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April 2001

4/30 Chinese Hackers Strike U.S. Sites. Chinese crackers apparently got an early start on what the government and security companies are predicting will be a wave of attacks against U.S. Web sites this week.

4/30 IBM Unveils New Picture-in-Picture Computer Monitor. ...20.8-inch screen featuring a picture-in-picture television stream, split-screen configurations, and a resolution so high that analysts say it could almost be used for X-rays.

4/30 Broadband Homes To Number 90Mil Globally By '04 - Report

4/30 Intel Faces Delays to 0.13 Micron Move

4/30 Peer-to-Peer Begins to Look More Server-Centric.  "It looks now like the model that is going to be prevalent will be some sort of hybrid where you have centralized services but you [also] have interactions managed through peer-to-peer protocols..."

4/27 GDP Grows at 2 Percent Annual Rate. Analysts said the report indicated that the economy was not in as bad shape as it had appeared.

4/27 Nanotechnology Breakthrough Forwards the Chip Revolution. Manipulation of molecular structures, will allow IBM to more easily create groups of transistors from tiny cylinders called carbon nanotubes, which are 10,000 times narrower than a human hair.  Organic...  More herePress release.

4/27 Robot Arm Handshake on Hold. For a second day, a computer "glitch" on the International Space Station delayed NASA’s attempts to operate the newly installed robot arm.

4/27 Update: FBI Warns of Chinese May Day Hack Attacks

4/27 Group Says Microsoft's XP Raises Antitrust Anew. Microsoft Corp.'s rivals on Thursday accused the company of continuing to flout U.S. antitrust laws by tying the latest version of its media player software into its new Windows XP operating system.

4/27 Vishay Critical of General Semiconductor's Response to Proposed Business Combination

4/26 Let the Game Wars Begin. Microsoft alone declaring that it will spend $500 million over an 18-month period to market Xbox.  You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

4/26 Bills To Extend Net-Tax Moratorium Debut In Congress

4/26 Intel Says 2 ghz Pentium 4 on Track for Third Quarter

4/26 Intel Shows Off 2-GHz Pentium 4

4/26 AMD Touts Size Advantage of New ChipAMD disclosed that the first of several forthcoming processors, code-named Clawhammer, will be only 105 millimeters square--about the same size as a current Athlon chip and half the size of Intel's current Pentium 4 chips.

4/26 AMD 2001 Shareholders' Meeting: New CPU Roadmap.

4/26 Office XP Cracks Down on Casual Copying.

4/26 State of the Art: Makeover for Desktop PC Adds Style, and a Stylus.  Sony Vaio Slimtop Pen Tablet is the first consumer PC with a 15-inch flat-panel touch screen. 

4/26 AMD Will Cut Prices on 30th April.

4/26 Sun Project Seeks Unified Peer-to-Peer Computing.  Project could create a protocol for peer-to-peer computing that will be as widely used as TCP/IP and HTTP have been for the Internet.

4/26 Gigabit Ethernet for the Masses. Gigabit Ethernet is becoming a network commodity...

4/26 Chernobyl to Hit Again Today. This virus can delete a computer's entire hard drive and corrupt its BIOS, leaving it unbootable.

4/26 Intel: MEMS the Word. Micro-refrigerators, mini-tweezers for microbiologists, wireless antenna controllers--these are the types of products Intel could start producing with its move into microelectrical mechanics.

4/26 Microsoft ties Media Player 8 to Windows XP. The latest features of the Windows Media Player 8, particularly CD recording and DVD playback, will only be available in Windows XP.

4/26 Intel-AMD Price War May Spur New Tech BoomNow, where have I heard that before?  Ah, yes, here.

4/26 New Dinosaur Fossil Ruffles Feathers

Do to a computer error, actually mine, we lost the headlines for 23-25 April 20001.  Larry

4/20  The Intel 1.7 Ghz Pentium 4 Will Launch on Monday and Cost $350 (no hyperlink).

4/20 Microsoft Posts Solid Earnings, Beats StreetMicrosoft quote a long time ago: "Software... It's like printing your own money."

4/20 Dell Grabs PC Top Spot from Compaq. Dell Computer surpassed Compaq Computer in the first quarter to become the world's largest PC maker, the first time the rankings have shifted in about seven years.

4/20 Ignition for  Scramjets. The first flight tests towards ultra-high speed air travel will take off in May.

4/21 Chip War Heats Up. In the fourth quarter of 2000, Intel processors powered 81.5% of PCs while AMD had 17.1%.  Now, in the first months of 2001, Intel's share has fallen to 77.3% and AMD's has grown to 21.1%.

4/19 New Epox BIOS Solves VIA KT133A Chipset, 686B Southbridge Problem

4/19 New Pentium 4 to Debut Next Week. Intel will show off Foster, the Pentium 4 chip designed for workstations and servers, for the first time next week at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas.

4/18 Who Needs Software Engineers? Soon We'll All be Programmers

4/18 Mobo Makers Turn Backs on Rambus Development

4/18 Intel Profit Slid 82% in 1st Quarter

4/18 New AMD Processor Pricing

4/18 P-To-P Can Be Efficient Solution For Lean Times

4/17 Dean Kent's April 2001 Industry Update.  VIA continues to take market share in the chipset business from Intel.  Socket A motherboards have gone form 22% to over 30% of the market in the last year.  P4 motherboard sales were fairly dismal the past quarter with less than half of the expected volume. 

4/17 Words and Pictures Are Combined to Form a New Industry. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

4/17 Designing a Behemoth and a Comet

4/17 Etching Process Shrinks Design Rules to 25 Nanometers. Or about 100 silicon atoms wide.

4/17 Office 95 Doesn't Make the Upgrade.  Microsoft Office 95 users will not be able to take the upgrade route to Office XP and will instead have to buy the full version.

4/16 The first issue of the Dux Computer Newsletter has been sent.   Click Newsletter to read it on-line.

4/16 Intel to Slash Pentium 4 Prices. Intel spokesperson confirmed  the company will be slashing wholesale prices of its Pentium 4 processors on April 29th.  %50-%60. 1.7 Ghz Pentium 4, will drop from US$700 on its April 23 release date to $350 six days later.

4/16 Red Hat Unveils Latest Linux Distribution

4/16 LCD Monitor War Looms

4/16 Deciphering Microsoft's .Net Puzzle. Microsoft's .Net strategy is something akin to the old television game show "Concentration," which challenged viewers to decipher a phrase cleverly written in letters and hieroglyphics.

4/16 Neutron Stars Contain Diamond Cores. "Thus it seems likely that inside each neutron star is a 'Diamond as big as the Ritz..."

4/16 Free to Be P-to-P. Although all eyes will be on the July 1 rebirth of Napster, companies aren't waiting to see whether a legitmate p-to-p business model can be found.

4/16 MPEG-4 Video Format Picks up Key Supporters. An MPEG-4 transfer format based on the Real-time Transfer Protocol (RTP) has moved closer to becoming an accepted standard for the transfer of compressed video streams.

4/13 Ellis Island Records Go Online. The immigration records of more than 17 million Americans who entered the country through Ellis Island, N.Y. will go online for the first time next Tuesday, Apr. 17.

4/13 Owl Hearing Relies on Advanced Math

4/13 Authorities Uncover Global Net Banking Scam

4/13 DSL Voice Proposal Stirs Ire

4/13 Windows XP Will Support USB 2.0, Somehow

4/13 Samsung SM-308: Three Drives for the Price of One. The drive has the ability to read from and write to CD-R and CD-RW media as well as read DVD-ROM disks.

4/13 Can the Pentium 4 Recover?  This year looks bleak.  Expect continued margin erosion and declining ASPs.  The erosion of market share to rival AMD will endure relatively unabated, and expect upstarts VIA and Transmeta to also make more gains at Intel’s expense.

4/12 Data-corruption Bug Hits VIA Chipsets. KT133A, 686B Southbridge.

4/12 Why are Moths Attracted to Light?

4/12 Moving Music Past the MP3 Format. 'Microsoft plans to severely limit the quality of music that can be recorded as an MP3 file using software built into Windows XP, according to the report!'

4/12 MP3 Encoders Ripping Along Without Microsoft

4/12 First Chip-making Machine Using 0.03 Micron Technology AnnouncedNews release.

4/12 Scientists Teach Computer to Speak

4/11 Dear Readers... Next Monday, April 16th, I am going to start an E-Mail Newsletter.  It will be a biweekly and about 2-3 pages long.  If you would like to subscribe please click here.  I have already signed-up current Forum members and those who took our survey a few months ago.  I hope that is OK...  The link also has an unsubscribe function.  Please E-Mail me if there is a problem.  I hope you will find the Dux Computer Newsletter interesting...  Got to do something besides banner ads if I want to take the wife out to dinner once and a while...  Larry 

4/11 Chip-making Machine to Fuel Next-gen ComputersMachine prototype uses extreme ultraviolet lithography to trace ultra small circuitry lines on silicon wafers.

4/11 Big Bang.  Our Universe exploded into action after being hit by another, say physicists.  Sure... and where did the two universes come from?

4/11 Farewell Clippy: What's Happening to the Infamous Office Assistant in Office XP.  Good riddance!

4/11 When the Music's Over... In the face of increased advertising fees prompted by actors, streaming radio sites are getting their plugs pulled for a while.

4/11 LEDs Eye Benefits of Going Organic. There's uniform agreement that organic light-emitting diode displays will be the next big thing in flat panels, but there's substantial disagreement on how fast the technology will get up to speed.

4/10 CPU Price War!  Pentium 4 Prices May Drop by Over 50% Before the End of April. More hereAnd here.

4/10 Why Mathematicians Care About Their Hat Color

4/10  3D Web Surfing Gets a CPU Boost Macromedia's Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio lets Web surfers view 3D graphics faster by sending the data across the network and an instruction set that tells CPU what to do the with the data.  Press release.

4/10 FTP Software Open to Attack

4/9 Internet Critic Takes on Microsoft. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

4/9 New Material Reverses Snell's LawMaterial with a negative index of refraction...

4/9 Intel Closes in on 2GHz. 1.7GHz Pentium 4 will officially debut 23 April and will appear in PCs from Dell Computer, among others.  Intel and AMD to cut prices 20 percent or more 15 and 16 April, respectively.

4/9 Intel Releases 850MHz Celeron.

4/9 PlayStation 2 Gets Hard Drive, Broadband

4/9 Carrier, IBM to Provide First Web-enabled Air Conditioner. Air conditioner that wirelessly communicates in real time with other devices such as mobile phones and personal computers.

4/9 Bush to Propose Legislation on TV Move to Digital

4/9 High-speed Wireless LANs Are Coming. About a year from now, the first high-speed wireless LAN products will hit the market, promising to deliver a data rate of up to 54M bit/sec.

4/9 Microsoft’s Whistler: Now Serving Up Beta 2. Windows XP may be getting all the attention, but Whistler Server Beta 2 is nothing to sneeze at.

4/9 RDRAM vs. DDR: Will A Lawsuit Lead To A Price War?

4/6 Crucial PC2100 DDR Memory Selling Like Hotcakes

4/6 Intel to Cut P4, Pentium III Prices 15 April.  May Intro 1.7 GHz P4

4/6 Microsoft Tweaks Its Browser.  IE6 gets a tune-up, but stays the same under the hood.  You can download the Beta hereIE6 Beta Bug Can Blank-out Email.

4/6 Microsoft's Virus Antidote: Ban Attachments. Outlook 2002 will by default reject more than 30 types of files sent as e-mail attachments.

4/6 Web Services: The New Plug And Play?

4/6 Storage Networking: The Next Big Thing?

4/6 General Semi Expected to Reject Vishay Bid

4/5 Microsoft Puts Web Server on Smart Card

4/5  AMD Announces CPU Price Drop Effective 16 April

4/5 Ten O'Clock Tech: Low-End PCs Speed Up

4/5 Analysts: Market Bottom for Internet, Tech Sectors at Hand

4/5 Study Shows Web Radio Gaining Success 23 radio sites in the US are attracting at least 2 percent of all adults in their immediate market.

4/5 Fly Ear Research May Improve Hearing AidsSonar?

4/5 Site to Pinpoint Federal Spending.  An Internet site that will show in detail how the federal government spends money in congressional district.

4/5 Antivirus Firm Predicts Bug Flood. Virus attacks may triple by the end of the year.

4/5 IT Telecommuting Brings Productivity Home

4/4 DDR vs. SDRAM Power - Revisited.  I don't know how I missed this one, but it is definitely worth a read.  In a nutshell, 266 Mhz PC2100 DDR memory uses about 40% less power (and generates less heat) than that used by PC133/100 SDRAM memory.

4/4 Top Tax Software Programs

4/4 Micron to Increase DDR Memory Output to 30% of its DRAM Output in Q4. The company said it is currently offering DDR SDRAM products at "near price parity" with mainstream SDRAMs.

4/4 General Semiconductor Board to Mull Vishay Offer

4/4 Genetics Company Links with Oracle, Hitachi. Oracle and Hitachi have joined biopharmaceutical company Myriad Genetics in a three-year project to map and catalog all human proteins and their interactions with cells.

4/4 PC Users Enlisted to Fight Cancer. A distributed computing project at Oxford University will let PC owners use their wasted CPU cycles to find potential cancer-fighting drugs.

4/4 Record Industry Back on the Hot Seat

4/4 MSN Joins Net Music Players.  Starts today here.

4/4 Boom Predicted For Speech-Recognition Software. The speech-recognition software market is projected to increase more than tenfold over the next four years.

4/4 Recession on the Horizon. A recession in the US is unavoidable before the end of the year, says a major economic research firm.

4/4 Analyst Says Semi-Conductor Downturn Could Last Three Years

4/4 DRAM Inventories Fall, but Prices Still Uncertain. Six months after DRAM sales fell off a cliff, there's evidence the supply glut that preceded that fall is starting to ease somewhat while demand has started picking up again...

4/3 PC2100 266 MHz DDR Memory is Starting to Get Cheap. $60.29 for 128 MB.

4/3 Rival Plans Stir Rumors of Post-PCI Bus War

4/3 Chip Furthers AMD's Computer Overhaul Plan. API NetWorks' AP1011 chip enables HyperTransport...

4/3 Fire Storm. Sun's current bout of violent activity continues, with the most powerful solar flare in 12 years

4/3 VIA's KT266: The Socket A Champion?

4/3 Intel Yields Silicon On 0.13-Micron, 300mm Wafers. 300mm = 12 inches!  Production 2002... Costs 30% less than smaller wafers. 

4/3 Vishay Proposes Buying General Semiconductor for $466M

4/3 Microsoft in Hot Pursuit of Software Pirates

4/2 COMDEX Starts in Chicago

4/2 Motorola Intros Java Phones

4/2 The Palm Phenom. "I'm in control here."  Palm CEO Carl Yankowski eyes a new add-on that turns a Palm into a camera.

4/2 Windows Hardware Engineering Conference Report.  Lot's of hardware stuff and plenty of pictures.

4/2 Into Thin Air: Demand for IT Workers Ebbs

4/2 IT Recruiters Exploit Layoffs. Companies are now jockeying to grab dot-com downsizing victims in order to fill long-vacant technology jobs.

4/2 Why Do Fingers Wrinkle in the Bath?

4/2 AMD Announces 900 Mhz Duron Processor.  $129 in quantity.

4/2 XP: A Wake Up Call for Windows

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