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1-14 Oct 2000

10/14/00  Took the day off.

10/13/00  Dell Recalls Dangerous Laptop Batteries.  Fire hazard.  27,000 of them...

10/13/00  Microprocessor Forum: SOI Bandwagon Picks-up Steam.  SOI processing starts out with a silicon wafer that includes an implanted layer of silicon dioxide.

10/13/00  Congress Repeals 100-Year-Old Phone Tax Established to Fund the Spanish-American War.

10/13/00  MSI Announces COMDEX Fall 2000 Products. Including motherboards based on Intel 810E2, 815, 820, 840, and 850 chipsets, as well as AMD K760 / KT133, and VIA 693A / 694X / PM133 / PM266 / Pro 266 chipsets.

10/13/00  Performance and Power Advantages of DDR Memory for PCs, ALi.

10/13/00  Compaq Offers First Free Online Test Drive of IA64 Systems with Emerging Intel Itanium 64-bit Processor

10/12/00  At Chip Show, It's Open Season on Intel
Rivals are using the Microprocessor Forum to take turns blasting the giant chip maker.

10/12/00  Suppliers Debut New Chips For "Post-PC Era"

10/12/00  AMD Slips From Early Highs on Mixed Reviews

10/12/00  Intel to Hype P4 Over 1.13GHz PIII, and Barely Ship Either?

10/12/00  Silicon Valley Faces Growing Competition-Report

10/12/00  Gartner - Half of All Small Firms Will Be Hacked or Hit by Viruses

10/12/00  AMD Expects Athlon Shortage.  Sales jump 82% in third quarter to $1.2 billion.

10/12/00  ABIT Announces an i815E Powerhouse, SA6R Motherboard.

10/11/00  Intel Delays 1.13 GHz Pentium III 'til Next Year.

10/11/00  Broadband Monitor Charts Throughput Trends

10/11/00  Hacker Targets Bill Gates

10/11/00  Pentagon Launches 'Smart Card' ID Badge

10/11/00  MSI Launches K7 Master-S Socket A Motherboard. AMD K760 Chipset, 4 DDR memory slots, & integrated SCSI controller.

10/11/00  Dean Kent's October 2000 Industry Update.  "The theme this month is the health of the PC market....  AMD processors are selling 'about the same', but that Intel processors are more readily available."  Plenty on chipsets, CPUs, memory, etc. as well... 7 or 8 GHz Pentium 4's?...   As always, Dean's Industry Updates are excellent reads.

10/11/00  Schedule Set for Microsoft Appeal

10/11/00  Via, Micron, ST Tout Low CPU Cost Over Performance

10/11/00  Texas Instruments Comments on Nobel Prize for Physics Awarded to Industry Pioneer Jack Kilby

10/11/00  AMD Demos Dual Athlon Computer With 760MP Chipset and DDR MemoryMore here.

10/10/00  AT&T May Charge Commissions, Web Traffic Fees.

10/10/00  Texas Inventor Wins Nobel Prize for Computer Chip

10/10/00  IBM to Invest $5 Billion to Expand Chip Facilities.

10/10/00  Net2Phone, Yahoo! Make Connection

10/10/00  Intel Shuffles Management to Ensure Smooth Ramp of New Processors

10/10/00  Warner Attempts to Out-hack DVD Hackers

10/10/00  Sigaba Announces Email Encryption For Use With Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5

10/10/00  Hardware Firewall Runs on NSA Technology

10/6/00  Home Networking Yet to Fully Connect with Consumers. Of the 20 million U.S. households with more than one computer, only 1 million has even a basic network...  Number of U.S. broadband subscribers will rise from 5.43 million to 32 million in 2003...  Click here for more.

10/6/00  FCC Says Cable Companies Must Do More on Net Access

10/6/00  Sony Sees Home Networking in PlayStation's Future

10/6/00  Siemens Develops Noise Cancellation System for Cars

10/6/00  Expanding the Internet Beyond .com
Still more here.

10/6/00  Navy to Award $16 Billion Computer Contract

10/5/00  81 Million Internet-Capable TVs by 2004

10/5/00  NEC Sampling USB 2.0 Chip.

10/5/00  Electronic Signature Technology Takes Off.

10/5/00  Maxtor-Quantum Deal Creates Disk-Drive MonsterGood read on hard disk drive industry...

10/4/00  ABIT First to Implement "3-Phase" Motherboard Power...  This news release is not really news and is more a sales pitch than many.  I have included it because it is interesting.  It describes how Abit is implementing low-heat power for today's power-demanding processors.  Click here to read the release.

10/4/00  Pentium 4 Yields 'Not Impressive.' A speculative report from the Register.  I don't know that 70% is all that unimpressive for a new chip...  Comments on this in our Forums would be appreciated.

10/4/00  AMD Readies New Athlon and Duron Processors. 1.2 GHz Athlon and 800 Mhz Duron.

10/4/00  NFL, Yahoo to Offer Audio Webcasts...  of Sunday night football.

10/4/00  Cisco Opens Optics Plant in New Hampshire.

10/4/00  Napster Service Stutters for Hours.

10/4/00  Cable MODEMs Takes Lead over DSL, but Component Shortages Haunt OEMs.

10/4/00  Video Games Look Past Holiday for Hot Trends. Christmas 2000? Bah humbug, say video game companies who are already looking past this holiday season to spot the popular trends that will foster the hottest game titles for 2001 and beyond.

10/4/00  AT&T Board Eyes Long Distance Spinoff.  Wall Street Journal reported that AT&T is mulling the option of spinning off its consumer long distance operations. More here.

10/4/00  Space Shuttle Discovery Set for 100th Shuttle Mission Thursday Night.  More than 15 years later than NASA had initially planned.

10/4/00  Mafia Caught Attempting Online Bank Fraud.  Italian police arrest 21 people...

10/4/00  DSL Vendor Wants to Blow Past VPNsI.e., replace Virtual Private Networks.

10/4/00  AOpen Announces CRW1232 CD Re-Writer.  W/RW/R 12X/10X/32X $259.00 U.S.

10/4/00  Developer Beats Others to Market with Bluetooth Headset.
More on Bluetooth wireless technology...

10/4/00  At OpenWorld, Ellison Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is.  At Oracle OpenWorld Tuesday, Oracle Chairman and CEO Larry Ellison played his own version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"

10/4/00  Compaq Teams With VoteHere.net to Deliver Online Voting Pilots for Fall Presidential Elections

10/4/00  Memory Prices Declining, But Shortage Isn't Over Yet

10/4/00  Maxtor and Quantum Hard Disk Drive Groups Agree to Merge. Maxtor is buying Quantum's HDD Group in $1.08 B all-stock transaction.

10/3/00  Sanyo to Launch MO Digital Camera. Camera can store up to 11,000 pics, with the help of magneto-optical technology.

10/3/00  Celeron Gets 100MHz FSB in Q1 2001.  Should have happened in the last century... 

10/3/00  Senate Votes to Add More Foreign Tech Workers

10/3/00  New Formula for Security Selected.

10/3/00  Microsoft Invests $135 Million  Corel. And rubs another one in the noses of anti-trust proponents...

10/3/00  Internet Appliances Trigger New Processor War

10/3/00  Universe of Potential New Internet Domains Unveiled

10/3/00  Plans to Scrap Nuclear Plant Troubles Taiwan's  Chip Industry.

10/3/00  Viking Cuts Memory Prices Up to 20%.

10/3/00  Chip Sales Hit High Mark in August

10/3/00  VIA has posted a bunch of PDF documents from the VIA Technology Forum held recently in Taipei, Beijing, and Tokyo.  I found the the following presentations particularly interesting (suggest saving them to files and then viewing them with Adobe Acrobat):
Apollo Pro266 High Performance DDR Chipset
AMD Microprocessors & Chipsets for 1 GHz and Beyond

10/2/00  Pentium 4 Delay Due to Graphics Chip Glitch.

10/2/00  Savings Seen in E-Signature Law.

10/2/00  Napster Audience Surges Ahead of Appeal

10/2/00  Judge Says Microsoft Should Have Played Ball.  Wonder if one shouldn't read into this more than what is being said...

10/2/00  Maxtor Announces 80 Gig 1394 FireWire External Disk Unit.  20,000 songs or 80 hours of video, and 30-times faster than USB.

10/1/00  Digital Signature Law Went Into Effective Yesterday.

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