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August 2001

8/31 Technological Dissonance AMD's MHz Chicanery

8/31 Copyright Office Study Supports "Fair Use" of Digital Media

8/31 Acer Undercuts Chipset Rivals. Acer ships low-cost Pentium 4 chipset, enabling cheaper PC systems when it ships in volume this October.

8/31 McAfee Announces New Slate of 2002 Security Products. Updated to 2002 versions will be VirusScan, McAfee Firewall, McAfee QuickClean and McAfee Internet Security...

8/31 150-inch Movies on LED Display From AVC

8/31 Intel Details Next-Generation I/O Spec. Provided a first look at technical details for Arapahoe, the third-generation system I/O expected to replace the ubiquitous PCI bus.

8/31 A Magnetic Attraction at the Theme Park. Magnetic-levitation roller coasters. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

8/31 Top 10 Digital Cameras $500 and Over

8/30 Worm Alert: Masquerades As An E-mail Message From MicrosoftWin32.Invalid.A@mm. The mail carries a highly destructive payload: it can render .exe applications unusable by encrypting them with a random encryption key. Subject: Invalid SSL Certificate. Body: "Hello, Microsoft Corporation announced that an invalid SSL certificate that web sites use is required to be installed on the user computer to use the https protocol..."  Attachment: sslpatch.exe.  Don't open it.  More info.

8/30 Motorola Designs Tools for Ultra-Small Chips. Motorola has developed technology that would allow for mainstream production of computer chips with microscopic circuitry more than 50-percent more densely packed than currently possible.

8/30 Snail Brain Drain

8/30 Sun's Desktop Division Making Headway. Sun joined the GNOME Foundation and promised both to support the development of GNOME and use GNOME as the default desktop for Solaris.  The GNOME project was the first to provide a fully free desktop environment for Unix-like systems, such as Linux.

8/30 EU Expands Probe of Microsoft.  Microsoft may be violating antitrust laws by tying its Media Player into its Windows operating system...

8/30 New High-Temp Superconductor Using Carbon Unveiled

8/30 Intel Media Switch Chip Delivers Gigabit Speed For Cost-Effective, Scalable Switching Solutions

8/30 Japanese Rocket Launch Successful

8/30 AMD Plays Name Game in Megahertz Race. Starting next month, the chipmaker will introduce a new Athlon naming plan that reflects the processor's overall performance rather than simply its speed based on megahertz. AMD Pulls Out of Intel Speed Race. AMD will now begin to downplay chip speeds with the introduction of  four new Athlon XP processors set to ship next month. "...consumers who rely on megahertz as an indication of relative performance are victims of missed expectations."

8/30 Three Lines of Code to Hack Hotmail and PassportThen, of course, he proceeded to tell the entire world about it!

8/30 Hynix Samples 0.13-Micron DDR Memory. The company is quietly sampling a 512-Mbit DDR SDRAM, based on its new 0.13-micron technology. Production for this part will begin in November...

8/30 NVIDIA Announces Breakthrough Power Saving Technology for Mobile GPUs

8/30 HailStorm Promise and Threat Remain Distant. Microsoft VP Allchin:  "We're just not there. I know what we're doing technically. I know it's the right direction. But when you touch on the business model, I know there are a lot of discussions about that."

8/30 Users Debate Linux Future as Windows Alternative. Smaller companies could be much more affected by Microsoft's XP licensing plan, which prevents a user from installing one copy of the OS on more than one machine, Boyd said.  Even though the practice is illegal, many small companies, those with a couple of dozen or so users, continue to buy just one copy of Windows and install it on all of their machines to save money. If they try to move to the more feature-rich Windows XP, that strategy will no longer be possible, he said.  That's where Linux could come in, Boyd said.  Making Linux Usable Tops Torvalds' List. Red Hat CEO Pushes Linux in Schools.

8/30 Seagate and Intel Demo Prototype Serial ATA Hard Drive

8/29 Final Serial ATA Specification ReleasedThe Serial ATA interface will be used to connect such internal storage devices as hard disks, DVDs and CD-R/Ws to the motherboard in desktop and mobile PCs... Scalable performance (starting at 1.5 gigabits per second)... Serial ATA FAQsSpecification.

8/29 Intel Sticks to Brookdale DDR P4 Motherboard Chipset Launch in First QuarterHowever, Intel will ship the chipset to manufacturers next quarter.  Motherboards won't ship until first quarter 2001.

8/29 Intel Offers Details on Future Itanium Chips. "McKinley" will have 220 million transistors, 3 MByte on-die cache,' 400 MHz, 128 bit bus, and be 1.5 to 2 times faster.  "Madison," which follows "McKinley," will have 6 MByte on-die cache'

8/29 First Look at Microsoft IE 6.0. Microsoft's updated browser eats cookies and sings a slightly new tune by adopting open standards.

8/29 Microsoft Judge Orders Sept. 21 Meeting

8/29 Secretive DRAM Group Seeks Standard Status for Its Spec

8/28 Gateway to Cut 5,000 Jobs.  About 25% of its workforce.

8/28 Motorola May Integrate Memory Controller Into PowerPC. "It makes a lot more sense to add high-speed memory controllers on processors," Handa said. "Anytime you have a bus, you have to arbitrate for the bus. Rather than let it go hungry, you could feed the processor as fast as it can be fed."

8/28 Intel Demonstrates 3.5 GHz Pentium 4Intel demonstrated a 0.13-micron feature size Northwood version with 3.5 GHz capability at the Intel Developer Forum.

8/28 Intel Touts Desktop Multiprocessing. 'Hyper-threading' capability will permeate entire product line.  Intel Demonstrates Breakthrough Processor Design. 'Hyper-Threading' to be Integrated in Server Systems in 2002, Move to Desktop Later... improving system performance by 30 percent... allows a single processor to manage data as if it were two processors by handling data instructions in parallel rather than one at a time.

8/28 Abit to Start Compaq Barebone System Shipments in October.

8/28 Seagate's Super-Quiet Barracuda ATA IV Hard Disk Drive Featured Taishan Concept PC System

8/28 Felines' Favorite Herb Proves Abhorrent to Mosquitoes

8/28 Search Engine Start-ups Seek Google's Throne

8/28 Microsoft Opens 64-bit Windows

8/28 ALi Unveils ALADDiN-P4 DDR Pentium 4 Motherboard Chipset.  Supports both Double and Single Data Rate memory.

8/28 IE 6.0 Released, Minus Java or Netscape Plug-ins

8/27 Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer Version 6.0.  You can download it here.

8/27 Earth to Microsoft - We're Not Ready for XP

8/27 Intel Launches 2 GHz Pentium 4 ProcessorIntel Ships 2GHz P4s, Slashes Prices AgainIntel Developer Forum: It's All About Speed.

8/27 AMD Responds to Intel With Price Cuts

8/27 Move Over USB: Here's FireWire. While Apple Computer was happy to take home an Emmy for its FireWire technology, the company must be even more pleased that the high-speed connection is moving closer to a bigger goal--becoming standard on the majority of PCs.  Good read.

8/27 Linux Barreling Deeper Into the Enterprise. "There's a real focus on Linux clusters and high-availability systems, and storage-area networks."

8/27 Government Embraces Wearable Computers. One application the Navy is considering would enable a technician wearing a wireless, head-mounted camera to send an image to a remote expert who could ``literally walk you through whatever the repair may be...''

8/27 Net Processors In Eye of I/O Storm. Network processors and their companion ICs are getting sucked into an interface and I/O maelstrom as communications chip vendors seek standardized hooks into these new but ill-defined network nerve centers.

8/27 IBM Gets Smart With Its Own 'Tags'

8/27 DSL Growth Slows, Lags Cable Modem Market. "...you're going to see cable have a distinct advantage until DSL starts to add services and have something there that's going to draw people in."  Narrow Audience Stalls Broadband.

8/27 NVIDIA Introduces Personal Cinema

8/27 NVIDIA Displays Next Step in Adoption of Digital Displays

8/26 Old PCs Fine for New School Year, Industry Fears. Students will go back to school this year with freshly sharpened pencils, clean new notebooks and maybe even new cell phones -- but probably not a new personal computer.

8/26 IBM Builds Miniature Circuit. scientists have built the smallest-ever computer logic circuit, a two-transistor component made from a single molecule of carbon. IBM Press Release.

8/26 New Worm Poses as Helpful Program. Win32.All3gro.A claims to eliminate the SirCam virus, etc., but doesn't. Depending on the day of the week, it tries to delete documents or system files, and E-mails itself to people in the address book. Look for Subject: "New antivirus tool"; attachment: "Antivirus.exe."  Do not open the attachment.

8/26 Exploration of World Wide Web Tilts From Eclectic to Mundane. The average user in the United States spent 20.7 hours in July, up 2 hours from last year. But their visits are concentrated in fewer places. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

8/26 Scientists Find Genetic Secrets of Longer Life

8/26 Hitachi Set to Cut 20,000 Jobs, Report Says. Full-scale restructuring of its semiconductor operations hit hard by this year's steep info-tech downturn...

8/26 Record-Breaking New Asteroid Analyzed

8/24 Semiconductor Alert! Commentary & analysis of week's chip news, Aug. 20-24

8/24 'Offensive' Worm Spreading Worldwide. can make Windows desktop icons invisible, prevent users from starting programs or shutting down, and even persists when a machine is being used in the Windows safe mode.  Offensive virus breaks Windows.

8/24 Intel to Cut Up to 55% Off Pentium 4 Prices Sunday

8/24 Windows XP Goes Gold. Microsoft Corp. said development of its Windows XP operating system is now complete and that the software giant will present the final version, or "gold code," to computer manufacturers today.

8/23 SiS735 Shipments Increasing, VIA Trying to Catch-up with KT266CE. With its superior performance, the DDR SDRAM-supporting SiS735 motherboard chipset has gradually taken market share from VIA’s KT266.

8/23 Chip Makers Work to Break Data Logjam. Several small chip makers, with funding from Intel, have been working on chips that use InfiniBand.

8/23 Microsoft Says Hotmail Users Can Dial in for Email. Microsoft will give its 20 million E-mail users in Europe access to messages via their mobile phones.

8/23 nVIDIA nFORCE Chipset Motherboards Available in October. The first motherboards should appear in late September.  Volume shipments in October.

8/23 VIA Counters Allegations by Intel. "Intel has made repeated claims both in the media and in discussions with customers that we are not licensed to sell products that are compatible with the Intel Pentium 4. We disagree with these and other scare tactics that Intel is employing in the PC industry for marketing purposes..."

8/23 Total Number of Jobless Workers Hits Nine-Year High

8/23 Qwest Won't Credit Code Red Victims. Customers using Qwest DSL service experienced intermittent outages for about 10 days.  Qwest: Qwest and Cisco "made every attempt to work with customers on this problem. The problem is not the modem, the problem is the virus. Qwest is not crediting for the virus."

8/23 Gateway Cut to Junk Status by S&P

8/23 Compaq Tries to Murder the English Language

8/23 Nanochains Could Yield Single-Electron Transistors

8/23 Unified Messaging- Coming-on Strong. Voice mail, E-mail and FAXes from a single in-box...

8/22 Larry's One-way Cable Goes Two-way

8/22 The New and Improved AMD Duron Processor. Beginning with the 1 GHz Duron, AMD's low-end Athlon core has been replaced with the Morgan core.... Morgan features the same architectural improvements as the Athlon MP ("Palomino").  Unbelievably, the 1 GHz Morgan simply trashes the competition and gets a 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 score!  Even more surprisingly, the Athlon Thunderbird with DDR is beaten by a Morgan with PC133 SDRAM!  Cost (see next headline) = $89 retail!  Street price will probably be lower.

8/22 New AMD Processor Pricing Released  Official AMD Processor Pricing  Unofficial (Street) AMD Processor Pricing

8/22 Intel Chip Price Cuts ExpectedWhen the 2 GHz P4 processor is demo'd at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Jose, California on Monday.  Cuts may be announced over the weekend.

8/22 New Tools Help Chips Read Linux.  Intel plans to announce compilers that translate Linux programs written in C++ or Fortran languages into commands an Intel Pentium 4 or Itanium chip can understand.

8/22 Space Station Crew Back On Earth

8/22 Alpha Astronauts Say Trip to Mars Is Doable

8/22 Fusion Energy: the 'Fast Igniter' Shapes-up. A modification of the 'fast igniter' approach to ICF, reported this week, could be a significant advance towards efficient laser fusion ignition.

8/22 ALi Declares Support for AMD's HyperTransport Technology.  Motherboard chipset maker, Acer Labs, joins the crowd...  plans to incorporate AMD’s HyperTransport data bus technology into its future southbridge chips.

8/22 People Change Once They Go Broadband. Wind up spending more time online, viewing many more Web pages, and parking themselves in front of their computer monitors more often.

8/22 Chip lithography Harnessed to Grow Living Brain Cells

8/22 Windows XP to Descend on PC Makers.  On Friday Microsoft will deliver final Windows XP code to PC makers in a big way: with helicopters decorated with Windows XP and major PC maker logos.  Microsoft Outpaces Legal Foes with Windows XP.

8/22 Microsoft Takes-up Passport Defense

8/21 Instant Messaging Goes to Work. Although instant messaging is often associated with teen-agers chatting online, corporations are increasingly looking toward the tool as a way to boost worker productivity.  Around 18.3 million workers use instant messaging (IM) for job-related purposes...

8/21 Intel Using Legal Threat to Slow Via, Says Analyst.  "...the company is now resorting to legal threats to mobo (motherboard) makers to stay away from the P4X266, buying time to ramp 845/DDR..."

8/21 Motherboard Manufacturers Forced to Take Sides in Chipset Battle

8/21 Motherboard Makers Choosing Their Primary Product Lines for 4Q

8/21 MicronPC Settles on Intel

8/21 Compaq Joins Sun in Java Fight. Compaq now joins Dell to bundle a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) with every Windows XP computer it sells.  Sun's Java Misses the XP Bus.

8/21 Physics Of Football In Flight About To Be Confirmed

8/21 Intel Putting Last Pieces of P4 Strategy in Place. The last piece of the puzzle will drop into place when Intel formally launches its i845 chipset next month with support for PC133 memory... Intel is hoping to jump-start sales of the Pentium 4 by lowering the price of its 1.5GHz processor to less than $200 and pairing the chip with low-priced memory for the sub-$800 PC market...

8/21 LAN Services Set to go Wireless. What's now a trickle of wireless LAN services from carriers, mobile operators and Internet service providers could turn into a torrent by year-end.

8/21 Scientists Isolate 'Tender Steak' Gene

8/20 Ballmer: Windows XP May be Ready to Go. Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer: "With a little bit of luck, we should have it ready by Friday..." "I don't know what a monopoly is until somebody tells me."

8/20 AMD Announces the Mobile 1.1 GHz Athlon 4 ProcessorAMD Cuts Prices, Launches 1.1GHz Mobile Athlon 4AMD's Duron to Hit 1GHz; Athlons Upgraded.  A 1.5GHz desktop Athlon processor is expected next month, completing AMD's move from its Thunderbird and Spitfire processor cores--the current desktop Athlon and the desktop and mobile Duron, respectively--to the Palomino and Morgan cores.

8/20 First-Tier Motherboard Makers Asked to Design and Develop P4X266 Products. Taiwan’s first-tier motherboard makers are reportedly being asked by over three of the world’s top 10 PC brands to design and develop motherboards based on VIA’s P4X266 Pentium 4 DDR chipset.

8/20 Chipset and Motherboard Makers Ponder the Real Market Demand for Intel’s P4 Processor. Intel has made its new Pentium 4 processor the hottest product in the current market. However, chipset companies like VIA and SiS and motherboard makers now think that given the seemingly overheated market expectations, real demand for P4 products may be overestimated.

8/20 Microsoft License Changes Anger IT Managers. "If Microsoft continues to make my choices narrower and life tougher for me, they'll see exactly how little monopoly they really do have over this market, and we'll exercise our choices to go somewhere else..."

8/20 Hackers Hit Hotmail Hole. Underground hacker site has released a graphical exploit tool for sneaking a glimpse at other users' Hotmail accounts.

8/20 Does Linux Have a Future on the Desktop?  "One of the places it won't be going any time soon, it seems, is to consumers' desktops."

8/20 Sony Unveils New 'Networked' Handycams.  Bluetooth-enabled wireless allows them to send moving and still digital images directly to personal computers, or via a mobile phone to the Internet.

8/20 HP Set to Ship Rewritable DVD Drive for PCs$599, available in September... compatible with most DVD players... capable of writing DVD disks at 2.4x speed reading at 8x... write to CD-R discs at 12x and read at 32x.

8/20 Excite@Home Survival Chances Dim

8/20 Fujitsu to Axe 16,400 Jobs In IT Slump. Nearly 10 percent of its global workforce...

8/20 GroupWise Users Fight Mystery Bug.

8/20 Dinosaurs Walk Again, Thanks to Technology

8/20 Seagate Ships Over 1.5 Million U Series Hard Drives. Number One Disk Driver Maker in 2001.

8/18 Semiconductor Alert! (Aug. 13-17). Commentary & analysis of week's chip news.  Chip business to hit new bunch of records--all the wrong kind. The worldwide semiconductor market is expected to show the largest decline in history--a fall of 26%...

8/18 NetWare 6: Don't call it a comeback. After examining Beta 3 of NetWare 6, we are impressed... Even someone with no previous NetWare experience can have a server up and running and available to users within a few hours... end-user installation is reduced to a few clicks in a Web browser.

8/18 AMD Finds Tough Sledding in the High End Enterprise Space

8/18 Research Could Lead to Skinnier CRTs. Researchers say they've developed an electronic display that is half as deep as current models. "We think this is going to enable large TVs that basically can sit on your bookshelf.''

8/17 Code Red Set to Reawaken This Weekend

8/17 Court Rejects Microsoft Bid for Delay

8/17 Workstation Battle Royale.  Let us be honest here, even at 1.7 GHz, the Pentium 4 Xeon has a hard time competing with the much cheaper 1.2 GHz Athlon MP.

8/17 DDR Athlon Motherboard Rumble. ...Seeing the numbers above, it seems like there is very little reason to go with a RDRAM based Intel system unless gaming is your thing and you have way too much money.

8/17 Dell Reports Q2 Loss of $101 Million

8/17 Hewlett-Packard Profit Drops Sharply

8/17 Analysts: Tech Bottom Could Last for YearsAh, good! That's the kind of pessimism I like to hear because history shows that is what happens  just before things start to get better.

8/17 Intel Warns PC Makers Over Via Chipset. Intel representatives have privately cautioned PC and motherboard manufacturers in the United States and overseas against using the product, saying it could draw them into a costly legal battle, said sources with some of those companies.

8/16 Economic Slowdown May be Halting. New home construction rose 2.8% in July, the biggest rise since February 20... new claims for state unemployment benefits fell by 8,000 to 380,000 last week... consumer prices dropped sharply (0.3%) in July.

8/16 Samsung Makes DDR Push With New DRAMs. 128 and 256 megabits... 0.15-micron... from 5% to 20% of total DRAM by the end of the year... All 333 MHz.

8/16 DRAM Distributors Pessimistic About a Price Rebound

8/16 DNA Database Helping Solve Decades-Old Crimes

8/16 New Peripherals Thrive in PC Downturn. Removable memory, CD drives, LCD monitors and other new toys computer users increasingly can't live without -- have had a robust year.

8/16 Meet the Metal Muscle. Will new "nanomuscles" make electric motors passť?

8/16 IBM Gains Market Share in Servers, Report Says. Jumped from 5.5% to 12%.

8/16 Microsoft Releases New Security Tools.  HFNetChk is a command-line tool that helps administrators to check from a central location which security patches have been applied to all machines in a network.

8/16 Athlon Advocates Beating Performance Drum.

8/16 Intel Faces Up to Taiwanese Challenge. VIA and SiS chipsets will interface the Pentium 4 to DDR memory and are launching ahead of Intel’s own version of such a chipset.

8/16 No Intel Patents for P4 Bus, VIA Says. Facing a possible legal battle with Intel over the release of its latest chip set (P4X266), VIA said it has been unable to find evidence that Intel holds a patent for the 400MHz front-side bus used with the Pentium 4 processor.

8/16 Egghead Files For Chapter 11. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

8/16 Dell to Report 2Q Earnings. Despite moving to the top of the PC class, analysts say there could be trouble ahead for Dell.

8/15 DDR, RDRAM Shipments Double in August. Now expected to double or even triple in August... Distributors are not afraid to say that DDR may become the more dominant memory in the future.

8/15 IBM Rattles AMD ShareholdersI don't know why, except there was some hoopla about it in the press yesterday... IBM's decision was made last May.

8/15 VIA Begins Volume Shipments of VIA Apollo P4X266 DDR Pentium 4 Chipset

8/15 Intel Escalates Threats to Via Over P4 Chipset

8/15 3D Graphics Chip Market Accelerates. Despite slump in other sectors, 3D is hot, and Nvidia is in position to take the wheel...

8/15 Light May Have Speeded Up. The cosmic speed limit - the speed of light - may have increased as the Universe matured.

8/15 Linux Is Going to Hollywood, and IBM Wants a Lift. Hollywood's latest rising star is Linux, the upstart operating system that serves as an alternative to Windows.

8/15 The TSC Streetside Chat: Benjamin Anixter of Advanced Micro Devices. "The Athlon product is going to go through two generations between now and this time next year. The first generation... is now only a couple of months away. That will give us a lower-power device, which will be good for notebooks, and also a fast product, which gives better performance. We'll also start production on the Hammer family, our eighth-generation machine. We'll have samples out by the end of this year..."

8/14 Microsoft MCSE Training Comes Under Fire. IT Professionals and trainers are blaming insufficient security training offered under the nationwide Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer program for contributing to the spread of Code Red and other damaging viruses.

8/14 Intel to Introduce 2 GHz Pentium 4 on August 27th

8/14 Canon Introduces Ten Printers, Scanners, Devices. Printers and scanners start below $100, and multifunction devices debut this fall.

8/14 Cable Firms Add Nearly 1 Million High-Speed Internet Users In Q2

8/14 Little Big Science. Nanotechnology is all the rage. But will it meet its ambitious goals? And what the heck is it?

8/14 Americans' Time Spent Online Keeps Going Up

8/14 RDRAM Demand Weak – DRAM Sector at a Loss. Some analysts are actually detecting greater sales for DDR SDRAM, the memory that could possibly take Rambus out of the running.

8/14 DRAM Free Fall May Not be Halted by Fab Closures. Current fab utilization rates are running at about 40% for foundries and 70% for integrated device manufacturers... "...People don't like to make one-sided cuts in output because they can lose market share."

8/14 'Web Bugs' Are Tracking Use of Internet. Internet monitoring technology popularly known as "Web bugs" has exploded on personal Web pages — especially those created free through online companies like America Online and Geocities... You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

8/13 Startup Revives Dynamic Circuits for Use in MPUs. An 80-person startup is reviving a technology that ruled in the pre-CMOS era: dynamic logic... In an embedded market where the speediest MPUs push 500 MHz, Intrinsity's bare-bones test chip operates at 2.2 GHz.

8/13 'Big Brother' Watching? In Britain, Quite Likely

8/13 Upbeat Analyst Report Boosts Chip Sector. Goldman Sachs suggested that the worst could soon be over for the struggling sector.

8/13 When Will the Tech Slump Finally End?  Analysts think the near-recession conditions gripping the high-tech industry will continue well into next year.

8/13 Web Services Competition Heats Up. Application server vendors are gearing up to do battle with IBM and Microsoft in the Web services game by strengthening their infrastructure toolkits and support for standards.

8/13 Are Microsoft's Papers in Order? Passport, the user ID service, is scaring the competition.

8/13 Q&A: Microsoft Passport Protects Consumer Privacy

8/13 Microsoft, Banks Battle to Control Your e-info. Gates may finally have banks in his cross hairs. But it may be because the dinosaur is awake and looms as a serious threat to Microsoft's grand plan to control the Internet. HailStorm will be accessible only by Passport users, initially for no charge. But Microsoft plans to nick consumers for a subscription fee once the services become pervasive.  Good read.

8/13 Microsoft Users May Vote With Their Feet. Users are ready to investigate alternatives to Microsoft's desktop and office software, prompted in part by rising costs following changes to licensing policies.

8/13 $8 Billion in Excess Chip Inventory Still Clogs Supply Chain

8/13 P2P to Revolutionise Internet by 2004. Analysts believe that peer-to-peer is about to break the domination of the Web server - and firms into P2P could be the next hot tech stocks.

8/13 Dell Tops Customer Satisfaction Survey. Although the study had shown gradually declining satisfaction among Dell customers over the past three quarters, the company regained a large portion of those losses in the second quarter.

8/13 Ethanol For Fuel Fundamentally Uneconomic. "Abusing our precious croplands to grow corn for an energy-inefficient process that yields low-grade automobile fuel amounts to unsustainable, subsidized food burning," says the Cornell professor... "About 70% more energy is required to produce ethanol than the energy that actually is in ethanol..."

8/13 Smarter Worms Are On Their Way. "It wouldn't take too much to design a worm that attacks key parts of the Internet. You could cause quite a problem for a country or a network..."

8/12 Microsoft, Kodak Settle Windows XP Dispute. Kodak's criticism appears to have been quelled by Microsoft changing one dialog box affecting how Windows XP handles imaging devices...

8/11 Security Firm Blamed For Code Red Costs. 'Was it really necessary to release full details of the IIS buffer overflow that made the Code Red I and II worms possible?'

8/11 Semiconductor Alert! (Aug. 6-10) Commentary & analysis of week's chip news

8/11 Intel Fights Back Against AMD and VIA in the Low-end Processor Market.

8/11 U.S. Urges Court To Deny Microsoft Delay Request. The brief reference to Windows XP in Friday's filing is the first time the government has brought up the new operating system in court.

8/11 Sun Demands Java for Windows XP. In full-page ads in The New York Times, San Jose Mercury News and The Wall Street Journal on Thursday, Sun called on consumers "to demand that Microsoft include the Java platform in their XP operating system."

8/11 Microsoft Tightens Its Grip on the Web. It wants to own ecommerce, just like it owns your desktop. If XP makes Passport a de facto standard for software writers, Microsoft will control a crucial part of the way websites collaborate... Well-written.

8/11 Microsoft Puts More Privacy in Passport. Criticism of Passport has mounted from some privacy advocacy groups... Microsoft said it will now require only an e-mail address and password to open a new Passport account.

8/11 Discovery Launches to Meet Space Station

8/11 Judge Orders Rambus to Pick-up $7M Legal Tab for Infineon. ..."baseless, unjustified and frivolous" suit.

8/11 Intel to Show 2GHz Xeon Chip Next Week. At Siggraph 2001 computer graphics trade show in Los Angeles.

8/11 Intel CEO Sees Some Pickup in Computing in 2001. Computer shipments should improve later this year, but telecommunications equipment sales will probably not step up until late 2002.

8/10 Hynix Expects to Double its DDR Memory Shipments This Month

8/10 Socket A Chipsets Comparison.  Plenty of benchmarks, good comparison, easy read.

8/10 Small Seattle Firm Takes on Microsoft on Its TurfxSides, a tiny Seattle company, is entering the fray with technology that literally pushes Windows aside...

8/10 Code Red III Detected in South Korea.  The Code Red III worm spreads even faster than earlier versions and leaves a wider "back door" on infected machines.... 43,201 servers infected so far.  Code Red III Alert In Korea May Be False Alarm - ExpertNothing concrete one way or the other in this most recent story. More Code Red info.

8/10 Intel's Itanium Processor Too Hot for Servers?  At 130 watts, the 0.18-micron Itanium dissipates significantly more heat than the 32-bit Pentium 4. "If you open up our [Dell PowerEdge] 7150 [a 7U server with four Itaniums], about two-thirds of that is fans..."

8/10 U.S. Funds Supercomputing Grid. The NSF-funded grid is planned to be capable of sending the entire contents of the World Wide Web to any of the four Distributed Terascale Facility sites in two hours. IBM news release.

8/10 Baby Bell Breakup Movement Gains Ground

8/9 Microsoft Plans ‘Blizzard’ Of Web Services On Corporate, Enterprise Landscape. Hailstorm is more around the desktop; this [code named Blizzard] is more server-oriented...  shared databases and spreadsheets that will extend out to suppliers... Great Plains group [accounting] is also developing a set of XML Web services...

8/9 "Self-assembling" Solar Cells Developed. Solar cells that "self assemble" from a liquid have been developed by scientists at the University of Cambridge. The breakthrough could make it cheap and easy to cover large areas, like roofs, with efficient, ultra-thin solar cell coatings...  "Organic materials normally have low efficiencies, but we found we this was high - peaking at 34 per cent."

8/9 China Wants to Choose Next Dalai LamaYou've got to be kidding...

8/9 SiS Announces SiS645/SiS961 DDR333 Chipset for the Pentium 4Sample in August with mass production in September 2001.

8/9 IE 6 Central to Passport Privacy Boost. Microsoft will soon be offering better privacy and security for online consumers, but at a price: exclusive use--for now--of the company's forthcoming Internet Explorer 6.0 Web browser.

8/9 FCC Reports 63% Jump In Broadband Use

8/9 No PC Recovery Until 2003, IDC Says. Small amount of growth is still expected for 2002.

8/9 VIA P4X266 Based Board from ESC to Move Pentium 4 to Low-End. Pics of motherboard with VIA P4 DDR chipset.

8/9 ECS to Begin Shipping Pentium 4 Motherboards for IBMNo mention of the chipset that will be used for these boards.

8/9 Security Firms Call for Video-Surveillance Law. Facing a growing public backlash, the security industry called on Congress Wednesday to regulate the use of surveillance systems that match faces of people on the street with a database of known criminals.

8/9 Firewalls Bypassed in Wireless LANs... Over-the-air security built into today's 802.11b WLAN systems is too easy for attackers to break... at least 20% of enterprises already have "rogue" WLANs attached to their corporate networks...

8/9 QuakeCon 2001 Starts at the Mesquite Convention Center Mesquite, Texas. "Mesquite-based id Software, makers of the wildly popular DOOM and QUAKE, are holding the sixth annual QuakeCon video game conference and tournament."

8/9 Nobel Prizes Awarded for Physics and Chemistry

8/9 Wandering Lonely as a Planet. 18 large, planet-sized objects found wondering in the Orion constellation instead of circling a star.

8/9 Microsoft Expands Icon Use Requirements. In an attempt to counter AOL Time Warner, the software giant reportedly wants three of the icons on XP desktops to point to its own services.

8/9 Microsoft Appeal Gets No Respect... from legal experts.

8/9 No Sign of Bottoming Out In Economy, Fed Reports. Survey finds that weakness in manufacturing is expanding to other areas; stocks plummet on the news.

8/9 Another Leak from ATI: This Time a Roadmap

8/9 IE 6.0 Launch Date = Wednesday, August 15th

8/9 AOL, MSN Not as Satisfying as Others, Survey Says

8/9 The 20th Anniversary of the PC? Well, Sort Of

8/9 Gateway Closing Operations in Britain, Ireland

8/9 AMD Works on Its Megahertz Image. AMD is preparing to launch its next desktop Athlon processor, a 1.5GHz chip, in late September...  Intel is getting ready to release the 2 GHz P4... Herein lies AMD's marketing problem.

8/8 Continued Popularity, New Capabilities Assure the Future of the PC. With the 20th anniversary of the Aug. 12, 1981, launch of the IBM 5150 Personal Computer approaching, many within the computer industry are pausing to reflect on how far personal computing has come -- and how far it is likely to go in the next 20 years.

8/8 Light Shed on Brave New World of Nanotechnology. "These properties suggest that nanotubes may soon be able to conduct electrons over many micrometers, making them a viable, much smaller alternative to conventional electronic wires."

8/8 Dell, Locally-Built, and Micron Rated the Best Overall Desktop PC's.

8/8 Number of U.S. Households Online Grows in Second Quarter. Rose 3% to 70.7 million subscribers during the second quarter of 2001.

8/8 The Perseid Meteor Shower. One of the best of the annual meteor displays reaches maximum before sunrise next Sunday.

8/8 HyperTransport Consortium Leader Brings Clarity to Interconnect Technology Landscape

8/8 PC Chip Makers Revenues Seen Off  24%

8/8 Microsoft Releases Code Red II Cleanup Tool. Designed to "eliminate the obvious effects of the Code Red II worm."   It does not install the patch released by Microsoft correct the buffer-overflow bug in the IIS Web server.  It may not fix other worms, etc. installed using the back door installed by Code II.  Scans looking for servers with the back door are being detected.
Tool description and download.
More on Code Red and Red II.

8/8 Got a Virus? You're Sued! Analysts are now predicting that those who have been lax in their security practices will begin to find themselves on the losing end of civil suits for negligence.

8/8 World Silicon Wafer Demand Off 21%

8/8 Toshiba to Cut Memory Chip Output by 25%.  Closing oldest production line.  Semiconductor makers around the world have been cutting back production, particularly that of DRAM and SRAM chips, as the world market slumps and prices continue to slide.  This story says they are cutting production by 60%. Toshiba Axes Japanese Fab, Cuts Rambus Production. The promise of RDRAM parts as a sole profit source and comfort to DRAM makers is in tatters... "The demand for Rambus parts is still relatively limited. The P4 is still very expensive and it does not penetrate the market yet..."

8/8 Intel-VIA Chipset Showdown Imminent. VIA to launch P4 DDR memory chipset August or September despite no license from Intel, which it claims it does not need because of the S3 acquisition.  It is cheaper than Intel's Brookdale chipset, which only supports PC133 memory. Motherboard Manufacturers: Little Profit for 845 Boards With Intel’s Plan to Launch Its Own Products. Some motherboard makers that are also developing VIA’s P4X266-based products may not be able to obtain as many 845 chipsets as they desire after Intel made an unexpected visit last week. Intel Cools-Down Pentium 4 Market by Adjusting Supply of 845 chipsets.  Intel to vary its 845 chipset supply to different motherboard manufacturers depending on their shipment ratios of Socket 370 and Pentium 4 products.

8/8 Ordinary Electrical Outlets May Rule Home Networking

8/8 Adobe, Xerox tiff Slows Internet Fax Standard. The Internet Engineering Task Force has slammed the brakes on plans for a common way of sending faxes over the Internet, due to last-minute licensing problems between rivals Adobe and Xerox.

8/8 Code Red II Worms Its Way Deeper Into Internet. Costing nearly $2 billion and on its way to becoming one of the most expensive security threats to hit the Internet. "We're already seeing reports of denial of service attacks starting up..."  Some slowdowns for U.S. cable modem networks. More on Code Red and Red II

8/7 Windows XP May be Released Early - September. Microsoft has given PC makers the go-ahead to ship Windows XP as much as one full month before the operating system's official Oct. 25 launch date... The company is advancing its release schedule to ship Windows XP ahead of any possible injunction that would delay the new operating system's debut.

8/7 Microsoft Appeals Antitrust Case to Supreme Court.

8/7 Web Sites Prey on Rivals' Stores. Gator and other such programs as "hijackware," applications that easily whisk consumers from a point of sale at one site to a competitor’s site.  In one extreme example, eZula has been working with file-sharing networks Kaazaa and iMesh to superimpose links to marketers' sites over text on Web pages.

8/7 Code Red-Like Worm 'Storming Back'. About 100,000 systems were infected Sunday, and in a "conservative" estimate, another 50,000 to 100,000 may be victimized through Monday.  More on Code Red and Red II

8/7 Intel Expected to Halve Pentium 4 Price. "We believe Intel is planning to detonate a price bomb by cutting prices about 50 percent on high-end processors..." Intel Shares Slip Amid Price War Concerns

8/7 AMD Voices Support for Arapahoe. HyperTransport and Arapahoe compliment rather than compete... Despite depictions in the media directly pitting AMD's HyperTransport against Arapahoe, HyperTransport was never intended to be the next generation of PCI.

8/7 New Language Could Speed-up the Web. Creators claim Curl can speed up the delivery by up to 10 times.

8/7 Is Copy Protection Dead on Arrival? Audio CD's... Record Labels Plan Copy-Proof CDs After Napster

8/7 Vaccine From Fly Spit

8/7 U.S. Productivity Bounces Back. Grew at an annual rate of 2.5% in the second quarter for the best showing in a year.

8/7 New Disc--Is It the End of The Music CD?  Digital disc, about the size of a quarter, holds 11 hours of music and is designed to thwart piracy.

8/7 DRAM Makers Readying 333MHz DDR Memory Chips. Getting ready to sample later this year.

8/7 Injunction Against Windows XP Unlikely-Analysts

8/7 Antitrust Concerns Could Delay Future Windows OS. Microsoft plans to push back the next major release of its operating system, code-named "Blackcomb," to 2005. Expect release of a less ambitious version, dubbed "Longhorn," sometime in 2003. Plans are to bundle a database with Blackcomb...

8/7 MS Passport Security Considered Harmful. "The system carries significant risks to users..."

8/7 Solar Power On The Rise. Domestic shipments of photovoltaic cells increased 74 percent during the two-year period ending in 2000... solar cells now cost just 20% percent of what they did 25 years ago... Rooftop systems that can meet half a home's electricity needs now cost as little as $10,000...

8/7 Wireless Security is Even Flakier Than We Thought

8/7 Taiwan's Motherboard Makers Enjoyed Strong Growth in July. Abit up 23%, Gigbyte 17%, DFI 20%, Chaintech 25%..

8/7 AOL Releases Final Version of New Netscape. Version 6.1.  Minor changes.  Faces uphill battle against Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which controls more than 90% of the browser market.

8/6 New Code Red: Worse Than the First? A new and possibly more virulent version of the worm was detected circulating the Internet over the weekend, attacking machines and leaving them vulnerable to other intruders. More Serious Code Red II Worm on the Loose.  Installs a backdoor in servers that allows attackers to easily access the infected computer, gain control of the machine by changing passwords, and giving them the ability to copy, browse, and delete files.

8/6 Nvidia and ATI Able to Supply Motherboard Chipsets in 4Q

8/6 Office XP: Two Thirds of German Users Refusing Compulsory Registration

8/6 Microsoft Explains XP Software Activation.

8/6 Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 Goes Gold. Microsoft says it expects to have the final version, or "Gold Code," of its newest Internet Explorer Web browser completed some time next week.  August 15th.

8/6 Faster Wireless LANs May Prove a Bargain. Even before significantly faster wireless LAN products hit the market, the cost of that equipment is said to be plummeting.

8/6 Wireless Network Group Discloses New Vulnerability

8/6 Does Xbox Mark the Spot?

8/6 Maxtor Ships First 40GB External Hard Disk Drive With USB 2.0 Interface. $199.95.  MaxtorUSB 2.0 board available for 4$49.95.

8/6 Intel CEO Barrett Sees More Chip Price Cuts. Intel will continue to cut microprocessor prices at least once every two months.

8/6 The Birth of the PC. Two decades ago, a team of 12 IBM engineers -- dubbed the Dirty Dozen -- created a PC that transformed the industry, setting computing standards still in use today.

8/6 Sun Says UltraSparc V Procesor is Two Chips In One

8/2 Critics Blast U.S. Ties to 'Snooper Bowl' Technology. A face-scanning technology that drew sharp criticism from lawmakers and privacy advocates when it photographed thousands of Super Bowl fans in Tampa...

8/2 Fujitsu to Halt 3.5-inch IDE Hard Disk Production

8/2 Intel CEO: Industry Entering Extended PC Era

8/2 Semiconductor Sales Wilt in June. Worldwide sales of semiconductors in June sank to $11.6 billion, down 8.8 percent from May.

8/1 Code Red Worm Comes Storming Back!

8/1 Code Red May be Picking-up SpeedA revived Code Red appeared to be gathering momentum Wednesday, but there were no signs yet of a traffic surge that could affect the functioning of the Internet.

8/1 'Code Red' Comes Calling

8/1 Via Runs Into Resistance on Its Pentium 4 Chipset. The lack of an Intel license has left Asus, Gigabyte and Microstar unwilling to use Via's new chipsets.

8/1 I have just been notified that Windows XP RC2 (Release Candidate 2) is ready for downloading.

8/1 Win XP Windfall for PC Makers

8/1 Sony Cuts 'Memory Stick' Prices

8/1 Vishay To Acquire General Semi In Stock DealSure...  they closed the Sprague plant here.

8/1 New Microscope Creates Images Using Antimatter

8/1 (Updated) Code Red Worm is Scanning the Internet... The Code Red worm is active and looking for servers to infect.  The increasing activity “is indicative of the first phase of operation for the worm, in which it scans random IP address for systems to compromise,” CERT reported. “These reports indicate that the number of compromised systems is increasing exponentially.”
Code RED Worm Alert!  How Big Is The Problem?  On July 19, the Code Red worm infected more than 250,000 systems in just 9 hours. Code Red is likely to start spreading again on July 31st, 2001 8:00 PM EDT and has mutated so that it may be even more dangerous.... Every organization or person who has Windows NT or Windows 2000 systems AND the IIS web server software may be vulnerable. More Info......


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