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Re: DVD/IDE controller

From: Larry
Remote Name:
Date: 10 Feb 2000
Time: 09:10:14


Please tone-down the language... You may have a bad DVD, motherboard, or cables. The way to determine what is wrong is to work purely in DOS. Be sure the DOS drivers for the DVD are installed. Be sure Windows has not rem'd out the MSCDEX line in the Autoexec.bat. Substitute another drive for the DVD to see if the DVD drive is bad. The substitute drive can be a hard disk. Substitute another flat cable. It can be the one on the hard disk. Substitute another drive power cable. If the sustitute drive works, the DVD is probably bad. If the substitute cables and substitute drive do not work on the Secondary IDE interface, the motherboard is probably bad or the CMOS Setup is wrong. If you have to replace the DVD or motherboared, you have to replace the DVD or motherboard. If the DVD works OK with a CD in DOS there is something wrong with Windows. Larry

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