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Random crashes

From: Dan
Date: 20 Jan 2000
Time: 14:09:54
Remote Name:


My 500mHZ Athlon (IBM Aptiva) has been acting weird lately. It started by hanging at the shutdown screen, causing ScanDisk to run on the next startup. I thought the problem was caused by a particular game (it started only after I started playing Indiana Jones). I recently upgraded to a SoundBlaster Live (Platinum, with the front bay panel), and since then the system occasionally gives me The Blue Screen of Death after startup, or says "Windows protection fault - please reboot," or prompts me to start in safe mode. It still likes to hang at shutdown about 50% of the time. I just completed the game and uninstalled it, so unless it caused some weird registry changes, I don't think that's the source anymore. I SUSPECT I'm now overworking my 200w power supply. I also have a DVD, CD-RW, TNT2 Ultra, modem, SuperDisk drive, 17GB HD, and 96MB RAM. Do you think I'm on the right track, or could Win98 be the problem?

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