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15-31 Oct 2000

10/31/00  Full-Time Crew Blasts Off En Route to Space Station

10/31/00  Rambus Falls 20 Percent on Intel Support Concerns

10/31/00  Global Chip Market Seen Rising 20.3 Percent in 2001

10/31/00  Killer Worm Found "In the Wild" on Internet

10/31/00  Taiwan Approves S3-Via Graphics Chip Venture

10/30/00  HP, IBM, Oracle, Sun, Others Propose E-Transaction Standard

10/30/00  Intel Roadmap Shows Little Rambus Support in 2001

10/30/00  Sony Stumbles Making Playstation 2 Chip

10/30/00  Micron Passes Over Pentium 4 For Athlon

10/30/00  As anticipated, AMD has just introduced its 760 DDR Chipset and DDR Athlon Processors with 266 Mhz Front Side Buses... At the same time, NEC introduced the Direction A+ desktop system with a 1.2 GHz DDR Athlon Processor, 760 chipset,  and 128 MBytes of DDR memory.  Micron.com announced that their Millennia Max XP DDR Athlon computer systems will be available on-line and at Best Buy next month.  And several motherboard manufactures announced DDR Athlon motherboards.  Interestingly, the Asus A7M266, DFI AK76, and EpoX 8K7A motherboards will use a hybrid chipset combination consisting of AMD's 761 North Bridge and VIA's VT82C686B South Bridge.

10/29/00  Sony's PlayStation 2 Just Start of Video Game War

10/29/00  Rumors are flying about the usual Internet places that the AMD 760 DDR Chipset and 266 Mhz FSB CPUs will be announced this evening.

10/29/00  Microsoft Judge Wants to Avoid Re-trial

10/29/00  Shareholders Sue AT&T Following Breakup Plan

10/29/00  Intel Moving to Block IA-64 Cloning  Appears to be, in effect, trying to patent the IA-64 instruction set itself.

10/26/00  AMD Moves Athlon To DDR.  Monday, AMD will unveil the AMD 760 chipset which increases the Front Side Bus from 200 to 266-MHz, while adding support for faster double-data-rate (DDR) memory.  AMD should also introduce new and more powerful Athlon processors that support the 266MHz front side bus.  Major PC makers are expected to announce systems based on the new chip set and DDR memory next week.  There should be many DDR motherboard announcements for AMD and Intel chips as we move towards COMDEX which starts November 13th in Las Vegas.
More... Still more here... Yes, even more here...

10/27/00  Microsoft  Hacked
Intruders believed to have stolen source code for software...  More here.

10/27/00  Microsoft CEO Sees Internet Future in Integration

10/27/00  Pentium 4 will Debut in a Month, Intel Chief Says

10/27/00  IBM Announces Plan to Set-up Chip Packaging Plant in China

10/27/00  S3 Born Again In Sea of Red Ink

10/26/00  FTC Scolds Microsoft On Tricky PromosMicrosoft has to curb the marketing pitches for WebTV.  More here.

10/26/00  First Sony PlayStation2 Consoles Hit the Street

10/26/00  Sony Net Falls 57 Percent, PlayStation2 Debuts

10/26/00  Vishay's Profit up 565%

10/26/00  Acer's Chip Will Run PlayStation Games on DVDs

10/26/00  Acer Labs Forms Processor Game Plan...  'ALi will start production in November of a chipset that supports the Athlon and 266-MHz DDR SDRAM.'

10/26/00  Fasten Your Seatbelts: Internet Revolution Ahead

10/26/00  AOL, Microsoft Revive Browser Wars

10/26/00  Why AT&T Hit the Self-Destruct Button

10/25/00  U.S. Crypto Winners -- Belgian Heroes  Can you spare 149 trillion years? That's how long it would take the most sophisticated hacker to crack Rijndael.

10/25/00  Culture Clash Erupts Inside Intel

10/25/00  Microsoft Works on Xbox As Playstation 2 Debuts

10/25/00  Xbox: How Software Titan Microsoft Got Into Hardware

10/25/00  AT&T to Reorganize, Create 4 New Companies

10/25/00  Broadband Content To Split Into Distinct TV, PC Camps

10/25/00  Pentium III DDR Memory Performance Analysis with VIA’s Apollo Pro266 DDR Chip Set. Very well written, informative.

10/25/00  A First Look at AOL 6

10/24/00  VIAs Apollo Pro266  Beats Rambus.  TecChannel.de review of one of the first preproduction  motherboards with VIA's Apollo Pro266 chipset, which supports DDR memory, and Celeron and Pentium III CPUs.

10/24/00  Study: Internet Users Shop in Pajamas...

10/24/00  Mir Space Station Will be Destroyed in February.

10/24/00  Microsoft’s Smart Cards.   Cards with memory and processors embedded in them and Windows for Smart Cards...

10/24/00  Potential Buyers for Xerox PARC Emerging  The 30-year-old research center is best known for its development of key technology used PCs.

10/24/00  AT&T's Failed Revolution

10/24/00  AT&T Breakup

10/23/00  Windows Me Knocks Out DSL  'Noticeable increase' in service calls...

10/23/00  A Sub-$1,000 Server? Dell Comes Close

10/23/00  Consumer Demand for PCs Is Strong

10/23/00  Sony Gambles with PlayStation 2 Game Console

10/23/00  Intel Sets Pentium 4 Path to 2GHz.  P4 Launch now 20 Nov.  "Approaching" 2 Ghz 2nd Quarter 2001... Sure...

10/21/00  Airlines Reminded to Reveal Low Internet Fares. Airlines must tell passengers who ask about the lowest fare that the best deals may be on the carrier's web site.

10/21/00  Windows Bugs Me - But a Little Less?

10/21/00  Semiconductor Alert! Commentary & Analysis of Week's Chip News, Oct. 16-20Robert Henkel's report sums-up what you may have missed in CPU and chip news.

10/21/00  High-speed Processor Advances Pose Testing Risks.  Because internal processor speeds now outrun the surrounding system bus by such a huge margin, some experts say it is practically impossible to thoroughly test the logic...

10/21/00  Domain Name Controversy Brews

10/21/00  FTC to Study Software Licensing Practices.  The commission said the UCITA would allow a vendor to restrict a user's right to sue over product defects or even to publicly ... criticize the product in question.

10/21/00  Auction Sites Cancel Sales of World Series Tickets

10/20/00  Freeware? Linux Applications Go Retail.  Chilliware says it is launching the first of more than 100 desktop Linux apps...

10/20/00  Nvidia may Buy 3dfx.

10/20/00  MP3.com Beefs Up With New Legal Muscle

10/20/00  Love Virus Variant Plagues E-mail Systems

10/20/00  'Replacement' PCs to Dominate Holiday Sales

10/20/00  Benchmarks Position ALi as Leader in DDR Memory Architecture

10/20/00  Gigabyte Announces GA-7DX Motherboard.  First with AMD-761 chipset.  PC2100 DDR memory support.

10/20/00  Tech Profits Reassure Investors, But Rally May Be Brief

10/20/00  Is Network Solutions Hoarding Domain Names?

10/19/00  Pegboard Computer

10/19/00  #2 Chip Maker, VIA, Says Future Is Bright.
Projects 50% growth next year... "We think DDR [memory] is going to grow very quickly and we have got the leadership there..."

10/19/00  Microsoft Jumps 16%
Sun Shares Raise

Apple Falls
AOL Earnings ~Double


10/19/00  Soitec, Kopin Pursue 'Silicon-on-Anything' Technology

10/19/00  New Encryption Regulations Take Effect Today  Allows export of encryption products of any strength to 15 EU nations and 8 others.

10/19/00  Eternal Life.  The resurrection of a bacterium after 250 million years in salt suggests it may be immortal.

10/19/00  Microsoft Helps Drive New Internet Protocol (IP) Standard.  The 4 billion available IP addresses will be depleted within a few years. The new protocol, IPv6, will essentially remove the IP address ceiling by converting to 128-bit addresses.

10/19/00  Xerox Putting PARC on the Auction Block?  The computer revolution can almost entirely be placed at the feet of one company. What's that you say?  Microsoft? No... Xerox Corp.  More here.

10/19/00  How Will Maxtor/Quantum Merger Affect Hard Drives?   Merger may help settle a hectic market for drive manufacturers, but it will slow innovation.

10/19/00  ITC Rules in Favor of Atmel Corporation against Winbond and Others.  The Exclusion Order prohibits  importation of certain EPROMs, EEPROMS, flash memories, and flash microcontroller semiconductor devices.  There are many Winbond chips on many motherboards, etc.
Winbond Press Release

10/19/00  Western Digital  Ranked First in Hardware Storage Systems Category by VARBusiness's Survey Awards. VAR = Value Added Reseller.  Many are System Builders/Integrators.
WD News Release
VARBusiness  A few days old, but some good info on products, manufacturers, etc.

10/19/00  Intel Admits that Rambus Was a Mistake... "We made a big bet on Rambus and it did not work out," Craig Barrett, Intel chief executive admitted. "In retrospect, it was a mistake to be dependent on a third party for a technology that gates your performance."  More

10/18/00  AOpen Shows Pentium 4 Motherboard

10/18/00  Intel Earnings Beat Expectations

10/18/00  MP3.com Reaches Tentative Pact with Publishers. The online music company will pay up to $30 million for the right to use more than 1 million songs.

10/18/00  EPoX Motherboard Plans.  Speculative...

10/18/00  FBI's Carnivore Hunts in a Pack.  Declassified documents reveal e-mail snoop program details.

10/18/00  Internet Top Guns Talk About Haves, Have-Nots

10/18/00  Intel Looking "Very Seriously" At DDR For Desktops

10/18/00  Dublin: a New Silicon Valley

10/17/00  Apple Grades Dropping in Schools.  Stiff competition from Dell and other Windows-based PC makers is beginning to take a bite out of Apple's education stronghold.

10/17/00  AMD Ships 1.2 GHz Athlon and 800 MHz Duron Processors

10/17/00  AMD Ships 1.2 GHz Athlon and 800 MHz Duron Processors

10/17/00  Microsoft Funds Michigan Senate Race Ad Campaign... ...
Sen. Gorton Defends MS In GOP Radio Address...

10/17/00  Sun-powered Aircraft Could Propel Telecommunications to New Heights.  An enormous flying wing called Helios is poised to do something next year that no other airplane has ever done...

10/17/00  Cable Creeps into the Corporation.  Users of cable for broadband connectivity cite big savings over telco offerings.

10/17/00  Intel Play Computer Sound Morpher Available This Month

10/17/00  Biochip Detects Salmonella, E. Coli in Real-time

10/17/00  A Big Blue Shadow over Alpha, SPARC, and IA-64.  It appears IBM is preparing to leapfrog its way over the Compaq (DEC) Alpha, Sun SPARC, and Intel's IA-64 to preeminence in the 64 bit MPU market within the next 12 months.  AMD Hammer?

10/17/00  Robot Sales Boom

10/17/00  The Magic Word in Tech Is 'Routers'

10/16/00  NVIDIA Motherboard Chipset Speculation. ... 3  chipsets for both Intel and AMD... 1st, "Crush," to be released next Feb., to support DDR266 memory and Intel and AMD CPUs, will have integrated NV11 graphics...

10/16/00  NVIDIA Graphics Power Sony's Fall 2000 Desktop PC Lineup.

10/16/00  Screen Magic.  the screen is so efficient at harvesting light from the environment, that it even works at night.

10/16/00  The Death of Geek-Rule?  The Web is no longer being dominated by stereotypical geeks...

10/16/00  Internet Use Taking America by Storm

10/16/00  Intel Entirely Reworking 1.13 GHz Pentium III.

10/16/00  Intel Collaborates With IBM To Deliver Wireless In-Car Client Platform

10/16/00  Gartner Analysts Envision the Next Tech Revolution.  Folks that isn't "next," it's now in most of my world...

10/16/00  Tech Giants, Retailers Team-up on Home Networking... combining standards together to create new home appliances, called "residential gateways," to connect electronic devices, such as PCs and appliances, with phone service and high-speed net service.

10/16/00  Price War Between Intel and AMD Takes its Toll..Intel Shares Fall More Than Nine Percent in Heavy Trading.

10/16/00  'Hello, Internet?'

10/16/00  Yahoo Offers Initiative to Protect Purchases on Auction, Shopping Sites

10/16/00  Microsoft Beefs up Windows for Cars.  Under Car.Net, devices could shuttle information between a home, office and car ...

10/15/00  Took the day off.

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