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Re: Power Cable

From: Larry
Date: 13 Jan 2000
Time: 11:56:51
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If it is an ATX power supply without a seperate power switch on the power supply, I unplug it. You can damage an ATX motherboard/expansion boards if you do not. Otherwise, I turn the switch off (I'm not talking about the switch on the front panel of the case that connects to the motherboard). Other power supplies (PS/2, Baby At, etc.) I leave plugged-in and use the power supply power switch. I don't think grounding the chassis via the power cable to do bench work is a concern. Most chassis have a lot of metal which I would think would dissipate any static charge around it's periphery. Damage of this sort will come from a charged body (a person or tool) touching things. You can protect a computer from this sort of damage with a proper grounding strap. I usually don't use a grounding strap unless I am handling very senstive items such as memory and CPUs. You can accomplish the same kind of protection by making sure your skin is in contact with the chassis metal. I do have an anti-static mat on the floor in front of my work bench. If you are going to zap something it will usually happen on cold, dry day while standing on a rug. For more info see Atnit-Static precautions in How to build Your Own Athlon Computer. Larry

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