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Re: HDD Controller Failure

From: Larry
Remote Name:
Date: 09 Feb 2000
Time: 13:20:33


Weird! A search of the FCC database produced: Co Time Computer Ltd Rm. 908-910, 9/F, Harbour Centre Tower 1 Hok Cheung Street Hunghom Kln Hong Kong 03/29/93 Kln is Kowloon (an Island across the harbor from Hong Kong) I can't find the company on the Internet. I don't know how you can part the hardisks if you can't access them??? Try downloading Western Digital's diagnostics (http://www.wdc.com/service/diagnostics.html) and see if it can see the drives. If so, write zeros to the drive, part the drive, make the part active, display the part info... Larry

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