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Shuttle Introduces AK32 DDR Athlon Motherboard with VIA KT266 Chipset.

January 18, 2001. Shuttle is proud to uphold our market leadership by introducing our AK32 based on the VIA Apollo KT266 chipsets. Designed with the innovative high-bandwidth V-Link Hub Architecture and the new DDR266 SDRAM, VIA Apollo KT266 bestows an uncompromising scalability and reliability for the new generation of servers, workstations and PC systems. It takes full advantage of enhancing the performance capabilities of the AMD Athlon Processor. Believe it or not, It will be the best pick for OEMs and System Integrators.


In the ever-changing PC market, new technologies blaze up in every second. The memory module evolves from the past versions of 30 pin FPM DRAM and 72 pin EDO DRAM, to current 168 pin PC133 SDRAM. The new industrial standard of memory module, 184 pin DDR SDRAM boosts up the memory bandwidth and promote the system performance to a brand-new field at once. You might think it is a waste to abandon the previous PC133 SDRAM. However, with Shuttle, you do not need to worry. Shuttle AK32 accomplishes backward compatibility with all earlier hardware standards in a cost efficient way.

VIA Apollo KT266

VIA Apollo KT266 chipset is designed for supporting the high-bandwidth DDR266 DRAM with flexible 200/266MHz Front Side Bus settings. It lifts a scaleable chipset solution and a great performance under a full range of AMD Athlon processor. VIA Apollo KT266 provides most advanced and scaleable industrial standard for Socket A platform. With support for up to 4GB of DDR266 SDRAM, VIA Apollo KT266 provides all the necessary headroom for optimized system performance by doubling memory data up to a peak bandwidth of 2.1GB per second.


Unleashing breakthrough of V-Link bus technology, the interface bandwidth between the North and South Bridge boosts up to 266MB per/sec, which is twice as fast as traditional PCI bus. Thus, it noticeably increases the performance of external high-speed I/O devices. The V-Link bus is an extension of the internal memory bus structure and further assures performance with a secured turn-around time and low latency. VIA KT266 chipset is designed for supporting the brand-new DDR SDRAM memory. To provide a smooth migration path for current system designs, you can always maintain a superior performance of either single or dual Athlon processor based systems.

Hardware Monitor

Keeping track of the PC's temperature voltage and fan speed, AK32 endows over voltage protection and over current protection to our customers. It serves as a guard for your CPU and PC peripherals.

Built-in Network Chip and Home PNA

The built-in network chip of AK32 supports 10/100Mb Ethernet, is designed for either home or enterprise networks. Accompanied by its additional offer, Window ME, users can share the hardware resources and the increasingly popular bandwidth of broadband network simultaneously.

Perfect Supporting Ability of PCI

VIA KT266 chipset can support five sets of Master mode PCI slots, but ShuttleR expect more to maximize profitability for our customers. Because each type of PCI card is increasing in market, we install six sets of PCI slots in AK32 for the investment of huge research and development resources. Each slot can support Master mode PCI card. To achieve this aim, ShuttleR abandoned the traditional AMR internal modem expansion slot to prevent it from occupying the site of PCI slot. We are devoted to allocate a CNR internal modem expansion slot to offer users the most superb PCI support.

Support to ATA100 Hard Disk

For many years, the bottleneck in transfer interface hasn't been surmounted. The transfer rate of hard disk is tough to overcome to a great extent. Nonetheless, the dilemma is solved as a new generation of ATA100 hard drive is released. AK32 supports ATA100 which drives burst interface data up to 100 Megabytes per sec. Along with the spanking new component, VIA KT266 chipset, AK32 can help you to resolve the problem of data transfer for the completion of read from hard disk.

Built in 6 USB Ports íV No Need to Buy External USB Hub

Generally, only 2 to 4 USB ports are built into ordinary motherboard. Thus, users are pushed to buy external USB HUB. This completely does not meet the practical demand for expansion. AK32 possess six built-in USB ports, which ensure users to fulfill the capability of easy expansion. Hereafter, you can save some money for buying external USB Hub.

Vcore Adjustable

In DIY computer market, players must consider system's stability, expansive abilities and over-clock. Over-clock depends on the upper limit allowed of CPU, FSB, Vcore adjustable of CPU and the voltage adjustable of DDR SDRAM, It would be perfect to indicate that Vcore and stepless FSB are adjustable through BIOS, which allows you to make an optimal setting of voltage when you use over-clock1 of system.

Shuttle AK32, a new generation of top motherboard, attains all this three matters. Its perfect functions allow you to enjoy the optimal performance of all the newest software with stable motherboard solution.

AK32 íV A Deluxe Invention with Abundance of Features...

Shuttle AK32, an ATX form factor mainboard, supports AMD Athlon/Duron processor. It has presented an ultimate yet scalable solution for home and commercial users. It provides 1 x AGP 4X/2X, H/W monitoring, , STR, Vdram adjustment, stepless FSB adjustment multiplier adjustment, Home PNA, as well as integrated six channel advanced audio, six USB ports, LPC bus , on board AC-97 audio, MC-97 modem, support for AMD's second generation PowerNow , power failure resume. With all these deluxe features, AK32 is precisely apt for you to build your high performance PC system.

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