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Re: oem

From: Larry
Date: 28 Jan 2000
Time: 10:30:33
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First, let's define the terms... OEM = Original Equipment Manfacture = a company which manufactures something, which usually infers, in the context in which the term is used, that it incorporates items from other manufactures. For example, a company which builds computers, with OEM software installed (e.g., Windows 98 SE OEM). Retail = something packaged for sale to end users through the retail channel (stores, mail order, etc.). There are no hard rules between the packaging for OEM and Retail products, but usually OEM versions a purchased in volume and do not have the pretty boxes, bullet-proof packaging, and instructions for "dummies," etc. And sometimes they do not include rebate coupons and free-bee software, etc. Sometimes the OEM products have offers, etc. not found in the retial version. Retail CPU's usually come boxed with CPU fans and instructions, while OEM versions consist of just the bare CPU. OEM versions usually cost less than retail versions. Larry

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