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1 - 15 December 2000

12/15 Intel Throws 1.3GHz Chip Into Mix

12/15 Quake 3 1.27 Released!

12/15 Group Proposes CD-R, DVD Compatibility Spec

12/15 Wall St Fears Weakness Spreading to Corporate Tech Mkt

12/15 Can't Afford an LCD Monitor? Hang on--Industry Experts Expect Prices as Low as $500 Within a Year.  That's why computers aren't selling and the market is going down... Everyone keeps waiting.

12/15  Mainstream Processors Prepare for Level 3 Cache'

12/15 Plastic Chips, Single-Electron Devices Emerge from Lab

12/15 Microsoft Shares Dive 10 Percent After Warning

12/14 Gore Concedes; Bush Asks for Unity.  I usually refrain from political content on this web site; however, I added this one for the record.  Larry

12/14 FTC Approves AOL Takeover of Time Warner

12/14  Wonder Weed.  The first complete DNA sequence for a plant could have more impact than its human equivalent.

12/14 An Onslaught of Online Shoppers!
Internet shoppers soar 53 percent since; $200M on Monday.

12/14 Acer Slims Sown Ahead of Major Restructuring

12/14 Intel Muted Ambitious Pentium 4 Design

12/13 White LEDs to Overtake Light Bulbs

12/13 DOD Smart Card Initiative Picks-up Steam

12/13  Creator of World's Smallest Transistor Reveals More Details 

12/13 Microsoft Pushes Into $20 Billion Video Game Market

12/13  Massive Online Credit Card Fraud.  Hacker  exposes more than 55,000 credit card numbers.

12/13  Slower Parts a Drag to Speedy Chips.  Intel and IBM unveiled technology that allows processors to race past 10GHz, but other PC components can't keep up...  I've been saying this for years.

12/13  Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Winbond Develop Cylinder Capacitor Technology for Next Generation of Memory

12/13 Oak Technology Introduces Integrated "Combo" CD-RW + DVD Controller

12/12 Ballmer to Demo TV-Quality Streaming.  Microsoft to unveil new Windows Media player that streams video at near-DVD quality.

12/12 IBM to Invest Almost $1 Billion in Linux Development

12/12 Dean Kent's December 2000 Industry Update.  A good read...

12/12  TSMC and VIA Announce First 0.13-micron Processor Wafer

12/12 AMD Expects Lower 4th Quarter Sales and Earnings. Company now expects flat to nominally higher sales.  More here.

12/11 AMD Cuts Processor Prices

12/11 Pocket PC Gears Up for Enterprise Battle

12/11 Intel Develops World's Smallest, Fastest CMOS TransistorThree atomic layers thick.  A stack of 100,000 would be less than the thickness of a sheet of paper.  10 GHz CPUs.  MoreStill more.

12/11 SiS Announces DDR Single Chip Chipset for Intel and AMD Processors, SiS635 and SiS735

12/8  Intel to Cut P4 and Celeron Prices This Weekend

12/8 Only 5 Percent Of the World is Online

12/8 VIA Introduces VIA Apollo KT133A Chipset for Socket A Motherboards

12/7 IBM, Infineon Advance Breakthrough Memory Technology

2/6/00  Are We Facing a Net Backlash?

12/6/00  Rambus Derides Intel Chipset

12/6/00  Inside the Extremely Wired Homes of the Rich

12/6/00  IBM Readies Itanium-based Workstation

12/6/00  Terminators Stalk High Cost of Home Broadband

12/5/00  Microsoft To Buy Digital Anvil.  Texas-based developer of computer games...

12/5/00  What Broadband Revolution?  You've heard the hype, but corporate infighting and technological snafus have slowed the rollout of cable and DSL...

12/5/00  More Space Station Tweaking

12/5/00  FBI Warns of Bugs for Christmas.  Familiar bugs could spoil Christmas for e-commerce sites that are lax about security. Microsoft server software is especially vulnerable.

12/4/00  E-tailers Squeezed by Credit Card Cheats

12/4/00  Warp Speed Web Access.   PC World's Guide to Broadband.

12/2/00  Noisy Bus Puts Brakes on Micron PC.  PCs with AMD's new 760 DDR chipset...


12/2/00  MSN Users Steamed That Service Lets Their Images be Sold for Profit

12/2/00  Semiconductor Alert! (Nov. 27-Dec. 1).  Commentary & analysis of week's chip news.

12/2/00  FBI Warns of Possible New Cyber Attacks

12/1/00  Tech Stocks Suffering Worst Year Since 1971

12/1/00  Pentium 4: Boon or Bust?

12/1/00  SOYO Looks to Prosecute Makers of Fake Motherboard

12/1/00  Electronic Paper Writes New Chapter for Displays

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