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Re: sybergen sygate home office 3.11

From: Larry
Remote Name:
Date: 14 Feb 2000
Time: 12:00:36


The review of SyGAte was "terribly positive" because SyGate is a great product, the best of its kind I have seen. Why don't you download the trail version and find-out for yourself how good it is? I would not setup a 10 PC peer-to-peer network. In my opinion, a network that big needs a server. I do not think you are going to run 10 simultaneous and active Internet connections through a NAT and realize acceptable performance; but I could be wrong as I have not tried that many connections through a NAT. Sybergen has other higher-end products which may be more suited to your requirements. I would suggest E-Mailing or calling them. Larry

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