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16 - 30 November 2000

11/30/00  Transmeta, NEC Recall 300 Notebooks With Crusoe Processor

11/30/00  Move Over PCs - Internet Appliances to Gain Ground.  We'll see...

11/30/00  Shuttle Ready for Latest Construction Job.  Nice simulated picture.

11/30/00  Surprising Jump in Q3 Wafer Capacity Could Spell Trouble.  Skip this one if you are easily bored.

11/30/00  Did Netscape Jump the Gun With New Browser?

11/30/00  3dfx Voodoo 5 Graphics Cards Incompatible with Pentium 4 Motherboards

11/30/00  Soyo Announces DDR Memory Motherboards for AMD and Intel CPUs

11/30/00  VIA Introduces 650MHz & 667MHz Versions of the VIA Cyrix III Processor These are Socket 370 processors.

11/30/00  Wall Street Abandons PC Stocks

11/30/00  Hubble Rings a Black Hole

11/30/00  AMD Prepares Assault on Workstation, Server Segments

11/30/00  Another Front in the Digital-Music Battle

11/29/00  Best Buy Stores Recalling Pentium 4 Machines.  Excessive heat and inadequate performance...  More here.

11/29/00  1.7GHz Athlon - too hot to trot?

11/29/00  MTX Virus Gaining Speed in Unusual Ways Virus blocks users from anti-virus Websites.

11/29/00  Technology Spruces up Times Square

11/28/00  Ready for a Storage Revolution? Constellation 3D's new storage tech will pack 100GB on a DVD-sized optical disk and 10GB on a credit card-sized drive. C3D's web site.

11/28/00  Countdown Begins for Shuttle Space Station Mission.  To add solar power wings larger than the wings on a 747.  A new "star" in the sky...

11/28/00  NVIDIA Licenses Breakthrough 3D Technology to Microsoft

11/28/00  FCC Activates New Slamming Rules.  This has happened to my company without my authorization.  I didn't pay the perpetrators a dime and told them to take it to court if they didn't like it.  They didn't.

11/28/00  Microsoft Announces the Next Version of FrontPage.  Now in Beta 2.  To be available mid 2001.

11/28/00  Top 5 CD-RW drives.  Plunging prices.  A little old, but news, etc. worthy.

11/27/00  Signed Code: Security or Censorship?
Depending on Microsoft's approach, code signing could secure not only the desktop, but the software giant's control over it as well.

11/27/00  More People Using the Web as a Doctor

11/27/00  Microsoft Asks Court To Overrule Breakup Order

11/27/00  Interactive TV Puts Couch Potatoes to Work

11/27/00  E-tailers Beat Out Retailers in Customer Satisfaction Survey

11/27/00  P4 is on a Par With PIII and Athlon in Some Tests

11/27/00  Death of the Post-PC Era.  Good... I'm getting tired of the recent back to the mainframe mentality.  The bigger "they" get, the more "they" want to centralize, control, and thereby profit more from everything.

11/27/00  Plastic MicrochipsMore here.

11/24/00  International Undersea Internet Cable Damaged.  In case you were wondering why some web sites in the Pacific have been slow...  More detail here.

11/24/00  Security Holes Found in Windows Media Player

11/24/00  Home Servers: The New Data Butlers

11/24/00  Desktops Are Becoming Studios

11/24/00  Is Windows Now Playing Catchup to Linux?

11/23/00  The World's Fastest Graphics Out in January.  More here.

11/23/00  Interview with VIA

11/23/00  Canon Develops Paper-thin Digital Display

11/23/00  DOD Remains Wired to a Future Net

11/23/00  Web Voting System Could Be Built For $250 Million

11/23/00  If You Use Napster, You're Being Watched

11/23/00  Interactive TV Brings New Tricks to the Old Box.  Microsoft, AOL rally to lure couch potatoes to surf along.

11/23/00  Rambus Orders Lagging for Pentium 4 Systems

11/23/00  Satellite Radio Prepares to Blast Off

11/22/00  Itanium Pilot Progra Takes Off. Experimental systems with Intel's 64-bit Itanium chip will be available to selected participants in early 2001.

11/22/00  Techie's Napster-Like Idea Blasted Off

11/22/00  Guinness Sets Own World Record in Advertisement for New Web Site

11/22/00  Clothes Get Smarter Than the Wearer

11/22/00  E-Commerce Benefits from Surfers at Work

11/21/00  Gigabyte Announces GA-ATX Socket 423, Pentium 4 Motherboard With Intel 850 Chipset.  Specifications...

11/21/00  Pentium 4 Desktops

11/21/00  Sony Unveils Prototype Humanoid Robot.  More hereA Picture of Honda's "Tin Man"...

11/21/00  Compaq Delivers Pentium 4 Desktops and Workstations

11/21/00  Intel Releases AGP 8X Spec For Public Comment

11/21/00  Pentium 4: New Chip, Old Problems.  Expecting the Pentium 4 to be everything you want it to be? Prepare for a few disapointments...

11/21/00  Pentium 4 Fails Business Test

11/21/00  MSI Launches 850 Pro Pentium 4 Motherboard With Intel 850 Chipset.

11/21/00  AMD to Give Away Development Workstations... containing the latest AMD Athlon processor with DDR memory and Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 development toolset complimented by the Visual C++ 6.0 Processor Pack.

11/20/00  Intel Introduces The Pentium 4 Processor.  The only Pentium 4 motherboard I can find out there is the Intel D850GB.  The P4 uses a new socket, Socket423, instead of the Socket370 used by most PentiumII/III/Cleron processors and motherboards.  It will also require new memory (Rambus) and a new, Pentium 4 compatible power supply.

11/20/00  Intel's Future Rides with Pentium 4 Chip

11/20/00  Intel's New Pentium 4 Processor Lot's of nitty gritty.

11/20/00  Tokyo Retailers Jump the Gun on Pentium 4

11/18/00  The Week in Review: Slugfest at Comdex

11/18/00  Semiconductor Alert!   Commentary & analysis of week's chip news, Nov.13-17

11/18/00  TI Demos Interoperability of New V.92 MODEM Recommendation.  The V.92  key features:
Receive incoming phone calls during a  MODEM session
Fast reconnect
Upstream speeds up to 48Kbps

11/18/00  Rambus May Drag Ramp of Pentium 4

11/18/00  OEMs Pleased With Pentium 4

11/16/00  Will USB or FireWire Connect With Consumers?

11/16/00  DVD Rewritable Drives Battle it Out at Comdex

11/16/00  Motherboards at COMDEX

11/16/00  Burning Problem.  All the world's oil could be used without wrecking the climate says a leading climate analyst.

11/16/00  Dallas One of First U.S. Cities to Merge Internet, Phones

11/16/00  Comdex Light on Tangible Products

11/16/00  Yahoo, MSN Instant Messaging Services Growing Fast

11/16/00  Tech-savvy Worm

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