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Everything's great but...

From: Ricardo De La Vega
email: r_delavegan@infosel.net.mx
Date: 17 Jan 2000
Time: 12:50:41
Remote Name:


I have two computers, two network cards and a crossover cable.

I am using IPX and TCP/IP, they both work great.


Computer 1 sees computer 2 Computer 2 DOESN'T SEE computer 1..but...

When I play a game under TCP or IPX it works just fine, the game recognizes computer 2 without problem and connects.

The funny thing is that computer 1 asks me for a password everytime it boots up, and connects to the mapped drives in computer 2. Computer 2 does NOT ask me for a password and shows nothing in the network neighborhood.

Computer 1 shows both computers in the Network Neightborhood.

My TCP/IP configuration for computer 1: IP: Mask:

Computer 2: IP: Mask:

IPX configuration for both machines: Frame Type: 802.3 Max Connections: 16 Max Sockets: 32 Network Address :0

BOTH computers are running the very same version of Win98 Second Edition.

If you can solve this problem, I will invite you to Can-Cun.


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