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MSI Announces the MS-6367 Athlon Motherboard

- Based on nVIDIAŽ nForce Architecture

MSI™ R&D team is well known for providing high quality products to PC users. MSI™ today announced a motherboard which support AMDŽ Socket A Athlon™ / Duron™ processors- MS-6367. This is the first MSI™ mainboard which supports the nVIDIAŽ nForce Platform Processing Architecture (IGP; Integrated Graphics Processor, MCP; Media and Communications Processor). The nVIDIAŽ nForce is a high-performance PC platform chipset with an which integrated nVIDIAŽ GeForce2 GPU. As for system expansion capability, the MS-6367 supports 3 DDR DIMM up to a maximum configuration of 1.5 GB. The most mentionable feature is when using 2 DDR, with 128-bit TwinBank Architecture; the bandwidth accommodates 4.2GB/s, which is twice faster than regular DDR platform. In addition, AMDŽ's Hyper Transport delivers the highest continuous throughput between the IGP and MCP (800MB/s). The MCP is embedded with nVIDIAŽ APU (Audio Processing Unit), which generates high quality sound. In terms of expansion ability, 3 PCI/1 AGP/1 CNR expansion slot & Ethernet connectivity are all available on MS-6367.
The main features of the new MS-6367 include:

Supports Ultra ATA100 Specification:
Supports Ultra ATA100 specification for faster information transaction, which brings out entire system's full efficiency.

Live BIOS™:
An useful software tool from MSI™, Live BIOS™ examines the BIOS version automatically with the latest version available on the web, links to the site for users to download the latest version of BIOS and updates the BIOS. With an "automatic and user-friendly" interface, Live BIOS™ allows BIOS download and update to be completed under the OS easily.

Supports PC Alert™ III:
This useful software detects system temperature, the status of voltage, fans and all other key components onboard. If any problem occurs, it will alert the user to correct the problem, reducing the risk of system damage.

Integrated Audio feature:
Supports nVIDIAŽ APU (Audio Processing Unit) and provides high quality sound and saving the cost for an additional add-in audio card.

Supports STR (Suspend to RAM):
The STR function would save system configuration data on to the system memory when the system is set into suspend mode. The system memory is sustained with the minimum electrical power to avoid data loss. When the system is reset back to full operation mode, the original configuration status is restored in just a few seconds.

PC 99 and PCI 2.2 Specification Compliant and Certified

For more information, please visit http://www.msi.com.tw

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