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July 2000

7/31/00 AMD K6-2 Processors Discontinued.

7/29/00  Windows Me OEM Shipping This Tuesday, August 1, 2000!

7/26/00 Drew Prairie of AMD Says, "We have not accelerated the public timeline for SledgeHammer, so don't expect to see systems this year." 

7/26/00  Intel also Investigating DDR Memory Support for  Pentium 4 Chipset.  And the winner of the Rambus/DDR bout is...
Taiwan, I think.

7/26/00 13:00 EST Rambus Stock Down 11 7/16 or -15%.  Intel previously said it would exclusively use proprietary Rambus memory for the
Pentium 4.

7/26/00  Intel Adds PC133 Memory To Pentium 4 Plans.  New chipset is set for volume production during second half 2001.  A bit late I would say.

7/26/00  Acer Labs Introduces First DDR Core Logic Chipset for AMD AthlonTM, Mobile AMD AthlonTM and AMD DuronTM Processors.   The ALiMAGiK 1 chipset is sampling now and will be in volume production in Q4.

7/19/00  Apple Unveils Power Mac Cube.  Heat freaks will "like" this one--no fans

07/17/00 Maxtor Sets World's Capacity Record With 80 GB Hard Drive

7/13/00  Internet Explorer 5.5 Released.

7/11/00  The Dux Computer Digest has completed its two-year evolution from a Mom 'n Pop computer store web site to a publication.  We have removed our product and services pages and will focus the entire web site on providing computer and network how-to articles, product reviews, and selected news.  I still have my shop and we will definitely continue to support our existing customers.  Larry   

7/5/00  ITU adopts new V.92 dial-up MODEM standard.  Faster connects, faster uploads, and better call waiting.

June 2000

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