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Network to ala cart

From: Noreen
email: noreen@san.rr.com
Remote Name:
Date: 10 Feb 2000
Time: 10:46:17


My computer at work is not connected to a network. My boss's computer is connected to the company's network. That is the only difference between our machines. We both have Windows 98 and use MS Word 97 for word processing. Occassionaly I will need to update my files in Word 97. So I go to my boss's computer and put my floppy in and copy his files. Sometimes I get network error messages and I cannot copy onto the floppy. Other times I can copy but when I return to my computer and try to copy from floppy to hard drive, it will not let me. Do you know what's going on? My boss doesn't seem to know much of anything...Thanks, Noreen

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