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DVD/IDE controller

From: JC
email: jalcazar@infoabc.com
Remote Name:
Date: 08 Feb 2000
Time: 20:51:14


Hi Larry. I posted this message before, but I couldīt get to see the answer because the forum was reseted. My problem is this. I built a Super7 computer just like yours, but I installed a DVD instead of a CD. It worked perfectly, but suddenly the DVD didnīt even turn on. No green light and no windows or BIOS recognition. Two days later it worked and was recognized by the BIOS but not by Windows. The drive letter doesnīt even exist in Windows. While trying to fix it, I found at Settings-System, that a yellow exclamation mark or configuration error exists where it says: IDE Primary Controller IDE Secondary Controller

I erased them to reinstall again after reseting, but they donīt get erased and appear again as an error. I guess this has to do with the DVD problem. Donīt you????? Please, I donīt want to get to the stupid solution of reinstalling windows and I know you donīt like it either.


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