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Re: Network of cable modem

From: John Bennie
email: johnbennie@worldnet.att.net / jbennie@adelphia.net
Date: 17 Jan 2000
Time: 14:48:06
Remote Name:


Hi Larry, You seem to be working the same route I am. I have 4 pc home network (mostly gaming) the PC connected to the cable modem has 98se and has ICS on. In general it works like a charm.. but I have one machine that dual boot to nt4 server with sp 6a. I can't get it the use the ISC machine. It sees and can transfer files from the ISC machine but no net. I was thinking of running the SB3100 CB(cable modem) to a hub the coneecting the machines to the hub? I have heard that this will work with some CBs. Even if this does work I would rather keep my net the way it is. Have you started working with NT and ICS yet? If you have any info would be great!

Thanks JB

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