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Networking a Cable Modem on an NT Server 4.0 Setup

From: Earl Ballantyne
email: earlballantyne@hotmail.com
Date: 12 Jan 2000
Time: 12:48:40
Remote Name:


I have an NT 4.0 Server with two Intel Pro 10/100 Nics, an 8 Port hub with uplink port, and 3 PC's loging into the NT Server. The server is a PDC and I want my workstations to be able to access the internet via their connection to the NT Server. My cable modem uses DHCP to assign an IP address to NIC to access the internet. I am running TCP/IP and IPX on the NT Server and the same on the workstations. The workstations have fixed IP's and can login to the network. From the server I can get to the internet but not th e workstations. How can I set my NT server up to be a gateway to the internet? Any information would be helpful.


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