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Re: Install CD

From: Tim Ray Scales
email: timmyray@freepcmail.com
Date: 01 Feb 2000
Time: 14:11:10
Remote Name:


Sorry for any confusion. Perhaps I muddied the waters with too much information. Yes, I am aware of your "Cabs" article but I thought it was primarily for an already installed OS. However, I believe the answer to my question was found in "Windows 95 OSR2 FAQ" at http://www.listmaker.net/. That is, to include on a CD with the Cabs, the dossetup.bin, oemsetup.bin, oemsetup.exe, setup.exe, setup.txt, suhelper.bin, and winsetup.bin to the same directory from any version of windows 95, you will have a complete in stall CD. I listed these for your readers, knowing that you are already aware of this. Your forum is great Larry! Best Wishes. timmyray

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