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winNT w/Epox MVP3C

From: Jeff
email: mentlsne1@home.com
Date: 06 Feb 2000
Time: 11:11:47
Remote Name:


I have been wrestling with this epox mvp3c board to get windows nt running. Whenever I try to access the floppy drive, the system locks up. Also, whenevery I leave it for 3-5 minutes it locks up. I have to shut down and restart. KB and mouse are locked. I am able to boot off of a floppy, and access the floppy drive so I'm pretty sure the floppy is good, but I replaced the floppy anyway. Still no go. I have replaced the memory and the memory does work in other systems. I flashed the BIOS with epox's latest and greatest EPOX MVP3C AMD K6-II 350 64MB memory Fujitsu 4.3 HDD S3 2D Trio AGP Any guesses would be greatly appreciated. This system is for my wife and she must have NT. Thank You, Jeff

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