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1 - 15 November, 2000

11/15/00 Intel to Flip Pentium 4 Switch  next Monday

11/15/00 Rambus Accused of ITC 'Judge Shopping' in DRAM Patent Complaint

11/15/00 Comdex Adds Consumer Electronics Flavor

11/15/00 Windows "Whistler" Beta 1 Review

11/15/00 Intel, HP Show Off Pentium 4-Based Concept PC

11/14/00 The Case for Electronic Voting

11/14/00 Can Technology Rescue The Election?

11/14/00 AMD Plans to Drop a Hammer on Intel.  Palomino is next big thing for desktop PC buyers. The Mustang derivative is due in the first quarter of next year.  Sigh! Time to revise my Christmas Wish List.

11/14/00 IBM To Debut Computer Recycling

11/14/00 Oracle's Ellison Scoffs At Microsoft Server Technology

11/14/00 ABIT Introduces VH6-II: FC-PGA Socket Motherboard

11/14/00 Seagate Delivers 180 GigaByte Barracuda

11/14/00 Dell Predicts Strong Pentium 4, Windows 2000 Upgrade Cycle

11/13/00 Web Connections Via Satellite Eyed

11/13/00 Legerity Claims IC Technology for Broadband over Standard Phone Lines.  That would change the world...

11/13/00 South Korea Introduces Hand-Held Fib Buster Watch out all you unfaithful lovers, prevaricating politicians, and scam artists...

11/13/00 Gates Intros Tablet PC At Comdex

11/13/00 Whistler to fix Windows

11/13/00 Newcomers Make Splash at Comdex

11/13/00 Welcome to E-coffee

11/13/00 Hewlett-Packard Misses 4Q Estimates

11/13/00 Hardware Retakes Center Stage at Comdex

11/13/00 Macromedia Unveils Latest Version of Dreamweaver Platform

11/13/00 Intel Unveils Two New Celeron Processors

11/13/00 Computer Virus Strikes 10 Companies

11/10/00 Microsoft Announces DirectX 8.0.  It will be available for download before 12:01 a.m. PST on Saturday.

11/10/00 Comdex Moves Beyond Its PC Roots

11/10/00 Dell Falls, Drags Down Other Computer Makers

11/10/00 IBM Lays Claim to Industry's Clearest Computer Display.  12 times sharper than existing displays, or about 4.5 times clearer than HDTV.

11/9/00 DVD Begins Final Assault on Videotape

11/9/00 Taiwan DRAM Gang Ditches Rambus

11/9/00 Computer Forensics

11/9/00 Critical Florida Votes Cast Online

11/8/00 Linux 2.4 Expected To Go Gold In December

11/8/00 Best Things on Internet May Not be Free for Long

11/8/00 NVIDIA GeForce2 MX Offered in Compaq's Popular Presario Desktop PC Line

11/8/00 Government Site Becomes Focus of Surreal Election

11/8/00 Every Patent Ever Issued Goes Online

11/8/00 Via Acquires IC Ensemble for $11 Million.  Enters audio chip market.

11/8/00 Memory Prices Continue Falling

11/8/00 Flash Memory Cards Will Soon Be Able to Store Several Hours of Video

11/8/00 Intel Moves To 0.13-Micron Technology

11/7/00 Yahoo!'s Groundbreaking Election Site

11/7/00 Lively Battle in DNA Chips

11/7/00 Microsoft to Developers: Come Out and Play! Two unique programs aimed at independent game developers.

11/6/00 Larry Becomes the "Old Man."  Yes Sir, 60 today...  born on Election Day, 1940.

11/6/00 Microsoft to Put IE6 to the Test

11/6/00 Top 5 CD-RW Drives

11/6/00 Intel Rolls Out Network processors for Low-cost DSL Applications

11/6/00 NVIDIA Chosen for Micron Mainstream Computers. Micron Millennia MAX and Other Models Boosted By the NVIDIA GeForce2 MX.

11/6/00 All States Should Have Online Voting By 2004

11/6/00 Kingston Inks Intel Deal: To Rambus And Beyond

11/6/00 Integrated Video - How Does it Stack Up?

11/6/00 IBM Gets Fashionable With Wearable Cell Phone

11/6/00 Asus Opens Expo 2000 Online Showroom.  DDR-AMD processor motherboards include:

  • A7M266 with the AMD 761 North Bridge and VIA VT82C686B South Bridge.
  • A7A266 with the ALi M1647 chipset.

11/4/00  Semiconductor Alert! Commentary & analysis of week's chip news, Oct. 30-Nov. 3

11/4/00  Microsoft Whistler. Not just another version of Windows, Microsoft's Whistler has the potential to make PCs something they are not known to be: stable and reliable...

11/4/00  IWill Athlon DDR Motherboard with Acer Labs ALiMAGiK Chipset May Beat all of the AMD 760 Based Boards to Market.
Click here for more.

11/4/00  Another Hacker Hits Microsoft

11/4/00  Fat Memories, Fast Logic to Reign at Next ISSCCInternational Solid-State Circuits Conference next February... 1Gigabit flash memory... 4 GBit DDR memory...  Intel to describe CPU enhancements with 1,000 Mips performance... multihundred-million transistor designs...

11/3/00  NVIDIA GPUs to Support AMD DDR Platform.  GPU = Graphics Processor Unit.

11/3/00  10-Gbit Ethernet Revenues to Reach $3.6 billion by '04

11/3/00  Taiwan Computer Industry on Path Toward Becoming IA Giant

11/3/00  Could Apple Make the x86 Leap?
Mac users have been speculating for months about the possibility that Apple Computer Inc. might dump the Motorola  PowerPC G4 in favor of CPUs from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. or Intel Corp.  Highly speculative...

11/3/00  Site Links Veterans to Benefits

11/3/00  Internet Offers Election Coverage

11/3/00  Sprint Latest to Shift to Data from Voice

11/3/00  Cheap Flat-Panel Monitors

11/3/00  Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 1 and Internet Tools Now Available for Download

11/3/00  AOL Facing New Legal Action Over Latest Software

11/3/00  Developers Pitch RFID System as Bar Code Replacement

11/3/00  Via Chipset to Link Pentium 4, DDR Memory.  Don't know how I missed this one.  Also, VIA stated that they were going to do this months ago...

11/2/00  Crew Boards Station

11/2/00  Spectrum Widens for Semiconductor Lasers.  Sandia's 380-nm laser could someday help build solid state "light bulbs" similar to big LEDs, but white.

11/2/00  Broadband Will Reach One-Third Of Homes By 2005 - Report

11/2/00  Intel Expects Pentium 4 to Hit 2GHz Within a Year.  Intel's first new chip architecture in five years, is expected to debut in a few weeks at a clock speed of "1.4GHz and above,"

11/2/00  Pop-up Weather Alert Coming

11/2/00  Microsoft, Consumers Get Lessons in Latest Attack

11/2/00  Pentagon Plots Massive IT Grid

11/2/00  Intel Confirms Plan to Field DDR-enabled Chipset for Pentium 4 Processors

11/2/00  Hands Free Fries Your Brain?

11/2/00  Comms Held Pentium 4 Team Together

11/2/00  Hyundai Looking at the End of the DRAM Cycle

11/2/00  Understanding and Troubleshooting the PC Power Supply

11/1/00  A New Chapter in SpaceInternational Space Station's crew begins a new era in exploration.

11/1/00  Desperately Seeking Small Businesses.  Microsoft, IBM, and other players all are looking for the optimal set of services that will convert small-business customers into loyal subscribers.

11/1/00  Microsoft Goes After Small-Business Market

11/1/00  Napster Teams Up With Bertelsmann

11/1/00  S3 Becomes 'Sonicblue' With Exit From Graphics Chip Business

11/1/00  FCC Sees Jump in High-Speed Internet Access Lines.  57% jump during the first six months of this year.

11/1/00  Domain Name Space About To Bust Open

11/1/00  Open Cable Access Solutions Sent To FCC

11/1/00  FTC Identifies Top Ten 'dot cons'  Scams on the Internet now have a name -- dot cons.

11/1/00  NEC Narrows Transistor Gate Length Below 0.10 Micron.

11/1/00  Mitnick Says He Doubts Microsoft Story On Intruder

11/1/00  Microsoft Cranks Out Another Windows Beta

11/1/00  Intel Reaffirms Rambus Support. And the comedy continues...

11/1/00  SiS Delays 730S Athlon Chipset.  That will teach them to prematurely announce products...

11/1/00  EpoX Roadmap

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