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windows98 peer to peer network

From: John Pastor
email: johnap@teleline.es
Remote Name:
Date: 11 Feb 2000
Time: 18:46:29


i have 2 IBM Token Ring 16/4 ISA-16 adapters in both PCs, and after following the DUX instructions to create a network 3 or 4 times, i am still unable to get it working. i have tried the diagnostics that came with the cards and it brings up an error; ERROR - Primary IBM Token Ring Network Adapter 166D0. Please give me some suggestions on what to do, do i have to change any switches on the cards themselfs. if i select the new hardware as IBM Token Ring 16/4 ISA-16 adapters, windows loads the drivers but on reboot tells me they're not installed properly, i can only choose the IBM Token Ring 16/4 ISA (all types) option.

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