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Thermal grease ( 3 posts in a row! sorry)

From: Paul
email: PSL6@rocketmail.com
Date: 12 Jan 2000
Time: 23:16:23
Remote Name:


Got myself a nice fanless/heatsinkless OEM 500 PIII cpu. Haven't really seen a P3 cartridge before! Hooking up the heatsink/fans (GlobalWin VG08H) is pretty straightforward, but I'm confussed about where/how to apply the thermal compound. The cpu itself has this protruding blue middle section, which is the only part of the cpu surface that comes in contact with the heatsink. (touches a part covered by a thin foil of aluminiunum like material). Anyway, that protruding bit, is that the only place where I should place the thermal compound? am I missing something? bad cpu/heatsink combo?

Please help this novice!!

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