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Length limitations for cable?

From: XristiM
email: xristim@earthlink.net
Date: 16 Jan 2000
Time: 13:00:45
Remote Name:


A question frothing on the surface of an infinitely deep well of ignorance: I have a home network of 3 PCs, using a 10Base-T Ethernet Hub. I also have a laptop, with which I roam around a rambling old house. On occasion, I'm unable to use the laptop on the network because my cable is 15 ft long...I could use one 50 ft long if there are no performance issues with that (and I make sure that the cable doesn't trip or strangle anyone). Are there length limits for effective cabling for this "small time" set up? Thanks very much. By the way, your site is marvelous... even a total ignoramus like me could follow your text and your schematics. Well done!

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