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sybergen sygate home office 3.11

From: Tommy Holmes, Jr.
email: THolmes2@aol.com
Remote Name:
Date: 13 Feb 2000
Time: 13:49:45


Larry, The review of the Sygate applications was terribly positive of the utility it presents when used with a dial-up or cable modem to share a single connection across a LAN. However, I remain uncertain of the entire scope of the relative functionality the application provides. Am I correct in my perception that in the communication hardware / software universe the better comparison is to a network router, whether DSL or ISDN? The points of comparison then might be initial expense, NAT services, firewall security functionality, ease of initial configuration, ease & speed of commencing connection, multiple simultaneous sessions to the same ISP, connection speed, need to keep the gateway station turned on with a peer-to-peer LAN, etc. We are completing this comparative analysis for a 10-station homeschool peer-to-peer LAN and would greatly appreciate your thoughts. Tommy Holmes, Jr.

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