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August 2000

8/28/00  Computers With AMD 1.1 GHz Processor Shipping Today

8/26/00  AMD's Ruiz: "AMD will introduce five new processors between Nov. 15 and Feb. 15. This includes Mustang, which has a range of on-chip cache from 512 Kbytes to 2 Mbytes, depending on customer need.   Mustang will be AMD's highest-performance entry into the workstation and server markets."

8/23/00  Pentium 4 Demonstrated at 2GHz

8/23/00  Intel Ships Industry's First Gigahertz Server and Workstation Processors.  Pentium III Xeon... This statement is debatable.

8/23/00  Intel Announces New NetBurst™ Micro-Architecture for PentiumŪ 4 Processor

8/22/00  Merisel Considers Selling Distribution Units.  Company reports $17 million loss in 2nd Quarter.

8/22/00  Intel, NetChip Push For More I/O Speed.  64-bit PCIx bus running at 133 MHz... USB 2.0 extends USB from 12 Mbits to 480 Mbits...

8/21/00  Kingston Starts DDR Memory Shipments to OEMs

8/21/00  Verizon Strike Ends in NY and New England.

8/14/00  Developers of Linux Software Planning Assault on Microsoft

8/14/00  AMD Ships 1.1 Gig Athlons

8/12/00 Microsoft Ending Free 90-Day Phone Support.

8/12/00  Dux Makes ZDTV.  "He's got a spool of old CAT 5 cable. He'll need a few other things. Here's great page that explains what they are and how to use them."

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