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MSI 6167 - BIG problem with PCI devices knocking each other out!

From: Tobias
Date: 23 Jan 2000
Time: 18:15:32
Remote Name:


I have an internal modem(Conexant Rockwell chip) and a Videologic sonic vortex 2 sound card as the only PCI devices. When the Vortex2 only is installed it works just fine(IRQ 11), but when I put in the modem, the Vortex2 just disappears, it is NOT visible even in the device manager. I reckoned that maybe it would show up as an iRQ conflict but it doesn't even mentions conflict...no..just gone! And now the modem has IRQ 11.

I have tried to switch between PCI slots forth and back but nothing happens,only the modem works when both devices are installed..

I tried to put in a Tv-tuner PCI card and then I can get the modem to use IRQ 10, but when i replace the TV-tuner with the sound card in the same PCI slot the modem takes IRQ 11, and no sign of the sound card(I noticed that when Tv-tuner and sound card are both installed it works fine with sound card as IRQ 11 and TV as 10)

any ideas?

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