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September 2000

9/27/00  AMD Officially Announces Obsolescence of K6-2 Desktop Processor Family.

9/21/00  Nvidia Moves To Networking With X-Box Chip. Nvidia is designing a communications companion chip for Microsoft's game console, among other things.

9/21/00  Win a Network prize winners... I want thank everyone who participated in our survey of Digest readers.  It helped us with our advertising and thus provided support to keep the Digest going.  Larry

9/15/00  World's Tiniest Web Server...  At about one square inch, and $39, NetMedia's SitePlayer is a real Ethernet Web server...

9/14/00  Microsoft Releases Windows Me. 

9/14/00  Jobs Takes Wraps off Mac OS X Beta.  Somewhat coincidental timing, I would say... 

9/12/00  Plastic Transistors Drive 64 x 64-pixel Display.  Major step towards low-cost, flexible displays made of plastic.

9/12/00  Off the Charts.  Despite the uncertain legality of the Napster online music-sharing service, the number of people using it more than quadrupled in just five months.

9/10/00  Atlantis Docks with Space Station

9/9/00  World Internet Population Nears 300 Million. 

9/7/00  CERN scientists think they have spotted the Higgs particle, the most sought-after prize in particle physics

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