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Re: HDD Controller Failure

From: Terry
email: tnorthr1@san.rr.com
Remote Name:
Date: 09 Feb 2000
Time: 11:02:54



The hard disk is an older Western Digital Caviar 2340 (341.2MB) w/an AT compatiable intelligent drive. It is not SCSI. The controller card has a FCC ID#IATCA9342 and a S/N#359341. The floppy plugs into the controller card too. No IDE interface on motherboard (I wish; I'd use that connection instead). I had to change the boot sequence from C,A to A,C, in order to boot from my Win95 disk, but how would that cause errors? The computer is a 486 clone. My original plan was to upgrade all three of these 486 sytems from Win3.1 to Win95 by reformatting followed by a clean install of Win95. Yet, each time I repartitioned these systems, I could not proceed with a reformat because I no longer can access the hard drive. This is very frustrating to me and I turn to a pro (you) for advice. Terry

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