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Re: DVD/IDE controller

From: Larry
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Date: 09 Feb 2000
Time: 10:24:40


Sorry, for our terrible, misbehaved, lousy Front Page Discussion Forum! I plan to upgrade to new forum software at the beginning of next month when we receive our December advertising check...

Check your cables to be sure they are all properly seated. Inspect the power connector carefully. Sometimes a pin will get pushed back. You can reseat the pin by pulling or pushing on it with some needle nose pliars (with the power off, of course). Inspect the flat cable for nicks, etc. If the DVD is not being detected everytime you boot, plug the DVD cables into the hard disk (secondary motherboard IDE interface) and see if it is detected everytime. That will determine if the motherboard and cables are good and if the DVD drive is bad. Try setting the secondary IDE interface in the CMOS Setup to no drive. Windows should still detect it and that might fix the problem (I doubt it). See if DMA is enabled for the DVD drive in the System Device Manager. If so, determine if disabling it fixes the problem. F8 to Boot to DOS and edit the config.sys and try rem'ing out the real-mode driver. Put a rem in front of the line with the DVD device driver. That might fix it. Larry

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