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ICS and gaming.

From: Jim Lavender
email: razor.jim@gte.net
Date: 25 Jan 2000
Time: 16:23:58
Remote Name:


I have 3 computers networked at home and I play an online golf game with a friend over the internet. I installed Intenet Connection Sharing and now I am not able to play. We can log on together and he sees me fine but I do not show that he has logged on yet. I have tried other people and it is the same problem. It is like I have a firewall setup or something. It does not matter if he is host or I am. We can not talk to each other either way. ICQ works fine too. When I look up my IP# it used to be under PPP and now I only show the network card and the ICS IP#. Do you have any idea what my problem is? Thanks

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