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June 2001

6/30 Artificial Intelligence for the New Millennium.  For those wondering when artificial intelligence will truly take root, here's a bulletin: it already has... You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

6/30 Semiconductor Alert! (June 25-29): Commentary & analysis of week's chip news.  More than 40 wafer fab shutdowns, varying in length from one to three weeks, will take place by October... Samsung will continue to make the Alpha chip for Compaq and others, but the processor is doomed.  IBM promises 100 GHz silicon chips in 2 years, but silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology may be even better.  Median salary plus benefits for EE's rose to $99,000 in 2000.  Much more...

6/30 Intel, AMD Say PC Remains Central in High-Tech. "The PC is going to take on the role of the personal server..."

6/30 Linux Server Fits in Your Pocket.  Networked Linux device into a three-inch aluminum cube... Comes with a wrist strap for carrying it around.

6/29 Compaq Terminates Desktop Orders to Mitac.

6/29 IBM Sees 30% Hike in Apps Available for Linux. Linux-based business applications available from independent software vendors stands at 2,288 as listed in IBM's Global Services directory, up from 1,700 at the start of the year.

6/29 DRAM Supply Steady Despite Price Collapse. Memory prices are a third what they should be for manufacturers to make a profit, yet there is still no sign of the oversupply being cut.

6/29 Group Preps Protocols for 1394-based 'Hybrid' Storage. Manufacturers would be able to build standalone 1394-based storage devices that "could sit on a desk or TV, housed in a PC or stored in a closet as a home server" and efficiently store both movies and data files.

6/29 This PC Expo Lacks Drive Of Previous Exhibitions

6/29 Microsoft Delays Office's Upgrade Deadline. Microsoft has given business customers another six months to upgrade to the new Office XP in a controversial new licensing plan.

6/29 Ruling Ignites Furor Over Win XP

6/29 Turn Your GeForce3 into Quadro DCC?

6/29  Seagate Launches Virtually Silent Hard Disk Drive. The Barracuda ATA IV one-disc model with a fluid dynamic bearing motor emits only 2.0 bels while spinning and 2.4 bels while seeking; the human ear can't hear sounds below 2.5 bels.

6/28 Yugoslavia Hands Milosevic Over to War Crimes Tribunal

6/28 Microsoft to Drop Smart Tags From Windows Software. The concerns center around the fact that Smart Tag links appear on companies' Web sites without those firms giving permission for them to be there. Moreover, the links encourage users to leave the sites and move to ones offering Microsoft services instead.

6/28 Microsoft: Bolder Than Ever?  With the company's recent initiatives, "they've almost thrown a glove down in front of the Justice Department, because they're really pursuing in practice the same thing they did with the browser..." "The appropriately named HailStorm initiative is raising eyebrows among people who previously never were concerned about the Microsoft monopoly..." 

6/28 Why AOL Nixed a Microsoft Deal

6/28 Lucent Pushes Optical Fiber 10 Times Faster. Bell Labs researchers said the maximum amount of information that can theoretically be sent over optical fiber is approximately 100 terabits of information over a single strand -- roughly 20 billion one-page e-mails.

6/28 Dell Throws its Weight Behind DVD+RW. Will begin shipping computers with integrated DVD+RW drives later this year. HP will do the same.

6/28 Russia to Resurrect the Buran Space Shuttle

6/28 Appeals Court Overturns Microsoft Breakup Order

6/28 Salaries Spike for Top EEs

6/28 Intel Prepares to Launch 1.8-GHz Pentium 4 in CPU Speed Battle.

6/28 Info on Plastic Memory

6/28 IBM Pushes The Silicon Edge

6/28 IBM Introduces World's Highest-Resolution Monitor. 22.2 inch LCD; 12-times more detail than current monitors.

6/28 The Rise and Fall of Compaq

6/28 03:05 AM Microsoft is Dropping Smart Tags form Windows XP.  Got this via E-Mail from Dave Winer.

6/27 Electronic Signature Law Working Well, FTC Says

6/27 ComTell Data Center Could Create 200 Jobs in Downtown Portland, Maine

6/27 TECHXNY (Technology Exchange Week New York - PC Expo) Starts

6/27 Two New Top-Level Domains for the Internet: .biz and.info to be Activated Today

6/27 Intel to Develop Plastic Memory Prototype. Could see a polymer memory that is ten times faster than current flash memories.

6/27 Windows XP Marketing Tab To Hit $1 Billion

6/27 Microsoft's XP: Hardware Changes a Turnoff. The company's new product-activation technology, which locks Office XP or Windows XP to a particular PC hardware configuration, can deactivate unexpectedly.

6/27 Intel, IBM, PMC Reveal Hot Chips

6/27 Dean Kent's June 2001 Industry Update

6/27 Net Espionage Stirs Cold-War Tensions.

6/27 Solving a Digital Jigsaw Puzzle. Computer programs that can sort images by color, detail and texture could help restore medieval frescoes ruined in an earthquake.

6/27 Messaging Technology Offers New Options to Widen Web

6/26 DRAM Sales to Plummet 55.1% in 2001. DDR memory expected to become the market leader in 2003.

6/26 Global Cable Modem Users up 178%. IDC predicts they will rise over eight-fold by 2005 to reach 57.5 million.

6/26 A Cold War in Cyberspace? The growing rivalry between AOL Time Warner and Microsoft is spawning a web of deals and alliances, which could mean good news for consumers.

6/26 Builders of Light Pipes. Decision process that Corning uses to develop and market fiber optic cable.

6/26 Yahoo Messenger Goes Live With Webcam Option

6/26 Caution Raised on Red-Light Cameras

6/26 Designed for Other Worlds, Robot Is to Follow the Sun. Robot will  chase the Sun in Antarctica so that it never drops below the horizon.  You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

6/26 Power Outlets May Feed Home Networking. The new HomePlug standard will be marketed with data transfer rates of 14 megabits per second. But analyst Michael Wolf, of market research firm Cahners In-Stat Group, said data transfer rates will be closer to 8 megabits per second on average.

6/26 JEDEC Solidifies DDR-II Specification.  DDR-II chips with speeds up to 533 MHz are expected in the 2004 to 2005 time frame.

6/26 Quantum PC Employs Off-the-Shelf Optics

6/25 Device Holds 'Key' to Computer Storage. Compact storage device called DiskOnKey, plugs into any USB port and stores up to 32 megabytes of data. Larger capacities of 64, 128, 256, and 512 MBytes expected in 2002.

6/25 Artificial Intelligence Returns--For Now

6/25 Sony to Boost Output of DVD Players

6/25 IBM News Release on World's Fastest Silicon-based Transistor

6/25 IBM Strikes Back At Intel R&D Claim

6/25 Compaq and Intel to Accelerate Enterprise Server Roadmaps. Compaq to transfer significant Alpha microprocessor and compiler technology, tools and resources to Intel and move Its 64-bit servers to Intel Itanium processor family.

6/25 Compaq to Concentrate on Software, Services

6/25 AMD'S Mobile AMD Athlon 4 Processor Powers HP's Latest Notebook PCs

6/25 I.B.M. to Announce Plans for Fast Transistor. 80 percent increase in performance and a 50 percent reduction in power consumption over current designs. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

6/25 Semiconductor Alert!  Commentary & analysis of week's chip news, June 18-22

6/22 German Court Slaps Fees on CD Burners. The ongoing legal battle seeks to determine whether buyers of the devices must pay a flat fee to offset losses sustained by authors and artists whose work is duplicated without their permission. HP is fighting the test case on behalf of all hardware makers.

6/22 WinXP Release Candidate Nearly Here

6/22 States May Cite Windows XP in Microsoft Case. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

6/22 Movies Coming to a PC Near You, But Maybe Not Soon. Security experts estimate that as many as 400,000 bootlegged films a day are already swapped on the Internet.

6/22 Microsoft Shutting Down ListBot E-Mail List Service

6/22 Precision Vision. Tailor-made laser surgery could give eyesight that is better than "perfect" 20/20

6/22 Intel to Put Its Best Chips Forward at TechX. Intel will use TechX (formerly called PC Expo) next week in New York to drum up interest in its powerful new processors.  AMD is expected to tout its dual Athlon processor strategy for workstations and servers.

6/21 HP to Announce Linux MP3 Stereo

6/21 Is There Life After AOL? You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

6/21 Screw

6/21 Transmeta Hammered on Sales Warning

6/21 Memory Chip Market Faces Worst Ever Year

6/21 Intel, AMD Feeling the Heat. Chipmakers are likely to continue feeling the pinch until October, when Microsoft releases Windows XP.

6/21 Integrated PCs Need a New Home

6/21 Intel To Break $100 Barrier With New Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. Unveils Desktop and Server Adapters for Mainstream Copper-Based Networks; Produces Single-Chip Gigabit Ethernet Controllers in Volume.

6/20 Intel's Biggest Problem Isn't the Next Quarter. It's what can the chipmaker do long-term to maintain its historic growth rates now that the PC Age is passing?

6/20 Intel Will Pursue Processor Price War - Barrett

6/20 Taiwan Pentium 4 PC Market Opening Up.

6/20 Dell Aims to Dominate Global PC Market. CEO Michael Dell offered no details, but analysts are skeptical about his plans to capture up to 40 percent of world PC sales.

6/20 RealNetworks Turns Up the Volume. It is providing a digital-rights-protection system for music and video downloads to its RealPlayer product.

6/19 600,000 Jobs for the Taking. Annual survey of 500 large American corporations finds businesses struggling to fill some 600,000 IT positions.

6/19 Warp-Speed Storage. Imperial Technology Inc.'s MegaRam units fall under the broad category of SSDs (solid-state disks)...

6/19 IBM Announces New Home Gateway Technology

6/19 Red Hat Tux 2.0 Blows Away ApacheThe server sofware running a Linux 2.4 kernel performed nearly three times faster than current Web server mainstay Apache in benchmark testing.

6/19 Internet Tips: Create a Junk Mail Removal System

6/18 IBM Enters Instant Messaging Battle. The company will include instant messaging features in its Lotus Notes software.

6/18 Despite Cutbacks, IT Jobs Go Begging. Nearly half of IT jobs available will go unfilled...

6/18 Homing Instinct. A Russian company plans to launch rocket boosters that can glide back to base on extendable wings.

6/16 Semiconductor Alert! Commentary & analysis of week's chip news, June 11-15.  I think he meant "...20 gigahertz microprocessors by 2007."

6/15 Slow PC Sales Mean Brisk Fix-It Business

6/15 256Mbit Chips Gaining Popularity

6/15 Fanless Athlon Mystery Continues

6/15 IE 6 Beta Pushes Ad Networks on Privacy

6/15 Scientists Grow Plants Without Sunlight or Water

6/15 Rambus Broadens Memory, Module Bandwidth

6/15 VIA Preps August Launch for Pentium 4 DDR Chipset

6/15 Straight From the Palomino's Mouth:  AMD News Bits

6/14 Tyan Dual Mobo Gets Affordable. Non-SCSI version of the Tyan dual motherboard for Athlon dual processors...

6/14 Researchers Pass Electron Spin from One Semiconductor to Another. Scientists hope to exploit electron spin to create a distinct class of electronics: spin transistors.

6/14 Optics, Electronics Learn to Waltz in Digicams

6/14 Sony Adds Digital Photos to Its Field of Vision. Sony wants the number-one share of the fast-growing digital camera market, a title it shared last year with Olympus.

6/14 Xerox Dumps SOHO Business. Over the next six months it will discontinue its line of personal inkjet and xerographic products, which are mostly sold through retail channels.

6/14 Thomson Multimedia Launches New MP3 Capable of Higher Audio Qaulity

6/13 California Power Grid Hack Underscores Threat to U.S.

6/13 Studies Forecast Quadrupling Of Broadband By 2005

6/13 Creative Labs Accused of Spying.  newsupd.exe, installed with the software that comes with most Creative products is connecting customers to the Internet without their authorization and relaying data secretly back to Creative servers.

6/13 Rambus Announces RDRAM and RIMM Module Roadmap Through 2005

6/13 Top Tech Salaries Drop for First Time Since 1985

6/13 HP Shifts Chip Design Work to ComputersProgram In Chip Out (PICO).

6/13 May Motherboard Sales Less Than April, But Exceed Forecasts

6/13 Transmeta to Release New Crusoe Processor on June 26

6/13 Japan Camera Makers Jostle to Catch Digital Wave

6/12 Microsoft Is Ready to Supply a Phone in Every Computer. High-quality telephone and directory features in Windows XP to exploit Internet telephony with better-quality voice and more powerful features than the traditional phone. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

6/12 AMD Sees 30 Percent World Market Share by End 2001

6/12 Samsung Shows 4-Gbit DRAM Prototype. 0.11-micron technology.

6/12 The Battle in 64 bit Land Revisited

6/12 HP Shoots New Broadside Into Price War. HP is cutting prices on Intel-based NetServers from 3 percent to 22 percent.

6/12 Microsoft Tries To Get Smart

6/11 MP3 Gone From WinXP, and It's Not Coming Back

6/11 VIA Hopes to Take Half of Market with DDR Chipsets

6/11 Consumers Upset with Online Shipping Prices

6/11 Vendors Focus on Spreading DSL From City Centers

6/11 Infineon: DDR Memory Will be the Mainstream Product in 2003

6/11 Frozen Light. Slowing a beam of light to a halt may pave the way for new optical communications technology, tabletop black holes and quantum computers.

6/11 Seagate Breaks Areal Density Record with New U Series; Ships First Hard Drive with 40 Gbytes per Disc

6/11 Read All About It: electronic paper now works in full colour, thanks to a fine filter.

6/11 Messaging May Boost Windows XP Sales

6/11 Smallest PC in the World.  Cool!  6.2x5.8x1.8" (157x146x45mm) including socket 370 CPU, CD-RW/DVD, 2.5" hard disk, and lots of I/O.

6/11 IBM Building World's Biggest Computer.  Size of a tennis court.  Cost $100 million U.S.

6/11 Semiconductor Alert! (June 4-8). Commentary & analysis of week's chip news.

6/10 Intel Transistor Claims Speed Record.  World's smallest transistor... Switches 1,000 times faster than those that power today's microprocessors.

6/10 Microsoft 'Smart Tags' Could Violate Law - Attorney. Technology embedded in the upcoming version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser could run afoul of the law by placing unauthorized links on privately owned Web sites.

6/8 IBM Alters Silicon to Boost Chip Cpeeds Up to 35%. Called "Strained Silicon," the technology stretches the material, speeding the flow of electrons through transistors to increase performance and decrease power consumption in semiconductors.

6/8 Chip Makers See Light Ahead

6/8 Cable Giants Refuse to Sell Ads to Internet Competitors. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

6/8 17-inch TFT LCD Prices Still Have Room to Fall

6/7 New Windows XP Feature Can Re-Edit Others' Sites

6/7 3Com Warns, Exits Cable & DSL MODEM Business 3Com becomes the second networking company on Thursday to exit the high-speed modem business.

6/7 AMD's 1.4-GHz Athlon Sets Benchmark Record

6/7 Not With A Bang, But A Whimper. 'The Itanium introduction is a break away from the Microsoft-Intel hegemony that has ruled the digital world for 15 years. It is a serious assault on Sun's control of workstations.  It sets the clock once again on Moore's Law, this time down a different path.  And it fires a new salvo in the Intel-AMD war.'

6/7 AMD Expects to Grab Double-digit Share in Server and Workstation Market by Year-end

6/7 Intel spurns Via, Nvidia ChipsetsIntel VP Chandrasekher when questioned about the nVIDIA nForce chipset: ""Is the product cool? Yes... Does it meet the needs of the market?  I don't think so."

6/6 US PC Sales to Decline in 2001. IDC says market will drop 6.3 percent.

6/6 Microsoft Has an (Instant) Message for AOL. The software giant is preparing to launch a new instant-messaging service as a direct challenge to AOL's Instant Messenger.

6/6 Microsoft’s new Windows Sparks a Real-estate Rush on Desktop

6/6 Via Demos Pentium 4 DDR Chipset

6/6 Napster Signs Deal with MusicNet

6/6 HP Takes Top Spot in Home PC Sales. ...despite losing market share overall.

6/6 AMD Faces Tough Fight with Dual Athlons. AMD's launches its first chipset able to handle dual Athlon processors, but the Palomino-based Duron could be the real winner.

6/6 AMD Introduces 1.4 GHz Athlon and 950 MHz Duron Processors

6/5 ASUS Announces A7N266 NVIDIA nForce Based Motherboard

6/5 Who Needs More Than a Gigahertz? Chipmakers are locked in arms race of producing ever-faster processors, but many consumers are shunning the speed demons in favor of slower, budget-priced PCs.

6/5 The Optical Computer. University of Rochester researchers demonstrate a light-based system that searches databases with lightning quickness.

6/5 Napster Close to Distribution Deal with Major Labels

6/5 AMD Mad Dogging Intel On Corporate Block

6/5 Intel Samples 0.13-micron Pentium 4 in Taiwan

6/5 Athlon MP: Redefining the Workstation

6/5 NVIDIA nForce DDR ChipsetPicture of ASUS A7N266-V motherboard with nForce 420 chipset.

6/5 VIA Unveils 0.13 Micron Version VIA C3 Processor.  Formally codenamed of Ezra, the new C3 is the world's first processor to go into volume production using a 0.13 micron process

6/5 Tyan Announces Thunder K7 Dual-Athlon MP Motherboard with AMD-760 MP Chipset

6/5 ABIT @ Computex 2001: New Products, New Innovation

6/5 AMD Introduces Athlon MP Processor and AMD-760 MP Chipset for Servers and Workstations

6/5 Nvidia Rolls Out nForce Chipset for AMD Motherboards. nForce chips will be available in production this summer and desktop motherboards with the chipset will ship in the fall. To date, motherboard makers Abit, ASUStek, Gigabyte, Mitac, and MSI said they will build motherboards with the new nForce chipset.

6/5 NVIDIA Launches nForce. Thanks to its excellent bandwidth characteristics, nForce 420 can run intense 3D games at 1024x768x32 about 30% faster than the GeForce2 MX200.  When compared with the Intel i815, nForce 420 is completely dominating. In fact, the nForce 420 is five to ten times faster than its nearest competitors on some synthetic 3d graphics benchmarks.

6/4 NVIDIA Introduces nForce Platform Processing Architecture. 'It was necessary for NVIDIA to depart from the traditional “Northbridge/Southbridge” chipset architectures to create an entirely new class of PC platform... the world’s fastest PC platform architecture ever designed... Five to 10 times the graphics performance of any other integrated PC graphics accelerator...'  You can download the nVIDIA nForce (Crush chipset) Platform Processing Architecture in .pdf format hereIt appears that this chipset may give VIA, SiS, and ALi a real run for their money as far as DDR Athlon chipsets go.  The 128-bit, dual-channel DDR memory architecture is particularly intriguing.  Wonder why they have the GeForce 2 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in the nForce Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) chip instead of the GeForce 3 GPU?  Ah, I get it... Could it be that Microsoft's Xbox game console, which uses a custom nVIDIA chip, is mForce and the rest or the world is nForce or noForce that will compete?

6/4 Nvidia nForce Platform Architecture TourNicely done.  Worth a visit.

6/4 AMD Announces the World's First Hypertransport Implementation - NVIDIA'S nForce ChipsetMore AMD News, etc.

6/4 Nvidia Moves into the Chipset Arena

6/4 Dell Pegs New PC Price Point Below $600. The GX50 starts at $579 for a sealed-bay option that contains no floppy or optical drive.

6/4 Leaving AOL? Here Are Some Ideas

6/4 Microsoft to Offer Peek at Windows XP

6/4 Windows Messenger Feature in Windows XP Will Usher In the Age of "Real-Time Communication"

6/4 Intel Offers Non-Rambus Chipsets for Pentium 4. Brookdale, now 845 chipset support PC133 memory.

6/4 Computex starts in Taipei, Taiwan.  Primarily a hardware manufactures’ fest,  there is the typical flurry of new product announcements.  There will be over 100 motherboard manufactures at Computex.  Many of them have product info with pictures on the Computex web site.  Click “See All Category” on the left menu of the site to find them and much more.

6/4 Two Hours with the Thunder. A Preview of Tyan's "Thunder" Dual Socket A Motherboard.

6/4 ALi Previews Pentium 4 DDR Chipset at Computex

6/2 Semiconductor Alert! (May 28-June 1). Commentary & analysis of week's chip news.

6/2 The Tax Cut: Now You See It, Now You Don't. Phase-outs, phase-ins, and expiration of the entire bill mean people won't really be getting the relief they're expecting.

6/2 Top 5 CD-RW Drives. Falling prices, faster drives take center stage.

6/2 Smartcards Get Smarter

6/2 DRAM Prices Wilt to Record Lows.

6/2 Dell Gets Ready for Key Itanium Releases

6/1 Web Access at Wal-Mart Prices.

6/1 How Big Is Your Slice of the Tax-Cut Pie?

6/1 Tech Spending Drops for Sixth Straight Month

6/1 Intel Feels Cool Response to Pentium 4. The Pentium 4 is not selling as well as it should, and some analysts believe that Intel may fill only half its quota for this year.

6/1 Microsoft Aims To Conquer The Net. Microsoft has fashioned XP into its weapon of choice for subjugating the Internet...

6/1 Solar Power Gets New Respect

6/1 Big Four In Storage Ready To Interoperate. Compaq, EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, and IBM say they will cooperate to make managing heterogeneous storage networks easier.

6/1 Wow!  MSI is really cranking-up big time for Computex which starts next Monday in Taipei, Taiwan.  12 product announcements, including seven new motherboards.  The MS-6367 Socket A Athlon/Duron motherboard is the first motherboard I've seen with the new nVIDIA Crush chipset (now called nForce)...  'When used with 2 DDR memory modules, the 128-bit TwinBank Architecture is twice as fast as other DDR platforms.  It also implements AMD's HyperTransport...'


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