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Install CD

From: Tim Ray Scales
email: timmyray@freepcmail.com
Date: 30 Jan 2000
Time: 00:14:36
Remote Name:


Larry, I had an old 166mmx with Windows 95 OSR2 from which I made install floppies (no CD given with the product) before I gave it to my daughter. I recently added the D-Link Ethernet-to-USB adapter to my freePC (thereby removing the PCI NIC and freeing up the PCI slot for a 3D accelerator). The freepc (333Mhz, Windows 98) and another machine (300Mhz Celeron) are networked to another Windows 95 (basic) machine, that is, two Windows 98 and one Windows 95. Before I installed the USB adapter, the Windows 95 Machine was in the Network. Now it pops in and out, mostly out. And never gets thru the USB adapter on the freepc. I know I need Windows 95 OSR2 on that basic 95 machine and possibly Winsock 2 also. How can I make an install CD from my Windows 95 OSR2 floppies using my CD burner? If I can do that everything else is easy. -Tim-

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