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Peer-to-peer Win98 network using IPX/SPX

From: thangle
email: thangle@geocities.com
Date: 13 Jan 2000
Time: 13:05:46
Remote Name:


I hope someone can spare some time and help me. I am trying to setup a peer-to-peer network. My current configuration is as follows:

Two Win98 PCs with D-Link DFE-530TX NICs. A RJ-45 CAT 5 CrossOver cable. I call the computers PC1 and PC2. PC1 also has a modem.

Config1: SUCESSFUL Using NetBeui protocol, everything is working fine. Both computers can be seen in Network Neighborhood. PC1 has both protocols installed: TCP/IP for modem NetBeui for NIC PC2 only has NetBeui for NIC installed.

Config2: UNSUCCESFUL I am now trying to remove Netbeui and install only IPX/SPX for gaming and file sharing. As soon as I open Entire Network, I get the error message saying Network is inaccessible. PC1 has protocols TCP/IP for modem (as before) IPX/SPX for NIC PC2 has IPX/SPX only. Both PCs are set with the same frame-type "Ethernet 802.3" and the same Network-Address "10"

Questions: ---------- 1. What is wrong with Config2?

2. Is it true that Windows 98 does not support direct connections of RJ-45 cable between computers. Please see Bullet 7 at: http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q192/5/34.ASP

On the contrary, I have sucessfully used NetBeui via RJ-45 Crossover cable.

3. Is it true that I have to have simultaneously both IPX and NetBeui for gaming and file sharing? IPX alone can not support file sharing? Please see the paragraph "Under the Configuration tab you should see the following" at this webpage: http://makeitsimple.com/how-to/simple.htm

4. If I need internet access from both PCs, do I have to have TCP/IP protocol installed on PC2 as well?

Thank you for your help I will buy you lunch next time you're in town.

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