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Last updated: September 25, 2008 12:40 EDT

Thursday, September 25

Mozilla Patches 11 Bugs in Firefox. Mozilla patched 11 vulnerabilities in Firefox 3.0, more than half of them labeled "critical," and fixed 14 flaws in the older Firefox 2.0.

Mistrial for RIAA's $222,000 Defendant. Federal judge declares a mistrial in the case of Jammie Thomas, who earlier had been ordered to pay the recording industry $222,000 for alleged copyright infringement.

Global Solar Wind Plasma Output at 50-Year Low

The Building of the Lunar Module

China to Attempt First Spacewalk

Wednesday, September 24

Android Phone Makes its Debut. Open-source HTC smart phone sold by T-mobile has a touch screen similar to the iPhone's, sports 'Chrome-light' browser.

A New Breed of Open Source Shopping Carts. New-generation open source e-commerce projects are nudging onto center stage. Most noteworthy are Prestashop and Ubercart.

Solar Tax Credit Renewals Get Green Light from Senate

Active Region 1002 on an Unusually Quiet Sun

Monday, September 22

Microsoft Announces $40 Billion Stock Buyback. Software maker forms plans to buy back stock through 2013, boost its quarterly dividend by 18 percent. Hewlett-Packard also announces a buyback program, of up to $8 billion.

Intel Dual-Core Atom Processor Now Shipping. The latest Intel Atom processor, known as the Intel Atom Processor 330, is the first dual-core processor that Intel is shipping for low-cost PCs.

DRAM Prices Plunge 18 Percent in Two Weeks. The contract price of mainstream DRAM chips has plunged nearly 18 percent in two weeks to reach new record lows

Apple Recalls (some) iPhone 3G Power Adapters

Glitch Puts 'Big Bang' Collider on Hold

Friday, September 19

Impressive Physics, Visuals Power New 'Star Wars' Game. If "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" were rated by special effects alone, the sci-fi adventure would garner unanimous praise by video game reviewers.

Intel: Data Centers Could Use Some Fresh Air. Chipmaker says an experiment in which it placed servers outside in the New Mexico desert for 10 months proves that millions of dollars could be saved in cooling costs.

Android to Capture 4% of Smartphone Market. Buoyed by Google's brand, the first Android handset from T-Mobile and HTC is expected to sell 400,000 units by the end of the year.

Solar Cell Production Capacity to Reach 28.3 GW by 2012

Endeavour Moved to Launch Pad as Rescue Ship for Atlantis

Wednesday, September 17

Windows 7 Said to Hit Milestone. Several Windows enthusiast sites are reporting that Microsoft has hit its internal "M3" stage for the OS and that a public test version could come as early as next month.

SanDisk Rejects $5.9 B Offer from Samsung. SanDisk said Samsung's $26-a-share cash offer -- an 80 percent premium to its Monday close -- undervalued the company, but it remained open to a deal with Samsung at a price that recognizes its "intrinsic value."

Amid Market Meltdown, Wall Street Journal Goes Web 2.0. Newspaper's new social network gets mixed reviews on its paid-subscription model.

General Motors Looks for a Jolt from Electric Volt

Blu-ray Disc Prices not Dropping Any Time Soon

Plastic Chemical is Unhealthy for Children and Other Living Things

Monday, September 15

Users Split Over iPhone 2.1's Impact on 3G Dropped Calls. Some say they're happy, others say connection problems have worsened.

Xbox 360 Price Cut Spurs Sales. Microsoft last week was quick to remind cohorts that price drops work, days after the company slashed the price of the Xbox 360 for a second time.

Best Buy to Acquire Napster for $126.8 Million. Best Buy said it will acquire online music-sharing site Napster for about $126.8 million in cash in a move to boost its digital media capabilities.

DRAM Production Cuts Fail to Raise Prices. Efforts by DRAM makers to try and firm up prices by cutting back on production have done little so far and may be a case of companies doing too little, too late.

Windows 7 Looking Like a June 2009 Delivery. Anxious to put an end to those annoying Apple ads and the negative perception around Vista, Microsoft's new OS may come a lot sooner than it has said.

Friday, September 12

Enterprise IT Spending Outlook Grim Near Term. High energy costs and the Presidential election are hammering corporate IT purchases in the United States, though interest in the iPhone is picking up.

Apple Releases iPhone Update 2.1 to Fix Bugs. The firmware update is expected to improve the accuracy of the 3G signal strength display, as well as decrease the number of dropped calls.

Celebrating the IC's 50th Anniversary. The technology behind almost every electronics device in the world, the integrated circuit or IC, is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

7 Tools for Ripping Your DVDs. Why shouldn't you watch the movies you paid for on the device of your choice? With these DVD rippers and converters, you can.

Western Digital Ships 500 GB Notebook Drive. The 2.5-inch drive is designed for laptops needing to show and edit storage-hungry video and pictures, as well as play music.

DNA Study Reveals Evolution Of Beer Yeasts

Antarctic Sea Ice Increases Despite Warming

Thursday, September 11

Review: Apple iPod Nano, 4th Generation. The new Nano is easy on the eyes and the wallet, and you can't beat its hardware and user interface design. Just be sure to give iTunes 8 a spin before committing.

Adding Digital TV to Every Portable Screen. Mobile TV chip suppliers have moved on, looking elsewhere for potential uses for their products beyond cellphones, where technology has stagnated.

Googlebot Blamed for United Stock Crash. Google provided a link to a six-year-old bankruptcy story and made it appear current to Google News users, after which UAL's stock took a steep drop in price.

iTunes 8 Takes Down Vista with Blue Screen of Death. The newest version of Apple's iTunes software crashes Windows Vista when an iPod or iPhone is connected to the PC, according to numerous users who complained about problems on Apple's support forum.

NASA Moon Rocket Passes Early Design Test in US

Wednesday, September 10

Apple's 800-pound Gorilla Doesn't Need Buzz. Company didn't blow anyone away with its latest iPods, but it continues to make the right tweaks to its juggernaut.

Lawsuit Claims Nvidia Hid Serious Flaw in Graphics Chips. A lawsuit filed in a California court alleged Nvidia violated U.S. securities laws and concealed the existence of a serious defect in its graphics-chips.

RIM's Blackberry Flip Pearl Sports Clamshell. The company's first BlackBerry flip phone features push e-mail, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and document editing.

Microsoft Patches 8 Critical Bugs in Windows, Office. Microsoft has patched eight critical vulnerabilities in four separate security updates for Windows, Office, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer 6, SQL Server and several other programs.

Massive Particle Collider Passes First Key Tests

Tuesday, September 9

IT Budgets Getting Slashed. The weak economy is affecting IT spending at nearly half of large enterprises in North America and Europe, but demand for services remains strong, according to a Forrester Research poll of about 950 senior IT managers.

An Alarming Development at Tech Conference. Not just security for your stolen mobile phone: This service adds revenge and humiliation.

AMD Launches Three New Triple Core X3s. AMD has announced a trio of Phenom X3s, including its first Black Edition triple-core CPU as well as a pair of energy efficient processors.

Space Junk Could Hinder Hubble Repair Mission

Satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy

Monday, September 8

Microsoft Launches Virtualization Blitzkrieg. Virtualization vendors, watch out: Microsoft is officially in the game, and a series of major news announcements show that it's playing for keeps.

Can Hollywood Bring 3DTV Home? Stereoscopic 3-D television could be the next home entertainment blockbuster.

Dawn of the Digital Television Era. First DTV switchover today in test market Wilmington, N.C., in advance of nationwide transition in February.

Scientists Hope for Surprises in Big Bang Experiment

'Water Bears' Are First Animal to Survive Vacuum of Space

Friday, September 5

AMD to Announce Manufacturing Fabs Spin Off in Two Weeks – Analyst. AMD Expected to Disclose Details of “Asset Smart” Strategy in September.

Microsoft to Issue Four Critical Patches. Microsoft plans to release only four patches, but one labeled 'Windows Bulletin' promises to be a doozy.

Seinfeld-Windows TV Commercial Premieres to a Baffled Audience. Like Seinfeld's show, it was basically about nothing.

Assessing the Value of Small Wind Turbines

Thursday, September 4

Sony Recalls VAIO Notebooks Over 'Burn Hazard.' Sony is recalling thousands of notebooks in its VAIO TZ series after receiving complaints from users that the laptops can overheat and pose a burn hazard.

Nvidia, AMD Graphics Buck Green-PC Trend. Chipmakers offer really fast graphics boards for enthusiast game PCs--and the result is new boxes that can literally blow a fuse.

Dell Now Selling XP Home Ultralight Laptop. Dell is now selling a mininotebook that has Windows XP Home preinstalled -- the first time it has had a PC to sell with that operating system since Microsoft retired XP from general service in June.

Huge Ice Sheet Breaks Loose in Canada

Wednesday, September 3

Mobile Users Offered First External SSD. Buffalo claims up to 35GB/sec transfer rates.

Chrome Suffers First Security Flaw. Researcher Rishi Narang discloses a malicious link that can crash the new browser. In Google-speak, "Whoa!"

New PSP Model Priced, Dated For Japan. The recently announced new PSP model, the PSP-3000, is coming to Japan on October 16, priced at 19800 yen ($183).

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