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January 2001

1/31 AOpen Launches New Line of Sound CardsThe AW744 using the new Yamaha YMF744 PCI audio accelerator chipset and the AW320 incorporating Crystal's CS4614 Audio Processor.

1/31 Sega Ends Dreamcast Console. And suffer a record $689 million loss.

1/31 Vishay Acquires Capacitor Maker TansitorOf particular interest to our local readers...

1/30 Athlon Supporting 266MHz FSB Selling Now in Japan

1/30 Here's what's in IE 6 build 2403

1/30 PC Sales Crash 18%

1/30 Sega Slashing Price of Dreamcast to $99

1/30 Samsung Announces Plans to Launch 1-gigabit DRAMs Next Year

1/30 Rambus Demonstrates High-Speed Chip Connection Technologies at DesignCon; Includes First Public Demonstration of 3.125 Gbps Quad SerDes Cell

1/30 NVIDIA Introduces DirectX 8 Development Kit--Key Enabler in Developing Content for Microsoft's Xbox and PCs.

1/30 Pentium 4 Architecture In Depth

1/30 Intel Takes Aim At Transmeta, Again. In introducing a new low-voltage Pentium III, Intel Corp. is trying to do a lot with a little -- quite a little, if you ask one of its chief competitors.  Press release.

1/30 IBM Chip Powers Emerging Security Standard. Companies using the specification will adopt a combination hardware-software security approach, involving a security chip that encrypts data.

1/29 Athlon Processor/DDR Memory Combo Routs Pentium 4.

1/29 Award-winning MSN Gaming Zone Troubleshooter Helps Online Gamers Resolve Most Common Issues

1/29 AT&T Posts $1.7 Billion Loss; Sets 2001 Outlook

1/29 Flaw Found In Critical Internet Software. Electronic intruders seizing on the newly-discovered vulnerability could gain control of domain name systems (DNS).

1/29 Sega, Sony Will Go Head to Head. The videogame manufacturers will announce competing business initiatives: Sega plans to move its technology from game machines to other digital devices, and Sony is working on an online strategy.

1/29 Napster to Launch Subscription Service. If you're a Napster user you might want to get downloading now - the subscription fee countdown has commenced.

1/29 DDR SDRAM - A Second Glance

1/29 New PC benchmark Finds Pentium 4 Wanting

1/29 Intel Greets Chipset Newcomers to Counter AMD.  Intel appears willing to license its Pentium 4 bus to known and would-be chipset makers as rival AMD gains ground.

1/26 Windows Roundup DirectX 8.0a, IE 5.5 Not Bug Fix Looms

1/26 Hackers Block Microsoft Web Sites. Denial of service attack causes disruption for millions.

1/26 Vendors Prep Arsenals for DRAM Architecture Battle. This year could be pivotal in the battle over DRAM architectures as PC-133, double-data-rate and Rambus memories...

1/26 Rice Unravelled.  The sequencing of the first entire genome of a crop plant may unlock genetic secrets for all cereals.

1/26 Microsoft's .Net Campaign Likely Finished This week's series of mishaps could be the death knell to Microsoft's $200 million .Net campaign...

1/26 Chip Set Paves Way for ST Home Gateway.  STMicroelectronics is planning to introduce Hornet, a wireline home-gateway baseband chip set...

1/26 WorldCom Plans Massive Layoffs as Soon as Next Week

1/26 At-Work Broadband Popularity May Slow Speeds

1/25 Top secret! New MS Whistler.  Microsoft alerted testers that it is making substantial changes to the look and feel.

1/25 Sony's Profit Sinks on PlayStation Woes

1/25 MS Blames Lowly Techie for Web Blackout.  Seems like there are problems today, but it could be the Internet; wonder who is to blame this time.

1/25 Report: Intel to Cut Chip Prices to Spur Demand.  Pentium III chip running at one gigahertz, which now lists for $465. It now plans to slash that chip's price 43 percent to about $270.  Big deal!. I bought my last 1 Gig Athlon for much less than that.

1/25 AMD to Drop EV6 Bus in Upcoming Hammer.  64-bit processors will use a new NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access) bus which can link eight-way or more MPUs for high performance multiprocessing.

1/25 Lucent Plans To Slash 16,000 Jobs

1/24 Compaq Stands by Forecast for 2001

1/24 AMD to Ship 1.3GHz Athlon Monday?

1/24 Intel to Slash Chip prices by Over 40 Percent.

1/24 Corel to Spin-off Desktop Linux Unit

1/24 PCMods Neon Light Kit

1/24 Dreamcast's Next Target: Set-top Boxes.  Sega will stop selling Dreamcast as a standalone gaming console.

1/22 Government Sites Defaced in US, UK and Australia

1/22 IBM Touts New Napster-proof Music Locks

1/22 Expedia.com Launches New Search Engine.

1/22 DDR SDRAM - A First Glance.  ...as CPU speeds get higher (like 1.2 or 1.5GHz) the system’s performance will be limited with SDRAM due to it’s lower bandwidth, and that DDR will start to shine...

1/22 Intel Making Optical Nets More Efficient...

1/22 Intel and AMD duel on pricing, capital spending fronts.

1/22 Problems in Windows with your CD-ROM- The fix may be as easy as checking a box.  Reports that upgrading to Windows Me, Windows 2000, and some other new products can cause some of your CD-ROM drive features not to work...

1/22 Navy Lifts Sights on Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI).  With remote access, reservists would be able to make travel requests from home...

1/21 PC Market Softer Than Expected Dataquest maintains that the PC cycle was reaching its low after a banner 1999, when companies and individuals rushed to purchase new PCs to avoid the year 2000 bug.  PC penetration of US households exceeds 63 per cent.

1/21 Better Life Beckons in Maine

1/21 Dell Shows Fastest PC Sales Growth Market share: Compaq #1, Dell #2, and HP #3.  Apple's shipments in the U.S. fell 50%.

1/21 Broadband Special Report. Click menu on left side of the page...

1/21 AMD-Based Supercomputer Debuts Next Week.  Code-named Samson, the supercomputer will initially include 132 1-GHz Athlon CPUs and is expected to rank among the top 200 fastest supercomputers in the world.

1/21 Semiconductor Alert! (Jan. 15-19).  Commentary & analysis of week's chip news. Is California a '3rd world country'?  Ignore what analysts say,
AMD finishes a great year.

1/19 PC Sales Growth Hits 7-year Low. Study shows PC sales grew only 6.4 percent in the U.S. and 10.1 percent worldwide in fourth quarter 2000.

1/19 Web Phones Take Byte Out of Big-name Carriers. Internet telephony, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, is expected to have hit $266 million in revenues worldwide in 2000, up more than fourfold from 1999... Sales are forecast to explode to $349 billion in 2006...

1/19 Smarter Melissa Virus Strikes Again.  A new version of the Melissa macro virus is wreaking havoc with computers around the world, virus watchers said Thursday, warning computer owners to delete dodgy e-mails...

1/19 The 10 Best U.S. Cities for Job-seekers in 2001

1/19 Intel's Brookdale Chipset Arrives in Taiwan.  Intel is working with Taiwan's motherboard makers to facilitate the development of its SDRAM-enabled Brookdale chipset to support the Pentium 4 processor.

1/19 Intel, AMD Plan Rebounds From Slow Processor Sales.  "The Pentium 3 is dead meat," Sanders said.  Typical...

1/19 Is IT To Blame For California's Power Shortage?  No.

1/19 Chip industry looks to 2GHz in 2001

1/19 VIA Introduces 700MHz VIA Cyrix III Processor

1/19 Samsung Can’t Ramp To Fill Intel’s RDRAM Needs. "... the once-idle RDRAM line is fully running like a fire house and only able to produce 6 million to 7 million 128Mbit equivalent RDRAM chips."  Intel wants 10 million.

1/18 Shuttle Introduces AK32 DDR Athlon Motherboard with VIA KT266 Chipset.  Supports both DDR and 168-Pin SDRAM memory.  Built-in 10/100 Mhz Ethernet and Home PNA (phoneline network) network capabilities.  ATA/100, 6 USB, 6-channel audio, 4X AGP, system monitoring, 6 PCI, the kitchen sink, and shoots bullets.

1/18 Windows Shops Should Prepare for .NET Now.  .NET and 64-bit CPUs will soon give birth to the Windows enterprise. Are you ready?

1/18 Scientists Bring Light to Full Stop, Hold It, Then Send It on Its Way.  You may be prompted to sign-up for the NY times, but it does not cost anything and it is well worth the little effort that it takes.

1/18 IBM Gains Top Wall Street Forecasts.  IBM Corp.'s fourth-quarter profits topped Wall Street's reduced expectations, rebounding 28 percent from the pre-Y2K slowdown that hammered the computer company in late 1999.

1/18 Too cool! Shrinking portable devices.  Thanks to a new cooling technology, IsoSkin, portable devices may get smaller. without compromising their battery life.

1/18 Net Worm Hobbles Linux Servers.  An Internet worm cobbled together from generally available hacking tools has compromised hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Linux servers.

1/18 AMD Earnings Fall Just Short of Forecasts$178 million income, up from $65 million a year ago.

1/18 Rolling Blackouts Hit California's Electronics/Computer Industry.

1/18 Seagate Announces Drives With "V" Optimized Code.  16-Mbyte cache-equipped disc drives with "V" optimized code minimize fluctuations when reading or writing bandwidth-intensive data such as digital video.

1/17 New Piracy Tech Threatens Consumer Rights?  Technology such as Microsoft's Product Activation program to stop "piracy" could illegally limit your use of software.

1/17 High Tech Salary Survey

1/18 Sony to Distribute Music via Internet

1/17 3-D Graphics Primed For TV

1/17 Worst May Not Be Over for Staggering Computer MakersI expect an up-turn towards the end of the second quarter as DDR memory takes hold.

1/17 PC Makers: Brace for Sweeping Waves of Consolidation.  I'm still making them...

1/17 Study: Web Surfing Fell at Year's End

1/17 US Postal Service To Offer Certified E-Mail Online

1/17 Cool running.  Computer chips might one day be cooled by armies of microscopic fans.

1/17 USB 2.0 Product Parade

1/17 Rosy Earnings Catapult Tech Stocks

1/17 Samsung Develops 'Affordable' Rambus DRAM

1/17 Chipmakers on Fast Track to 10GHz

1/17 Intel Plans Pentium 4 Push Around Brookdale Chipset

1/17 Macromedia to Add Web Building Arm

1/16 Dean Kent's January 2001 Industry Update.  DDR motherboards are the main focus for most manufacturers, and the majority have said that they are planning to make their products available during the last week of January, or the first week of February.

1/16 ALi and Trident Introduce First DDR Based Integrated 3D Graphics/Core Logic for Notebooks

1/16 Compaq Bankrolls Taiwan's PC Biz

1/16 Computer Company Challenges Hackers

1/16 Internet Economy Grew 58% Last Year, Study Finds

1/15 VIA Commences Volume Shipments of VIA Apollo
KT266 Athlon DDR Chipset

1/15 Iwill Introduces KK266-R Motherboard with VIA Apollo KT266 ChipsetIncludes Picture.

1/15 Power-line Network Chips, Systems Make Inroads

1/15 Web App Server Vendors Look Beyond Java

1/15 AMD Announces Mobile Duron Processor

1/15 Voice Recognition Still Selective

1/12 HP Co-Founder William Hewlett Dies at 87

1/12 Gateway to Lay off 10% of Workforce

1/12 China Threatens Rival Spec to Dodge DVD Royalties

1/12 Billion-Dollar Data Cable Will Link U.S., Europe

1/11 U.S. Puts History Items Online

1/11 Cable Subscribers Want Their ITV

1/11 Unisys, Microsoft, Dell to Create New Voting System

1/11 HomeRF Looks to Gain Ground on Bluetooth

1/11 White House Proposes Dropping PC Export Controls

1/11 Intel Aims at Transmeta with New Chips

1/10 FCC to Zero in on Digital Television

1/10 ATI Can Make Chipsets for Intel Processors

1/10 Most of U.S. Net Crime at Auction Sites

1/10 Phony Lotteries, Domain Name Extortion May be Latest Internet Con

1/10 VIA Licenses MoSys' 1T-SRAM Memory

1/10 Group Ready to Bar DVD Player Imports

1/10 La-Z-Boy, Microsoft Unveil E-cliner

1/10 Motorola Rolls Latest PowerPC MPU

1/9 Seen at CES: Xbox. Microsoft's new gaming platform is ambitious, and game developers appear to be supporting it.

1/9 Chicago Examines Fiber-optic Expansion

1/9 Apple to Release New OS March 24Guess they will never learn that the real money is not in hardware...  Microsoft (might have been Gates): 'Software is like printing money.'

1/9 Intel Announces Plan for Cheaper Pentium 4 Chips.  "New Pentium 4 is cheaper and slower than Intel's high-end Pentium III processors."  Sounds like, ah... political spin...

1/9 You're Hired! You're Fired!

1/8 3Com Gateways Link Home To Net

1/8 IBM Introduces Instant Online Translation

1/8 AMD Introduces 850 Mhz Duron Processor

1/8 VIA Completes First Phase of DDR Compatibility Validation Program. Tests show DDR Modules from leading suppliers compliant with JEDEC specifications and compatible with VIA Apollo Pro266 and KT266 DDR Chipsets

1/8 Western Digital Announces IEEE-1394 Audio/Video Hard Drive

1/5 Stocks Plunge in Volatile Trading

1/5 Microsoft to Demonstrate Xbox Gaming System

1/5 Central Command discovers First Virus to Use PHP Scripting Language

1/5 How About Internet-ready Refrigerators?

1/5 Linux 2.4 Released

1/5 'Lousy' PC Demand Stings Pentium 4.  I think there is more to it then just low PC demand...

1/4 Tech Stocks Surge As Fed Cuts Rates

1/4 Electronics Show In Las Vegas Set To Lure Newbies to Net

1/4 Palm Pilots Now Becoming Robots

1/4 Linux Predictions for 2001

1/4 Taxpayers Can Pick Own PIN.  Taxpayers select their own personal identification number for digital signatures.

1/4 Micron To Offer DDR Memory Modules Directly To End Users.

1/4  Vishay Launches a Slew of Surface-mount Components

1/3 T1 Bargain Basement.  Service providers selling T1 access lines are starting to sound a bit like car dealerships... What cost $5,000 a month a few years ago can now be had for as little as $150..

1/3 Chip Sales Moving Back to Normal 17% Growth in Q1, says SIA

1/3 AOL Members Spent $4.6 Billion During Holidays.  84% increase from the $2.5 billion spent last year.

1/3 AMD, Transmeta Gang-up on Intel.  AMD and Transmeta are planning to share technology to pound AMD's Sledgehammer chip on Intel's server stronghold.

1/3  Intel Launches Fastest Celeron Yet.  100 Mhz, 100 Mhz FSB... So?  Press Relase

1/3 Intel Ships 1.3-GHz Pentium 4 To Key OEMs.  Dell, Gateway are among recipients of new, slower chip.

1/2 Chipsets in 2001

1/2 3D Graphics Grand Prix.  PC World tests the newest boards and recommends ten.

1/2 Satellites To Beam Radio Channels

1/2 Alien Hunters Devise World's Smallest Microphone

1/2 After Banner Year, Chip Sales Seen Slack for 2001

1/2 Pentium 4: In Depth.

1/2 Laser Advance Boosts Silicon Opto Circuits

1/2 Microsoft Recruiting Testers for Xbox Games.

1/2 Intel Designing MP3 Player, Web Pad For 2001More here with picture.


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