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February 20001

2/28 Early Adaptors Put Intel's Itanium Chip Through Its PacesWebcasts/slides of the Intel Developer Forum Conference are here.

2/28 IBM Ups Clock Speed of Embedded PowerPCs

2/28 Amazon Cranks-up Music Downloads.  Offering free songs from hundreds of artists, such as Paul Simon and Pearl Jam.

2/28 Intel to Ease Into DDR Memory in 2001. Plans to introduce DDR DRAM support for the Pentium 4 during the first quarter of 2001.

2/28 First Peer-to-Peer Virus Hits. Named W32/Gnuman.worm, or by the alias Mandragore, attacked users of the Gnutella file-sharing service. The malicious file poses as an ordinary, requested media file.

2/27 Record Your Own DVD Movies Without a New Computer.  Pioneer plans to start selling around May an add-on version of its drive that can play and record both DVDs and CDs. DVDs recorded using the drive can be played back on most consumer DVD players.

2/27 NVIDIA Introduces GeForce3 for the PC.

2/27 Intel demonstrates Infiniband Fabric at IDF. An Infiniband fabric is a central network of connections between servers and remote networking and storage devices within an Internet data center.  Some background info is here.

2/27 Microsoft Plans Public Preview Of IE 6.0. Upgraded Internet browser that offers new Explorer Bars, improved privacy support, virus protection in Outlook Express and a host of new additions to the Internet options is expected to be detailed Wednesday.

2/27 Intel Phasing Out 900-MHz Pentium III

2/26 The dark side of P2P: Higher access fees? Peer-to-peer computing, which lets networked computers act as both clients and servers, is the next great innovation on the Internet... But this could lead to higher ISP fees.

2/26 Micron Announces Chipset Development Supporting DDR Memory and Pentium III Server Processor

2/26 Via Technologies Uses Rebate to Spur DDR Demand

2/26 Seagate, Intel and APT Reveal First Serial ATA 1.0-Compliant Prototype Disc Drive

2/26 Germans to Get Net Access From Power Outlets.

2/25  Out web server in now running on new hardware... [Feb 25, 2001, 7:25 pm] vuae Upgrade Completed.  We have completed the drive and system upgrade of vuae (www93). It is now an Athlon Thunderbird 1000 MHz with 256Mb of RAM and a 30 GB hard drive. Total downtime was about 10 minutes

2/23 Digital Camera Vendors Offer Peek at Spring Line. Sony, Canon, Fujifilm highlight new models with lower prices, more storage, and video functions.

2/23 AMD to Cut Prices on March 5th.

2/23 IBM Pulls Digital Tagging Plan. IBM has withdrawn a proposed method of digitally tagging content to prevent piracy of copyrighted material.

2/23 DSL Technology Just Got Faster

2/23 Digital Audio Players to Add Speech Recognition Features. Speech recognition will be used for command and control features to navigate through the thousands of songs that can be stored on digital audio players equipped with hard-disk drives.  Play it again, Sam...

2/23 Intel's 'McKinley' Processor Grabs Spotlight. Intel has completed the design of its "McKinley" processor for servers, according to sources--a manufacturing milestone that will likely be one of the highlights of the Intel Developer Forum next week.

2/23 Vishay Offers to Acquire all Shares of Siliconix

2/22 Compaq now Offering DDR Athlon Presario

2/22 Lasers Beat Bandwidth Bottleneck. New laser technology allows high-speed Internet access and corporate network connections to be beamed to business customers through an office window.

2/22 IDE RAID - Is There A Benefit?

2/22 Jobs Unveils New IMacs

2/21 Game Giants Raise the Score with Networked Arcades. Sony will join forces with two Japanese arcade game operators, Sega Corp. and Namco Ltd., to build an advanced version of PlayStation2 to be used in game centers.

2/21 Engineering Spirit Makes Valley a Hotspot for Living off the Power Grid.  He never receives a PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) bill.

2/21 New York Times To Reproduce Full Print Versions Online

2/21 Napster Offers $1 Billion to Settle Lawsuit. More here.

2/21 Chips are Down for Intel.  Chip giant is watching the pennies as tech downturn continues.  I also hear of CPU price cuts for both Intel and AMD during the second week of March.

2/20 The Key Vanishes: Scientist Outlines Unbreakable Code.

2/20 Internet Use Soars. 16 million new users went online in the past six months.

2/19 DDR SDRAM Comparison - Is it Worth Waiting For?

2/19 ASUS Ships the First Socket 370 DDR Motherboard

2/19 New Chips Aimed at Faster Cell Phones. More here.

2/19 Pentium 4 Picks-up Steam with Chipset Deals

2/19 Chip News At Platform Conference. Palomino and Duron processors will include an on-die temperature sensor, like the Pentium 4...

2/16 Dell Continues Cheap PC Strategy

2/16 For sale: Information on 6 Million Domain Name Owners  Bought a domain name lately? Network Solutions is selling its master address book of Internet domains, a treasure trove for marketers but a potential privacy boondoggle. We need an injunction and then a law with teeth ASAP...

2/16 Napster Says Developing New Member-Based Business Model

2/16 Intel licenses Pentium 4 Chipset Rights to Acer Laboratories

2/16 To Protect and Self-Serve. Will we see hard disks with copy-preventing codes?

2/16 Lighter Fuel. A shuttle that makes its own fuel could take off from your local airport.  Well, not quite, but it is an innovative (certainly cool) idea.

2/15 AMD's HyperTransport: Souping up chip speed from the inside. More on HyperTransport.

2/15 Hubble. Very much worth a visit.

2/15 Dean Kent's February 2001 Industry Update.  Several manufacturers assuming decent Q2, due sales of DDR based products... AMD distributors expect the 1.2GHz Athlon to be available on February 15th... Indications point to a rollout of DDR parts across the board at the end of February, or early March... Glut of SDRAM chips causing prices to drop to the lowest levels in history...

2/15 3Com Surpasses One Million Cable Modem Mark

2/15 Vishay: 2000 Results Were Wow.  But business is slowing right now.

2/15 Blodget: Online Ad Market Stabilizing.  I hope so; it's pretty lean here.

2/15 IBM's Portfolio-Style PC Due Out Next Week. Product resembles a leather-bound portfolio with a 10.4-inch TFT screen on the left side and a ThinkScribe digital notepaper, about the size of a standard letter-sized piece of paper, on the right.

2/15 Chip Designers' Dream Team: 10GHz or Bust. ...machine designs that can easily churn out microprocessors running at 10GHz or faster.

2/15 Gigabyte Announces 7VTX DDR Athlon Motherboard with VIA KT266 Chipset. 200/266MHz FSB, Creative 4-channel sound...

2/14 AMD Athlon Processors with 266 Mhz FSB Now Available in the U.S.

2/14 Napster Battle Shifts to Capitol Hill

2/14 Dutch Hacker Arrested for Anna Kournikova Virus

2/14 Peer-to-Peer Moves Beyond Napster. In simple terms, P2P (peer-to-peer) describes a model of computing in which computers talk to each other over the Web in order to share information and computing resources.

2/14 A Hitchhiker's Guide To The GenomeMapping the Human Genome on the Web.  A draft of the human DNA sequence is now accessible at Human Genome (interesting stuff).

2/14 Toy Makers Survive Chip Shortage, Gadgets Thrive

2/14 Broadcom, Cisco, Nvidia, Sun Among First Adopters of  AMD's HyperTransport.  HyperTransport, formerly code-named Lightning Data Transport (LDT), is a technology that moves information faster. With a peak data transfer rate of 6.4GB per second possible, it is designed to enable the chips inside of PCs, networking, and communications devices to communicate with each other up to 24 times faster than with existing technologies.  More here.  And here.

2/14 Top 5 PC Card Games

2/13 Virus Spreading Quickly Via Unprotected Users. The Anna Kournikova visual basic script (VBS) virus, which was first reported around midday in the US Monday, is spreading quickly.

2/13 Touch Down! Against the odds, NASA completes the first landing on an asteroid.

2/13 Study: Paper Voting Better Than Using Computers.

2/13 Tiny Bots for Big Tasks. Robots can go places humans can't, especially when they fit in a space the size of a quarter.

2/13 A Sharper View of the Stars.  A new generation of optical interferometers is letting astronomers study stars in 100 times finer detail than is possible with the Hubble Space Telescope.

2/12 Genes that Count. The first analysis of the entire sequence of human DNA reveals we have far fewer genes than expected. Humans have as few as 300 more genes than a mouse and only twice the genes of a fruit fly. Our ancestors appear to have inherited 223 genes directly from bacteria. The finding deals a heavy blow to genetic determinism, the idea that many aspects of a person's life are controlled by their genes.  More here.

2/12 From Russia with love? Kournikova virus smashes Net. A virus posing as a photo of Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova spreads aggressively...

2/12 Paper Maps in a Digital Age

2/12 Amazon Opens Software Download Store

2/12 Court Rules Napster Infringed But Won't Lift Stay.  Napster loses battle, is still alive. More here.

2/12 Peer-to-Peer Boosts Web Services. XDegrees will preview a new Internet service that allows applications and business processes to automatically locate one another on the Web.

2/12 Future of Memory Market Hangs on Rambus Trials. Rambus will square-off in court this week against Micron and Hyundai.

2/12 Intel Speeds up Launch of Brookdale DDR Chipset. Pulling in the launch date from the first quarter of 2002 to October of this year.

2/12 Windows XP Beta 2 To Ship On Feb 28Interesting details in this story. More here.

2/12 VIA CEO Interview with Business Week.  In the future, the chipset and the graphics and the processor will integrate.

2/9 Spacecraft Visible to Naked Eye TonightMore hereHam Radio Section Now Online. With the first full-time occupants onboard the International Space Station, amateur radio enthusiasts will have the opportunity to communicate with the Expedition One crew and future crews. Shuttle Delivers New Lab to Space Station.

2/9 Love and Rockets.  Around Valentine's Day, a spacecraft will land on Eros, an asteroid named after the Greek god of love, to snap photos of the terrain that can be seen online.

2/9 Prominent Analyst Takes Aim At Microsoft's .NET.  "The way Microsoft has presented this .NET initiative is complex and has left people bewildered."  I thought I was the only one who was puzzled by the .net propaganda.

2/9 Is American Express crazy- Free Net access?

2/9 HP To Replace Some Power Distribution Units. Electric shock could occur through contact with rack system.

2/9 Cut in China-US Fiber-optic Cable Affects 5 Million Users

2/9 Prototype Tips Sony's Hand on Organic EL Displays. May eventually replace TV picture tubes.  Related story.

2/9 Canadians' Test 'Disk Drive' is 5,000 Miles In Diameter

2/9 AMD- New CPU Price Drop Planned

2/9 Cookie Monster: Gnutella May Expose Users to Data Theft.  Surfers trading music, etc. over one of the Web's most popular file-swapping networks are sharing much more: sensitive data files that could expose them to identity theft.

2/8 Modules for DDR PC2100 Expected Soon

2/8 266 MHz FSB Athlons Will Flood the Market Soon.  

2/8 Can Chip Design Get Faster? Can 100 million transistors in a 100-square-millimeter die be designed in 100 days?

2/8 Which Country has the Most Virus Infected PCs?  One in five PCs has a virus!  Click here for the map.

2/8 Where's Intel's "McKinley"?

2/8 DDR Memory Summit Presentation.  The DDR Summit was a gathering of industry leaders along with the display of over 40 DDR product demonstrations.  It looks like DDR memory is finally about to start happening big time.  I have culled-out the more interesting slides from the various presentations.  You can view them here.

2/7 Sick of crap DSL? Start your own service!  Even governments can do it better... in some places...

2/7 Star date: The minimum age of the Universe is calculated using a new radiometric approach.

2/7 DOS Fix for Windows Millennium.  A Patch which Adds DOS Capabilities to Win Me. I haven't tried it yet.

2/7 Verizon to Build Out Global Broadband Network

2/7 Taxpayer PINs Being Rejected.  About half of the tax returns H&R Block submitted electronically with PINs since Jan. 15 have been rejected.

2/7 Motorola Set to Lead Industry with 256k MRAM Universal Memory Chip

2/7 Vishay Projects Flat Sales for 2001

2/7 Sony Unveils Beastly Graphics Engine. The device contains 256-Mbit of on-chip embedded DRAM, or eight times more than the current Graphics Synthesizer. The DRAM and wide 2,000-bit internal buses can deliver 48 gigabytes per second of bandwidth.

2/7 Memory Makers Tout DDR at Via Gathering. Major DRAM suppliers Micron, Samsung and Hyundai have indicated that this is the year volume production of DDR DRAMs will take off. Bringing DDR DRAM pricing in line with SDRAM — expected to happen by the second half.

2/7 Motorola-AMD Partnership Picks Applied.  More copper...

2/7 High-tech Copper Seen at Heart of New Microchips. New technology from IBM speeds up chip operations 25 to 30 times.

2/6 Lovebug Warning for Valentine's Day

2/6 PC2100 DDR SDRAM Getting Cheaper

2/6 Get Serious About Security.  ISPs are demanding that IT shops get their security policies in order--and companies are complying.

2/6 Microsoft Moving Into Embedded Chips

2/6 Micron Sees Further Decline in Memory Prices

2/6 A New Business Cycle. Unemployment's up, confidence is down, the economy seems headed for a tailspin. But this time it's different.

2/5 AMD Server Processors Could Make Prices Lower.

2/5 Intel Sees Roadblocks Ahead: Heat, Power. "... we think Moore's Law will take us to well in excess of a billion transistors by 2010," Gelsinger said. "However, to do so and to stay on that track and not be delivering nuclear reactors, we're going to have to address this limitation of power and power efficiency..." More here.  Still more here.

2/5 Final Destiny. The scientific centrepiece of the International Space Station is set for launch on Wednesday.

2/5 Widespread E-mail Glitch Allows Spying. "E-mail wiretapping" bug that enables users to spy on other users' e-mail.

2/5 AMD News Updates

2/5 VIA vs Videocard Troubleshooting Guide

2/5 Get HDTV on Your PC. New tech brings high definition broadcast to your desktop.

2/5 32MB on 1.44MB Floppy Disks...

2/5 Microsoft Rebrands Products with 'Experience' Theme. Windows XP, previously code-named ``Whistler,'' will be launched in the second half of 2001. Press Release. To reduces confusion, I wish they would just use plain old version numbers.  Hmmm, Win eXPlicitive...

2/5  Boot of your NIC? VenturCom Introduces Boot-NIC

2/5 Technical Hurdles Slow DDR SDRAM's DebutNICs with boot ROMs have been around for a long time.  Apparently, this one will extend the functions that can be done with diskless workstations.

2/2 Computer Prank Slips Past Security Experts. A Trojan horse posing as a security tool did just that Wednesday night, when experts at SecurityFocus.com -- which moderates the popular Bugtraq security list -- sent the mildly malicious code to the list's 37,000 users. 

2/2 Microsoft Reports E-Mail Delays. Employees say outgoing e-mail from company accounts took as long as four days to reach recipients last week.

2/2 Strike Up the Broadband. The collapse of several free ISPs didn't stop consumer cravings for fast Net access in 2000, studies show, with cable proving more popular than DSL.

2/2 Oracle, VA Linux Initiatives Change The Linux Game. VA Linux Systems has teamed with Oracle and other Linux vendors to further the commercial agenda of Linux.

2/1 U.S. Manufacturing Slumps Into Recession. U.S. manufacturing activity contracted for a sixth straight month in January, signaling that a sector accounting for one-fifth of the world's largest economy is in recession...  You may have to setup a login on the NY times, but it is free and well worth the little effort that it takes.

2/1 Electrical Signals from Human Cells Coupled to Silicon Chips.  "Having solved the principal problem of coupling cellular electrical signals with silicon electrical signals, we can now proceed to develop cellular biosensors."

2/1 Election Reform Act Raises Stakes. Lawmakers want to spend more than half a billion dollars on new voting machines and create a federal commission.

2/1 Trojan Horse Virus Targets AOL Subscribers

2/1 New Java Silicon Is 55 Times Faster Than Software

2/1 Motherboard Manufacturers Indicate Demand is Strong for AMD Processors.  Stock climbs.

2/1 IBM Chief Says Linux Rready for Mission-critical Apps

2/1 Warp Up Your Workday with Turbo Speed.  "This handy, global file-management package renders everything from your hard drive to remote FTP servers to your favorite sites a mere mouse click away..."

January 2001


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