maine, Cut 463 JobsThe largest employer in my town...

5/25 Intel Hints at 2 GHz Pentium 4 for Third Quarter

5/25 Intel to Launch Next-Gen Chip. After 10 years in the making and multiple delays, Intel is set to release its state-of-the-art 64-bit Itanium microprocessor on May 29.

5/25 AMD and Transmeta Announce Cooperation on Future Microprocessor Standards. Tansmeta licenses 64-bit  and HyperTransport technologies.

5/25 Dinosaur Robots For Sale

5/25 Dean Kent's May 2001 Industry Update

5/25 Samsung to Ship 300-MHz, 64-Mbit DDR Memory Chip

5/25 Taiwanese Manufacturers Suspend DDR Motherboard Development. Sales and market acceptance of DDR SDRAM-based motherboards have not been rising and Taiwanese first-tier motherboard makers like Asustek Computer, Gigabyte Technology and Micro-Star International (MSI) have recently suspended their development of new DDR products.

5/25 VIA Launches C3  E-Series Processor in EBGA (Enhanced Ball Grid Array) Package. 733 MHz, small die, fanless, 192KB on die cache, Socket 370.

5/25 VIA Hits 0.13 Micron Mark

5/25 Top Ten 17-Inch Monitors

5/25 Electronic Games on the Rise. Driven new gaming systems, games sector is poised to jump 71% to nearly $86 billion over the next five years.

5/25 Vishay Bids For Siliconix

5/24 Iomega Unveils High-Capacity Portable Drive System10 and 20 GByte; roughly the size of handheld computer. Iomega.

5/24 Gates Calls Broadband the Weakest Link.

5/24 New FireWire to Blaze Faster Trail. The new 1394b standard is expected to deliver data at up to 800 megabits per second, while USB 2.0 is designed to exchange data at 480 mbps.

5/24 Sharp Introduces LCD Monitor with Built-in Video Recorder. 15" LCD-monitor with an integrated TV-tuner and MPEG-2 encoder.

5/24 Abit Features a Little Dux Know-How.  See second headline. "DUX Computer Digest is considered one of the “leaders” in computer hardware knowledge on the net. With a smart and newsy feel to the front page, DUX offers useful advice and great how-to guides."

5/23 Microsoft puts 64-bit Windows to the Test. Microsoft  will announce today that a long-awaited high-end version of its Windows XP operating system, intended to compete with Unix, is entering customer testing.

5/23 Taiwan DDR Chipsets Fall Below $20Demand for DDR memory and motherboards has so far failed to meet expectations.

5/23 Nowhere to Hide, Video Eyes Are Watching

5/23 AMD Gains Mobile Momentum: NEC, SONY, FUJITSU Choose AMD Processors for New Notebooks

5/23 NEC Picks AMD's Athlon 4 for Notebook Line

5/23 Tips for Keeping Your IT Career on the Move

5/23 Computer Manufacturers Positioned for Rebound?

5/23 Can Television Survive the Internet? The coming battle to rebroadcast TV on the Internet could make the Napster copyright frenzy look like a schoolyard fight by comparison.

5/23 Biotech Companies Modify Plants' Genes to Produce Human Proteins

5/23 AOL Says Its Users Spent $6.7B Online In Q1Seems somewhat self-defeating to raise rates on such big spenders...

5/23 Apple Starts to Ship Macs With OS X Installed

5/22 AOL Will Raise Rates to $23.90/month for Unlimited-use Accounts in July.

5/22 First Itanium to Have Short Shelf Life. Itanium will mainly be used as a development platform for IA-64 while companies wait for Itanium's successor McKinley next year.

5/22 Intel Debuts Mobile MPUsThe processors with Pentium 3 cores are being introduced in 600MHz and 750MHz versions and will carry the company’s Speed Step power and voltage scaling capability.

5/22 Test of Revolutionary Jet Promises to Transform Flight. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

5/21 IBM "Pixie Dust" Breakthrough Quadruples Disk Drive Density. Hard-disk drives with a three-atom-thick layer of the ruthenium, a precious metal similar to platinum, sandwiched between two magnetic layers, known technically as "antiferromagnetically-coupled (AFC) media," are expected to store 100 billion bits (gigabits) of data per square inch by 2003.

5/21 Intel Introduces Xeon Workstation Processor.

5/21 Intel to Unveil Tualatin to Compete with AMD. To compete with the AMD Athlon 4 notebook processor, Intel will unveil the new Pentium III, codenamed Tualatin, in July.

5/21 Windows XP: The big squeeze? The long list of new features potentially puts an even longer list of companies in Microsoft's crosshairs...

5/21 Is AMD Shrinking Intel’s Margins?

5/21 New Chips Power Graphics-rich Game Consoles. Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) featured unveiling of Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox and Nintendo's GameCube...

5/18 Forget Electrons - Computing Goes Light-Speed.  Scientists at the University of Rochester say a "simple" computer they have built combining quantum mechanics with laser technology may perform some calculations a billion times quicker than anything currently in use, eventually making today's fastest supercomputers seem like toys.

5/18 Optical Networking

5/18 Itanium Debut Imminent. Intel's 64-bit Itanium processor could make its debut as early as the end of this month.

5/18 New Worm Tries to Fix Infected Linux Systems. The worm, called Cheese, attempts to fix any damage created by the Lion worm which plagued Linux servers in March.

5/18 Microsoft Sites Face Fee Hike. Open and Select license customers who do not follow Microsoft's recommended two-to three-year upgrade path may pay up to twice as much as before.

5/18 Group Says Microsoft's .NET is Next Monopoly Ploy

5/18 Windows XP Release Schedule Updated. Shipment to retail channel still set for October 25th.

5/18 EnvisioNet Cuts Over 500 Jobs. Firm provides tech support for Microsoft and Dell.

5/18 Dell's Strategy Does the Trick. Price cuts help the Texas computer maker meet 1st-quarter estimates and become No. 1 in the worldwide server market.

5/18 MP3 Players: Running Past Walkman?

5/18 Antenna Breakthrough Hints of Software Radio

5/17 CPU War Escalates: Athlon 4 Takes on Pentium 4. AMD has managed to surprise everyone with the potency of its Palomino CPU design.  Good stuff for CPU fanatics.

5/17 Tom Pabst has a Good, Initial Write-up on the AMD Mobile Athlon 4Easy read.

5/17 AMD Athlon Processor Gaining Recognition for Use in Supercomputers

5/17 The End of the Web as We Know It? The death of the World Wide Web and the dawn of a new, application-based Internet...  Sounds like E-commerce a few months ago...

5/17 Building a Learning and Support Strategy for Web-based Applications

5/17 Setting-up Teleworkers. 10 computer-related issues for teleworkers.

5/17 Samsung Slashes LCD PricesLeading monitor manufacturers have announced 15-inch displays that break the $500 mark.  Still another war...

5/17 Broadband's Next Wave: Wireless?

5/17 Golf Ball Evolution

5/17 AMD, Dell Dealing On Mobile Chips

5/17 Micron Cuts DDR Module Price to Match SDRAM. So now, I suppose, we are going to have an all-out memory war on top of the CPU and computer wars that are ongoing.

5/17  MS Releases Service Pack 2 for Windows 2000. 500 bug fixes and 128 bit encryption.

5/17 Shotgun Wedding. Celera the company which shared the glory for sequencing the human genome faces claims that its data may be riddled with errors.

5/17 More Than a Palmtop, Not Quite a PC. Loosely called Web pads or Web tablets, these Internet-linked devices are designed to perform much the same functions, though they vary in how they do it. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

5/17 GameCube Clears Path for Game Developers. Successor to the company's Nintendo 64 will go head to head with Sony's Playstation and Microsoft's X-box.

5/17 Sony to Add Macromedia Technology to PlayStation2

5/17 Xbox vs. GameCube vs. PS2. Product wars all over the place..

5/17 Intel to Unveil its "Internet on a Chip"

5/17 Dell to Report 1Q Results Amid Price War. The PC vendor's future margins are expected to slide due to price war initiatives.

5/17 HP Profit Falls 66%

5/17 First annual CeBIT Asia to open in Shanghai August 8. 500 exhibitors from 22 countries have signed up to display their products.

5/16 Microsoft Opens Xbox Secrets. Microsoft's new game console will launch on Nov. 8 at a price of $299.99.

5/16 Sony Makes Real Deal for PlayStation. As Sony prepares to fight Microsoft’s Xbox, it says RealNetworks will provide streaming-media software for Sony’s videogame consoles.

5/16 Video Games Shoot for Bigger Chunk of Entertainment Market

5/16 Competition Between RDRAM and DDR Still Full of Uncertainties. After Intel’s reduction of Pentium 4 prices by almost 50%, first-tier motherboard makers report that RDRAM has exceeded DDR motherboard shipments by 40%.

5/16 2 Companies and F.T.C. Settle Internet-Cost Case. Gateway and Juno... "These so-called `free' Internet access offers were anything but."

5/16 Little Jingle on Quantum's Web Site:  Where have all the hard drives gone?  Gone to Maxtor, every one.  Visit Maxtor for information and support on Quantum hard drives.  And so goes a lot of history (no link)

5/16 Set-top-box Chip Expands Linux Use in Consumer Applications. IBM is working with MontaVista Software Inc. to make its Hard Hat Linux operating system available for IBM's PowerPC based single-chip Set-Top Box (STB) Controller.

5/16  Acer Hit Hard by Weekend Fire

5/15 New Worm Spreads Disguised as Virus Warning. VBS.Hard.A@mm, shows up in users' inboxes disguised as a virus alert from anti-virus firm Symantec, with a subject line reading "FW: Symantec Anti-Virus Warning"

5/15 Merrill Cuts PC Growth Outlook.  From 5% to 3% this year.  Reasons for strong growth next year.

5/15 AMD Desktop CPU Plans

5/15 Intel's P4: More Bang, Fewer Buyers

5/15 Analog Devices Unveils Digital Camera Chip. Chip supports the new JPEG2000 image compression standard which lets users peel off levels of quality from a photo much like peeling an onion...

5/15 Chip War Goes Mobile With AMD's Athlon 4

5/15 Microsoft Press Offers Books "Made to Order." Customers who visit the Microsoft Press Web site can browse and compile individual chapters from selected works, and have them delivered as a single, custom book -- either in printed or electronic form.

5/15 Microsoft Launches Free Software Services for Office

5/15 An Answer to the Napster Debate? Microprocessor, dubbed the Zenon, will make the legal distribution of music as digital files a secure...

5/14 AMD Introduces Athlon 4 Mobile Processor

5/14 Monitors May Soon Go 3D. Deep Video Imaging has developed a display that gives the illusion of depth--without special glasses.

5/14 Intel Hones Larger Wafer for a Cheaper Chip. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

5/14 Pushing for a One-Windows World. Microsoft's latest solution is to move everyone to the Windows 2002 Server/XP unified Windows platform.

5/14 Antitrust Storm Gathers Over Windows XP

5/14 Motherboards for Dual-Athlon Systems Begin to Appear

5/14 Semiconductor Alert! (May 7-11). Commentary & analysis of week's chip news.  Good read.

5/14 Microsoft Posts Windows 2000 Update

5/14 Farming That Is Out of This World. NASA teams up with John Deere to improve agricultural precision.

5/11 SiS 735 Chipset Performance PreviewUmpteen benchmarks, page after page of them... "if all indications hold up, SiS 735 will be the price/performance leader among all [Athlon/Duron] DDR chipsets."

5/11 Pressure Turns Nitrogen Gas into Solid Semiconductors. Researchers create such solid nitrogen but also found that it becomes a semiconductor in this state.

5/11 Microsoft: Killing NT Softly? The company whispered that it wouldn't be publishing the long-anticipated Service Pack 7 for Windows NT 4.0.

5/11 Shift in Technology Markets Is Helping I.B.M., Chief Says. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

5/11 IBM Revs PowerPC Chips up to 2GHz. The chips will be capable of hitting 1GHz late this year, with IBM eyeing the 2GHz mark for late 2002.

5/11 Microsoft Licensing Shift Could Double Corporate Costs

5/11 Microsoft License Plan May Boost Linux

5/11 The Price PC2100 DDR Memory Now Equals the Price of PC133 Memory

5/11 5-GHz Wireless LANs Hit the Ground Running.

5/11 Ready to Manage Your Household Online? Connections 2001 conference finds 'cheap' and 'easy' are key consumer requests for home networks.

5/11 Vendors Take Ethernet to Next Level. Nortel, HP and Cisco among those showing off 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

5/11 Taiwan Electronics and Computer Leaders are Full Speed Ahead on IEEE 1394 Multimedia Standard. Manufacturers are installing the IEEE 1394 Firewire into an rapidly-increasing number of interface cards and motherboards.

5/10 Athlon Dual Processor Motherboards

5/10 "Homepage" Worm Crawling Across The Globe

5/10 IBM, Dell to Launch Itanium Workstations

5/10 Samsung Debuts Mini 32MB MP3-Player to Go. Samsung is introducing Mini-Yepp, the "world’s smallest" USB-based 32MB digital audio player.

5/10 Rambus Loses Two Fraud Claims, Plans AppealMore here.

5/10 Pockey: A Small But Mighty Portable Hard Drive. This pocket-sized drive packs in 20GB of storage (10GB units are available as well) into a case measuring just 5.0 by 3.0 by 0.5 inches (HWD). Its only real limitation is its USB connection.

5/9 Memory Market in Freefall, CPUs Following

5/9 ATI's Chips are Down. Company losing market share to rival Nvidia.

5/9 National Semiconductor to Cut 1,100 Jobs

5/9 A New Spin for Future Electronic Devices. Apart from charge, electrons possess another fundamental trait—namely, spin—that could give rise to a whole new class of electronic devices.

5/9 Dell CEO Sees PC Replacement Cycle Coming. "If you fast forward three years from the second quarter of 1999, you get to the second quarter of 2002, which is about the replacement cycle for all those machines installed for the anticipation of the year 2000."

5/9 Homepage Net Worm Spreading Like Wildfire

5/9 Technology Exposes Cheating at U-Va. Physics Professor's Computer Search Triggers Investigation of 122 Students

5/9 U.S. Internet Population Declines for First Time in 20 Years. The number of online household subscriptions dropped 0.29 percent during the first quarter of 2001 to 68.5 million.

5/9 Napster Looks at Digital Fingerprints

5/9 eMachines May Put Itself up for SaleFree to buyer who agrees to a four-year Internet account?

5/9 Microsoft May Upgrade License Policy. MS might start forcing companies to pay up every three years if they want continued use of its software.

5/8 Dell to Cut up to 4,000 More Workers. 10% of workforce.

5/8 AMD Says Intel's Price Cuts Will Backfire

5/7 Dual Athlon to Arrive June 4th. "SOURCES CLOSE TO AMD's plans say the firm will roll out its dual Athlon platform for the server market, and using Palomino CPUs, on June the 4th." June 4th is also the start of COMPUTEX in Taipei, Taiwan, where I presume the announcement will be made.

5/7 Broadband Users Still Sing the Blues. High-speed access to the Internet was supposed to be everywhere by now. But financial and technical problems dog the industry.

5/7 Voice Over IP Gets Wake-up Call. VOIP (voice over IP) technology in particular is finally picking up steam after much experimentation, largely because it enables companies to save money on telephone charges. "Imagine an all-IP call center [in which] customers could call up information on the Web, click on an icon, and connect to a live [representative] on a Net phone..."

5/7 Low-price Models from China Drag Down DVD Player Prices. Should drop to around $140 this year.

5/7 The Hidden Headaches of IP Version 6 Services. Transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6 is like rebuilding a car engine while the car is going 100 mph.

5/7 3Com to Cut 30 Percent of Workforce

5/7 Windows XP Expected to Ship in October

5/7 Judge Dismisses Suit Against Infineon, Rambus to AppealU.S. District Judge Robert Payne announced on Friday that he was granting a motion by Infineon to throw out all three remaining claims in the case.  Earlier in the week, he dismissed 54 other claims.

5/7 Semiconductor Alert! (April 30-May 4). Commentary & analysis of week's chip news

5/7 Encryption Migrates to Silicon as Net traffic Swells

5/4 HP, Compaq Follow Dell with Price Cuts. Dell has established itself as the leader on price...  Well, history shows that PC price leaders (e.g., Packard-Bell) have had to cut things somewhere and those things in the past have been quality and support.  Low prices led to a surge in sales followed by the demise of the price leader as end users and potential buyers become disillusioned by poor quality and support.  Perhaps Dell et al have a new twist that will work. I am skeptical.  Larry
Believe it or not, I found this right after writing the foregoing... Market Share Gains at Any Cost: "
An executive from one of Dell's largest distribution customers, who requested anonymity, said this news does not surprise him.  Rumors were circulating that Dell would begin reducing its workforce to keep expenses down as it prepares for an aggressive pricing battle, he said."

5/4 AMD Plots 15 May Server, Mobile Athlon Launch

5/4 Future Computing: Faster Than SiliconMore on carbon nanotubes. Well written.

5/4 NANOTECHNOLOGY: Scientists Spin Microscopic Particles with Laser Beams

5/4 3 Accused of Stealing Lucent Secrets for China Venture

5/4 Services Seen as Driving Growth in Broadband. DSL and cable access may falter if not combined with services such as personalized content delivery, video-on-demand, an extra phone line based on voice-over-IP technology, music downloads and other yet-to-be developed offerings. They got it wrong.

5/4 Iomega QuikSync 3 Backup: Set It, Forget It. Unlike previous versions, which worked only with Iomega's drives, QuikSync 3 works with all types of drives.

5/4 More Detailed Info On Dell Battery Recall

5/4 A New Force Against Cancer. IBM is working with an Atlanta-based biotechnology firm and Emory University to develop technology that will enable doctors to diagnose and tailor treatments for cancer patients based on the patients' genes.

5/4 Broadband's Hit Again--More Rate Hikes

5/4 Battle Of The Broadband Bills Heats Up

5/4 Microsoft Ups Ante in Game Wars. MS buys Ensemble Studios, maker of the popular 'Age of Empires' series.

5/4 AOL Marshalls Troops Against MS XP OffensiveCorporate giants AOL Time Warner and Microsoft are set to face off in what could prove to be the most influential power struggle the Internet has ever seen... Microsoft's upcoming Windows XP will be the first step taken toward integrating Web services directly into the OS.

5/4 ALi Expects to Double Market Share in 2001

5/3 Study Reveals U.S. Online Retail Sales Grew 66 Percent in 2000. Expect 45% growth this year.

5/3 IBM Reports Breakthrough in Computer Display Manufacturing. A new process for manufacturing LCD displays can vastly improve screen quality and viewing angles.

5/3 Faulty Battery Sparks Dell Recall. Dell Computer will recall about 284,000 notebook batteries due to a flaw that has caused at least one notebook to catch fire.

5/3 XML Is Now the Standard Language for the Internet.

5/2 Computers: Let the Price Wars Begin.  PC makers are already engaged in a price war, it's becoming apparent that the entire computer market -- from servers to desktops to laptops -- is gearing up to win.

5/2 Dell Slashes P4 Prices

5/2 Intel Designers Feel the Heat. Today's leading-edge processors can create heat that is equal to a hot plate... recent advances is IBM's silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology, which can deliver a 30 percent reduction in power consumption.

5/2 Cutting the Cord. Some experts believe the time is right for incorporating solar power on a larger scale into our infrastructure.

5/2 Slowdown? Tech Spending to Double in 4 Years-Gartner

5/2 Online Advertisers Look Farther Afield For EyeballsInteresting numbers on click rates if your are in the business of running banners on a web site.

5/2 Intel Designers Feel the Heat. Today's leading-edge processors can create heat that is equal to a hot plate... recent advances is IBM's silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology, which can deliver a 30 percent reduction in power consumption.

5/2 Microsoft Admits Extremely Serious Security flaw in Windows 2000 Server Software. It is "imperative" that anyone running IIS 5.0 apply the patch, said Scott Culp, program manager of Microsoft's security response center.

5/2 AMD's Sanders: What Price War? "We're not looking for a price war," Sanders said. "We don't expect a price war." Who are you kidding?  I know a war when I see one.

5/2 Western Digital Introduces Firewire 60 GB External Hard Drive

5/2 Cable Industry Opposes Broadband BillSo they can rip us off some more, I presume...

5/1 AMD's Athlon CPUs Offered for up to 50 Percent Less.  E.G., 1 GHz Athlon: $138.00, was $224; 750 MHz Duron: $40.

5/1 Computing's Small Picture Gets Clearer. More on nanotubes...

5/1 P4 Benchmarks Show 90% Boost? A Report shows new v12.0 drivers from Nvidia has resulted in improved business app performance of 90 per cent.  Another site says 50%. I'll take this one with a large grain of salt until I see more results...

5/1 A Different DSL Could Be Better For Business

5/1 How Can Sea Mammals Drink Saltwater?

5/1 Broadband's Bright Future. High-speed Net access at home hasn't taken off as expected, but it won't be that way for long.  Only 10 percent of American households currently have high-speed Internet access.

5/1 Dell, Compaq War Begins to Shake Loyalties

5/1 No Windows XP until 2002?  "Microsoft broke the news on Thursday or Friday last week that if (gold code) went beyond early August, they would hold back Windows XP until early '02," one PC maker said.

5/1 'Metamaterial' Holds Promise for Antennas, Optics. More on negative-index-of-refraction materials.

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