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2 nic cards one does not work

From: Mike Gannon
email: mgannon1@twcny.rr.com
Remote Name:
Date: 13 Feb 2000
Time: 02:18:48


I have Road Runner (cable modem) it works great. I am in the process of networking with another PC. Installed a 3com in the other pc and connected to a 4 port hub with UTP 568B straight, set up the networking end, no problems. Installed a second NIC Linksys LNE100tx in the Road Runner PC and it installed fine. Road Runner was not disrupted. I set the networking up in this one. I then connected it to the hub with the same straight UTP cable. ERROR MESSAGE Linksys card not working correctly. Tested the cable OK. Tested on Road Runner, no good. Actually at this point I lost RR completely, even with the other card. I had to completely remove the Linksys to get the other card to work again. The other card is a generic 10/100 uses NDISdriver. The cards are obviouslyconflicting or something. One shows IRQ 9 the other 11. Using an EPOX MVP3G5 with WIN 98SE. Was going to update the IRQ driver from VIA but the site says that with 98se you don't have to. Can you help me out? Thanks

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