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Uni-direction peer to peer network

From: Mac
email: craig.mackenzie@home.com
Date: 31 Jan 2000
Time: 23:54:43
Remote Name:


Hi Larry (Great Articles!) I have set up a 2 computer network just to make backing up my laptop easier.I have a PII350 440bx desktop hooked up through a crossover cable. My network adapter for the desktop is a D-Link dfe-530 PCI fast ethernet card. My network adapter for my laptop is a pcmcia 10Mbps generic pcmcard.My desktop see's the shared hard drive and CD rom on my laptop but my laptop does not see my desktop's shared drive and cd. The workgroups are correct. The laptop see's the workgroup but when I dbl click "network neighborhood" on the laptop I see "entire network" with hyperdata (laptop C: drive) below it. When I dbl click on "entire network" I see hyperdata (laptop C: drive) again. This is like my laptop is looking at/for itself. Please enlighten me.

Thank you for your time and Consideration!

P.S ever since I set up the network on my desktop i have been getting a error message when booting up windows. I forget the exact error right now but i will get back to you on this one.

Thanks Again

Craig Mackenzie

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