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16-31 December 2000

12/31 Notebook Price Wars to Flare up in 2001. I think the wars will not be limited to notebooks.  There are some mighty hungry companies in the technology sector.

12/31 Microsoft's Alter EgosBill Gates and Steve Ballmer form two sides of a high-tech brain trust.

12/31 Spacecraft Makes Flyby of Jupiter.
More with pictures.

12/31 Congress Could See Early Rural Internet Bill

12/31 U.S. Warns of Possible New Year's Computer Blitzes

12/31 Storage Moving To Front Of Tech Pack

12/31 NY Times...
Slower Than Its Predecessor: Pentium 4.

2/29 Great Plains Buy Raises Antitrust Issue. Microsoft's planned purchase of Great Plains Software is attracting antitrust attention.

12/29 Death of the PC?  Requiem for a Desktop.

12/29 Life With Windows Me: First 100 Days

12/29 Beware of Happy New Year Virus

12/28 DNA-based Sensor Chip Detects Metals in Real-time.  Technology harnesses living DNA to detect dangerous metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium.

12/28 CPU Speed: How Much Is Enough?

12/28 Plastic Chips, Brain Machines: What Will the Future Hold?

12/28 Bandwidth Demand Could Spare Networkers Woe

12/28 Schools Expand Online Education

12/28  Hong Kong Leads in Net Surfing

12/27 Companies Reevaluate 2001 IT Spending.  Chief financial officers rethink the mantra that new information technology will always pay for itself.

12/27  AMD's New Battleground: The Office

12/27 Network Associates shares plunge 66 Percent

12/27 Study: E-Holiday Spending Doubled.  $8.7 billion.

12/27 Silicon Neurons in an Analog World.  Good read.

12/27 Analysts See PC Price War on Horizon

12/27 Test Uncovers Pentium 4 Chipset Flaw

12/26 Net Retailers Take Ax to Price Tags

12/26 Acer Group Restructures After Tough 2000

12/24  Internet video lets baby Chance see his father, Chief Ted Smith, USA, stationed in Hungary, for the first time.  The USO, SpotLife and Logitech Team Up to Bring U.S. Military "Home for the Holidays."  SpotLife will develop, host and provide technical support to a dedicated USO (United Service Organizations) Personal Video Broadcasting channel  specifically designed for military personnel and their families. Logitech will donate its QuickCam Internet video cameras to more than 100 USO  facilities around the world.  "We can think of no better use of our service than to help those that serve our country while being separated from their family and friends," said Amit Goswamy, president and CEO of SpotLife. "If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? To be able to see and hear a loved one share personal news and thoughts is a wonderful gift indeed."  Outstanding!

12/22 'Tis the Season for Credit-card Heists.  

12/22 Kriz Virus To Make Christmas Comeback. Virus threatens to cause significantly more damage than it did a year ago.

12/22 Firewalls Becoming Ineffective, Experts Say

12/22 Flat-Panel Displays Show Desktop Gains

12/22 Search Engines Contribute Little to Site Traffic.  According to StatMarket, search engines account for less than 7% of referrals.

12/22 DSL Upstarts Can't Compete With Phone GiantsDespite strong efforts to lay down service lines across the U.S., many DSL providers are faced with closing down or selling out to their rivals.

12/22 Students Can Win $25,000 in IBM's VoiceXML Challenge

12/22 Intel to Introduce Product Changes: New D0 Core Stepping

12/22  Microsoft to Acquire Great Plains Software Inc.  Business management software, aimed at small to medium-sized companies, is its next big growth area.  More here.

12/22 McAfee Virus Update Damages NT 4.0 Files

12/19 Iraq Buys 4000 PlayStation 2s in World Conquest Bid.

12/19 Serial ATA Draft Specification 1.0 Now Available

12/19 Selected Linux Games Available for Download

12/19 HDTV Vendors Target New Markets

12/18 Vendors Pushing Ethernet as Computer Bus Option.  Interesting concept... Networked expansion boards...

12/18 3dfx to Liquidate, Sell Assets to NVIDIANVIDIA news release.

12/18 Time Warner Chases Road RunnerBy increasing its stake and restructuring the operating platform for Road Runner, Time Warner Cable is clearing the way to offering multiple ISPs on its systems on an accelerated basis.

12/18 The Year the Bubble Burst.  2000 started off with a bug, then the Street went bang and we're ending with a bear market. What happened, exactly?

12/18 Falling Shares Force PC Price Cuts. Economic slowdowns find U.S. computer makers in a rush to get their inventory out the door before the holidays.

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